WP Engine Website Hosting Review

Start Today with WP Engine for as low as $35 Site Migrations are Free and Easy. When, I did run into a glitch” wp engine customer Care helped me with it and finished the process for me! Piece of cake.

There is one Website Hosting Company that has honorable Mention with me as a Veteran serious Internet Marketer and Affiliate Marketer. That web hosting company is WP Engine. They stole my heart because they are First Class in their Presentation, their Offerings, and their Execution is above and beyond.

If you Google Austin, Texas and this spell out Silicon Valley you will see that it auto populates for you. Because Austin Texas is known as a Siliocon Valley areas similar to the big Sillion Valley in California were Tech giants like Amazon, Uber, Lyft, Microsoft, Google and Apple rule the landscape.

Well based in Austin Texas wp engine has made a name for itself as one of the Top web hosting Companies in the World. It is a very Techy Web Hosting company that has impressed me by knocking my website socks off.

I gave WP Engine a try and Migrated several of my sites to them because of their Indusrty Leading Site Speeds and Solid Nuts and Bolts Cool Toys that really Fine Tune and Boost your Website Creating Experience.

For instance, I love having PHP 7.3 on my websites. I can really tell the difference between my wp engine website loads and other Word Press Hosting companies.

Note: PHP 7.3 is the Latest Glue that makes Websites load fast. Some website hosting, like the one I just left are still on 5.6 PHP. It ‘s not everything but it is a nice piece of the pie.

But it is not just me that is head over heels for wp engine.

Try, Under Armour, Texas A & M University, Arizona State University, and Hello Fresh are among the big and super entities that trust and utilize The Engine! My affectionate name for wp engine.

There are two words that I use when I talk about wp engine. Smart and Powerful! wp engine is just that. It powers your Website Presence in a substantive and enriching way. They understand exactly what you need as a Website owner and they make it for you.

So that you and I can concentrate on what we love most. Our Business and our Web Projects!

Build experiences, not the platform to power them. “” wp engine

Making my description of this Hosting company even more deep. Two more words will be your choice to utilize. Simple or Complex. wp engine can be as Simple or as Complex as you would like it.

I use it in a very simple fashion. I do not need a bunch of bells and whistles with my Hosting company back end. But the great part is. For Small, Medium, and Large Business who need multiple workflows, Staging areas, and Integrations.

They have created the WordPress Digital Experience Platform. Where, the complex becomes Basic. This is for those Individuals and Companies who would like to do some coding and integrating different systems into the WordPress Content Management System or CMS.

I do not understand at all. But I know that wp engine is an industry leader and they have a lot of bells and whistles in the back end for those Techy smart people. 🙂

Don ‘t believe me. Here are some tech guys and gals who love wp engine.

“”wp engine is highly suitable in contexts where the WCM offerings need to be a highly-functioning citizen in a community of technologies.””

—Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management Systems 2018 (read the report)

WP Engine WordPress CMS Design Tools

WP Engine is also as Simple as you want it To Be

But don ‘t feel bad if or out of your class if your like me. I am a simple Website guy and I use and love wp engine all the same.

I have been with wp engine for almost a year in September of 2019 and now I have 7 websites with them. I plan on moving at least 5 of my top websites from my old main hosting company to wp engine in the next 5 months. That is how sold I am on the wp engine.

This is after I already moved my Top Website a few months ago to them. I love the move! wp engine brings

  • Lighting Speed
  • Free Premium Themes worth $2000
  • Back End Customization For Business Teams
  • Low Affordable Monthly Price

WP Engine Makes Word Press Look and Feel Good!

wp engine has been a huge part of saving my relationships with WordPress Websites.

Along with the Elementor Page Builder in which makes Word Press Websites look much better visually. wp engine has been the secret sauce that I cannot go without when building a website. Because you see making income online is not just a hobby for me but it is my Present and my Future!

So if it is your decision to go with a Word Press website because you are comfortable and familiar with the platform. You love the fact that they are customizable with thousands widgets and page builders. Then I recommend wp engine.

WP Engine Websites Cool Online Tools

How I met WP Engine, A Love Story

So as an Affiliate Marketer I search for the very best companies to work with and to share with my online audience. In this endeavor it is hard not to deal with Sharesale. One of the Top Affiliate Marketing Companies. I came across wp engine as one of their Affiliate Merchants.

At first it was really hard for me to understand the concept of just why I would be interested in sharing wp engine with my audience. I kept asking myself, just what do they do? I see the Word Press. But then there is the world Engine. It seems a little tech. I was right. wp engine does have a real tech side.

But I am so glad that I looked into them more. I found out the culture around the company and just what they offered for a regular guy like me with a website. But it is so cool to share with others who are hungry for online production toy. Cheering them on and thanking them for being such a remarkable tool of the online world.

After learning about them and blogging about them. I was so pumped up to try them. So I did and I created my First wp engine website about my Personal Passion which is Football. I tell you my son and I had so much fun with that.

WP Engine Web Hosting

WP Engine is a Leader in Site Speed

You the content creator of your site are busy creating great content and adding it to your site. You are writing about your Restaurant, Your Salon, Your Travel Agency, Your Auto Shop or you’re Marketing Business. Sharing Pictures, Videos, Plugins to your site.

All of these things can slow your site down over the months and years as you add more content. Not to mention Page by Page site loading concerns.

Well wp engine is as advertised. When, read about wp engine last year I was very impressed. I was so impressed that I gave them a try in my attempt to experience as many Hosting companies as I could. So that I can share what I learned to others Affiliate Marketers like myself.

I was SUPER Impressed with my Football Site! So much for in the next few months I added on 5 more sites with WPE .

The True test was how fast my Beauty Site was after transferring it to WP Engine. Now since then I have added a bunch of Plugins to the site. Because the New Theme I am using Recommended it. I am still playing around with how they fit with what my Business Partner and I are doing with the site.

I am also new to the add the add a bunch of Plugins to your Site thought process because it will not slow down your Site within reason. I will go in on that more on a later date. There is a debate over that. Some say that they have got it down to a Science. In my experience over the last 3 weeks I agree with them.

But I am still testing some things out. So my site is a bit slower now than it was when I first Migrated it to WPE. But all things being Equal. Plugins and all.

There was a Lighting Speed difference between WPE and my old Hosting Company which I will not name. Because they are sooo Good in other areas!!! I still use them as a hosting company for things that they offer that no one else in the Hosting Game does. They are not just superior in that particular area in the Hosting Industry but Online Marketing in general.

Teaching On Page SEO, On Site SEO, Mentoring, Affiliate Marketing Programs, Social Media Marketing and Strategies to Make Money Online is this companies Specialty .

WPE does not get into these areas. But because WPE is so much a leader in the areas that I am mentioning I use them BOTH!

Now that I have the SEO knowledge I am able to bring it over to my WPE endeavors. Many people who are WPE clients are Agencies or internet marketing Professionals who are looking for a great place to Build their Business because they already have the knowledge of SEO and those other areas taking care of on staff or in their head.

WPE is a great place to plant your flag in this case!

WP Engine Industry Leader in PHP Versions

PHP 7.3

You may ask well why is wp engine page speed and site speed so Lighting Fast for? This year I learned about something called PHP or Hypertext Processing. Don’t feel bad if you have never heard about that. I will be doing a Blog post on that soon.

But the big thing is the PHP level of your Hosting company is a Huge determination of Site Performance and Security. Site Performance is big on how long your site’s Request Processing Time when someone clicks on your site in Search or Social Media.

The question is how long does it take for your site to load for the Customer. Studies show that the longer your site takes to load the more money you will lose in potential customers and return customers.

The latest PHP is 7.3. Guess what Cowgirls and Cowboys? wp engine is using the latest PHP 7.3 now!

I only knew about this metric because WPE sent me an email earlier this year telling me that I could now update my PHP. From 7.2 to 7.3 .

WPE is reporting that it ‘s customers are seeing up to 15% decrease in Response Processing Times. So the Site is Called on to pull up for a Site Visitor. WPE website servers are the fastest in the business at giving the Site Visitor and YOUR CUSTOMERS what they want and fast!!!!

That is when I figured out what PHP was. I was already very confident and excited about WPE as my hosting company because of the Performance, Theme choice and all the trappings that come with their sites. But learning more details about what I had made me feel even better.

I was surprised to find out that my old hosting company was only on PHP 5.6 . WHAT?

Interesting enough I saw that they sent out and email saying that they would be soon upgrading to 7.2. Which is great but WPE is on it ‘s way to upgrading to 7.4 November 28th, 2019 .

wp engine in this email to it ‘s customers mentions that most of the Word Press hosting companies are lagging behind in PHP. I know WPE, I know! So great to be in a leader.

What does this Mean for My Site?

For your website, having the best PHP possible means that the Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will rank your site higher because you are giving an overall better User Experience. All other things being someone equal. But your PHP and overall site Loading speed is an important Factor for Search Engines and most importantly Site Visitors and Customers!

WP Engine PHP 7.4

WP Engine Supreme Themes Value

One of the great things that made me a WP Engine Superfan was when I purchased my first website with them they gave me the Genesis Theme Framework. A value of $49.95 . Along with about an amazing 35 other Studio Press Themes All In One. These Themes are Premium themes that go on top of the Genesis Framework.

The Genesis Framework is a State of the Art and Great working Theme that will help boost your SEO and give your site the professional look and feel that you and your customers want!

All of this for the base price of $35 . Wow!

WPE and Cyber Security

One of the pluses of wp engine having the latest PHP 7.3 and the 7.4 coming soon is with it comes not just increased speed and but also security. How many other Hosting Companies put out early, often, and as many times as they can that Cyber Security is one of our strong suits and priorities.

A company like WPE who is dealing with so many Agencies and Small to Medium sized business has to make sure that their security is top-notch.

WPE has done this through the use of their Studio Press Themes who have great security measures in addition to the highest of Nerdy Tech Defenses.

For added protection. wp engine uses what they call ” Global Edge Security” to fend off Cyber Attackers to your website. This is Enterprise level protection that uses DDOS or distributed denial of service, a Web Application Firewall and many other things to ensure a smooth running malicious attack safe journey for you and your business.

WP Engines comes with an Affordable Price

After offering so many goodies in the Word Press world. After giving us the highest PHP possible, Free Themes, Super Cyber Security, Lighting Fast hosting, Easy Plugin Site Migration Service and Great Customer Service.

wp engine entry price is ONLY .

If you would like to add some pretty cool add-ons like Geo Target. Where you can add in Locale based content for your customers in different cites for a small extra cost.

But if you do not need any add-ons you can get out of the door for only $35. They keep it pretty simple with the option for you to go a lot deeper. I call it a Convertible Package. Keep the top on for a basic ride or take it off for something more fun!


wp engine is one of my top Website Hosting Recommendation because I have been with them for almost a year and I have loved every minute with them. I keep learning more and more about them that blows me away. They are great with giving useful information out to their customers.
They have the highest tech available to its customers but yet speak the common persons talk. They have great tutorials , Customer Service is quick and accessible, and the Price is Super!
I hope you found my review useful. I would love to hear your experience with wp engine!