What to know about PHP 7.3

  • Presently it is the Latest Version of PHP
  • WP Engine offers it at no extra Cost to it ‘s Customers
  • Having the Latest Version is Integral to Site Security
  • WordPress warns of having outdated Versions as Security Risk
  • PHP 7.3 gives a 15% increase in Page Loading Speed

WP Engine is upgraded from the latest version of PHP 7.3 to PHP 7.4 the next version of PHP in November 2019 while many hosting companies are still on PHP 5.6. WOW.

Impressive Sauce Yes?

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WP Engine PHP version 7.3

WP Engine has impressed me highly by teaching me the importance of having the latest version of PHP. I often wondered why WP Engine was so much faster than other hosting companies. Kind of like asking how does Popcorn pop. Well I have no idea and as I eat this great tasting popcorn the question totally leaves me.

While it did not matter to me as an Affiliate Marketer and Business owner how wp engine makes my website load so quickly. I am very glad that they chose to Educate me on an element of this process. So I am sharing with you a definition of PHP and breaking it down to you so that you have a better understanding of one of the Power sauces that will give you Business and edge over others in this world of great competition.

We know as Business owners the significance of grabbing whatever legal edge that we can in the quest to acquire new customers and to keep our present customers. Having the latest version of PHP is a big step in that direction.

So What is PHP? A Great Explanation Here


The Bare Numbers and Impact of PHP 7.3

Moving from PHP 7.2 to 7.3 can lead from 10-15% decrease in request processing time. This translates to faster loading of your web pages when a customer or site visitors presses Enter in their Browser to pull up your website. You have worked hard on your content, purchased new themes, hired bloggers, and trained your staff.

Now you need to get your content in front of as many people as you can and CONVERT site visitors to customers!!! This is not an option it is a necessity and a reality. But you are not the only dog on the hunt for those customers. There are hundreds and thousands of others out there who are looking for the affection of the Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo because they own the gateway to your most prized customers.

Search Engines use Page Load Speeds as an important factor in how they rank your website. While there are ways to increase your Page Load Speed as business owners and Affiliate Marketers we are so busy that we want built in speed that we never have to worry about or adjust.

So you need to ensure that you have the Latest PHP version available. I am so glad that I am a customer of wp engine because they did all the Nerd stuff so that I could have a fast loading website.

Leaders Go and Get the Talent

It is a great feeling as a leader and a business owner knowing that you have the best tools or that you are a part of the best team. I feel just that in my decision to give WP Engine a try last year based off of my research of the company. 6 website later including my first Website Hosting Migration ever. I am a WP Engine Super Fan and promoter through Sharesale .

If you learn a lot about wp engine and decide to purchase a WP Engine website or theme please reward me for my hard work spreading the world! Thanks

I know that your business is going to be rewarded for choosing WP just as my business as been greatly rewarded. That is what this is all about right? What is best for our business.

It feels good to be able to tell my Business partners that I bring on that we are working with the best technology and we are not paying out the wazoo for it. You know what I mean? wp engine is a Super Affordable option that offers PHP 7.3 for no extra cost to it ‘s customer.

Like a great Point Guard I have successfully put myself and my Business Team in the Best position to be Successful. Layups, Slam Dunks and Open Shots for my colleagues. Sometimes the Assist feels just as good or better than the score!!!

How Site Security Coincides with the Latest PHP Version

Going back to the question of how does Popcorn pot again? I really don ‘t know. It gets hot, expands and goes through a tasty metamorphosis that ends up happening over and over again. Kind of like the fact that having the latest PHP version is best to keep your site safe from Hackers and cyber attacks. It just does.

Well maybe I am not giving myself enough credit. I probably know a little or a lot more about this subject than many people. PHP is a code on the server side that is hidden on the Browser side. So when the Browser ask for your Website the PHP Code on the backend sends the Browser that is requesting Yoursite.com the information that it is asking for rendering your Website to the Site Visitor that requested it.

Hackers are always getting smarter and more sophisticated so making sure that your website has the most up to date Patches is always the best way to defend against the bad guys.

The problem is that most Website Host are still using PHP 5.6. That includes two of my top websites. The Good news for me is that I have been planning to Migrate both of these sites to wp engine. In two weeks that will happen for me.

I expect to see higher rankings and better security as a by product.

Wordpress PHP version Upgrade Warning

WordPress Message on my Dashboard: UPGRADE YOUR PHP VERSION NOWWW

This is a great story if I must say so myself. Maybe about a 4 days ago I decided that I was going to blog about PHP. I had just learned more about it and I was very interested in learning more. While sharing, it with my affiliate marketing and Business audience.

I started a blog on PHP but I only created the Tittle. I decided to take a nap before work and what do you know. I had a dream about writing that PHP Blog. WOW. It was very interesting and detailed to me. I really wanted to write this PHP blog. Days later here I am writing it and I am having a ball. It has been a great day all around.

I am really finding myself in life and business. I am looking forward to my future success in all possible ways. Last night I decided that I was going to start on the PHP blog first thing this morning. So I woke up and opened up Word Press and guess what I see.

A warning from WordPress that I needed to update my PHP version because my site security was in danger. Are you serious?

As I said above, I am not worried about my PHP version because I am updating Marketing Affiliate Gems and my other Top Performing Websites to wp engine in order to boost User Experience, Rankings, and Conversions. They are all related and go hand-to-hand. Indeed so.

I bet many people got that same message from WordPress and are wondering.

What exactly is PHP and how do I change it? I will be going into more on a separate Blog What PHP is.

I have touched on very vaguely what PHP is but more on what PHP does. Most of us who are not Web Developers and Coders will never touch PHP. But the main reason for this post is to inform you What PHP Does!

How Do I Upgrade My PHP?

Upgrading your PHP version is going to do mostly with your Hosting Company. Since your PHP interactions happen on the servers for your website which are handled by your hosting company. Many hosting companies recieved some emails and phone calls to the Tech support over the last few days asking how can I fix this.

Unfortunately many Hosting companies will be a lot slower than wp engine who conversely have been proactive and lighting Fast. Forgive the Pun. Because I am being very literal at the same time.

So the best way to upgrade your PHP version is to contact your web hosting Company. If they are not already in the process of changing their severs and systems to the latest PHP version than chances are you are going to have to wait for this crossover to happen.

Or you can just Migrate your website to wp engine! It was a relatively easy process for me and I am not very techy. It takes about 3-5 hours to do so. When I did hit a snag the wp engine tech support took over and finished the job.


As business owners and Internet Marketers we have a lot of things to consider, fix, and work on every day. So one of the keys to success is what can I set and forget. I love working with WPE because they handle the big technical stuff that is needed to put me in the best operational readiness possible.

So that I can concentrate on the other important things in my business. This is another reason why I recommend wp engine! Please let me know how you feel about the importance of having the latest PHP version. I would love to talk to you about anything related to it.