Why I love Clickfunnels: I can Stop Chasing My Marketing Tail

Do you ever feel like that with every blog that you create that does not make money or EVEN GET A SEARCH ENGINE HIT. That you worked so hard on and did such a great job with that your Chasing your Tail?

Try Clickfunnels and get the help you need to scratch Your sales itch. As a matter of fact you can try it here for free for 14 days. You also get a free funnel already set up for you. Just add in your own information, pitch and products!

So what is the appeal of Clickfunnels for me as an Affiliate Marketer?

Clickfunnesl allows me to think outside the box while at the same time focus on what is obvious and right in front of me. What do I mean by that? If your thinking outside the box than your thinking abstractly or out of the ordinary. How could you also be focusing on the obvious that is right in front of you?

Because sometimes we are like dogs chasing our tails. Going around and around and wondering why we never get what we really want. We can ‘t scratch that itch.

Why are we like Dogs chasing our Tails?

We were told that everyone had to have a website to be successful in business. We listened to Bill Gates . The man who revolutionized the computer.

” If Your Not on the Internet than your Business will be out of Business”

Bill Gates

You know the guy who sells computer software. While he is right. The obvious things are not so obvious anymore. Everyone has a website. But that might not be what is right for everyone as a strategy for success.

There may be other ways of making money online other than traditional websites.

My Sales Clickfunnels Epiphany

Which was the thing that I had to stop and realize myself. Hold on. I am not making sales or getting emails like I should be for all the work that I am doing.

So I looked for help making conversions because I was getting GREAT TRAFFIC. Over 500 people visiting my site a day. Not shabby for someone with more than one website.

Quick backstory. I created a website and I did not understand the process. It takes time to build out a website and become successful.

So I kept on building website after website. Hoping to hit the jackpot with each one of them. Until I figured out that this is not the best way to do it. But I was addicted to creating websites.

I got up to like 30 of them that I still have today. I love them all. But I never had time to be profitable in one.

What I should of done?

What would of been a whole lot better for me is to Build a Funnel instead of a website.

If I would of kept on building funnel after funnel instead of website after website. The time and money that I have spent on websites, SEO, and other things for the website could of been going into creating more funnels and promoting those funnels.

I believe that I would of been much more prosperous. Then I could of had more time to build those websites out. I still love websites. What I am saying is that I knew that I had to try something different.

I knew that what I was doing was not the best way for me to continue forward. Clickfunnels was my answer. Boy did I make the right decision for me and my business.

What I have learned in 30 days is more quality and effective sales training than I have learned in the last 15 years. The vehicle of the funnel is the very thing that I was missing with my website.

More Focus on the the Actual thing that I really wanted with my website that I was so distracted by going around and around like a dog chasing his tail that I never got in abundance. That is more email captures and sales!

Emails and Sales: The Goal of Your Online Marketing Of Course

Sales Funnels focus on the most important thing to your business. Building an email list and making sales.

You see with our websites. Many times we go around and around blogging and trying to build SEO with our word count and nice pictures. We are trying to please the Search Engines instead of our Customers.

You get caught up in the search engine algorithm game. Which is not always fair. Instead of just going for the neck. I want EMAILS AND SALES!!! I mean isn’t that what you want?

So, just Create a Funnel and ask for their email and a sale in 4 quick hit pages or less on the average I would assume. The pages take about 5 minutes to read in all if your reading slowly.

Other funnels are 2 or 3 pages that have about 3 minutes of information on them. Or even go with a funnel with only ONE page!!! It is up to you. It is a very quick and powerful engagement. Where your audience does not have a lot of things to distract them like a regular website.

  • No Ads
  • No Sidebars
  • No Huge Navigation Bars
  • Or No Navigation Bars at all
  • Not a bunch of Text or Images, But of course you can use both

The great thing is for you and your customers. They get to figure out exactly what you offer right away. They have to make a decision and you have there full attention. There is no where to go except to another web page to find what they are looking for if you cannot help them in their eyes.

So it is a great arrangement.

Funnels are Better Landing Pages

Funnels are like much better Lander Pages. Now that I look back. It seems as though websites created Landing Pages to add the functionality of funnels to the website. But what websites have not been able to duplicate.

Is the simplicity , intimacy, and focus that building a funnel gives you that a website simply cannot. The simplicity of a funnel allows you to deep focus on what you are saying and trying to convey to your audience.

It helps you to narrow down your message and to communicate that message in a more precise way.

The simplicity and focus of the funnel creation process gives you super powers to unleash your marketing genius. Placing your audience in just the right venue. They are comfortable and ready to listen to what you have to say.

Because you are zoomed in. They are on the same page right along with you. No pun intended. It is like the difference between sitting in Tropicana Field watching a Tampa Bay Rays game. Versus going to Wrigley Field to watch a Cubs game.

I am no baseball historian or huge fan. But I know that there is a huge difference as an audience member of those two stadiums.

Similarity between a Website and Clickfunnels. A website is like a big lake that holds fish. You can get lost in that lake as a Content Creator and a customer. It is Psychological but it is also logical.

In a big lake you have to find a good place to fish. Should I be over here or over here. Should I go down here today or over here.

Your thinking about your Theme, Your categories, your tags, your internal linking, your seo, your word length.

Which is fine. You have a lot of different options. But it is easy to get off balance and just lose yourself on your website or blog post.

The Alternative to a Website

While Clickfunnels is more like a nice little pond. You do not have many options to sit down at. Which makes you laser focus on the most important thing. CATCHING FISH.

Just sit down and catch those fish! They still eat the same. You can catch as many as you can in the lake. Maybe even more. Because you are more focused on what you came for.

That is to Email capture and Make Sales.

I believe that Russel Brunson figured this out when he created Clickfunnels. Why are people going around in circles for with their website.

Go straight to the point and get what you need. Focus on your ability to engage your audience and offer them what they are looking for.

Not just do I love Clickfunnels. I love the training. It is all about 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year. Connecting with yourself and what you really do and really want to do as an Entrepreneur , Charity or Movement.

But also getting your message and products in front of the right people in a way that they understand what you are trying to communicate.

I am much better at that in less than 30 days. Even though I crammed through the Challenge.

I am going to take it again it was such an enjoyable time. I learned so much!

Hardest Thing I found

While learning the Clickfunnels system

  • Be willing to Try Something Different
  • Be willing to Think Differently

The Greatest Asset Click Funnels have

It is expensive to get Two Key Things for Success

  • Mentorship
  • Education
  • We get both from a credible source

Close The Sale: That ‘s why I Love Clickfunnels

Your customer is going to focus on whatever you focus on. If your focused on the web page than they will be focused on the web page

If you are focused on getting their email and selling them a product than they will be focused on giving their email and buying a product.

The thing is we don ‘t want to give the visitor too much to think about or focus on.

So we have to lead the process. The thing is we also have to have the confidence to make the sale. Why don ‘t we go right at the customers for the sale. We don ‘t have the confidence. We think we have to go around the block and make a left then a right then another right. To eventually get to the place where we can ask the customer for the sale. If we ever do.

Usually with websites we are taught to suggest, mention and recommend products. Or just to review them. Which all can be a good strategy. But maybe it might not work best for you.

This is not really about whether a website or funnel works best. It is about what works best for you. The website? The funnel? Or the website and the funnel? Maybe getting the funnel down first will help you with your sales on your website. Because while there are great companies like Wealthy Affiliate who teach you how to make money online step by step.

They do not teach you how to sale or how to capture emails. Which is really the biggest part of the everything that we do online. Brick and mortar stores are even trying to get your email. Clickfunnels and Funnel technology is about building a list and making the sale. Exactly what I needed help with.

Focusing Your Website on Sales

Focusing your website on sales can be done. With widgets like Woocomerce , creating pages where you post products on. Or just creating an Eccomerce website where the majority of what you have on the site is just page after page of products.

If you are an Affiliate Marketer or Multi Level Marketer like myself . The Woo-commerce route might not be a great idea. Because you do not have physical products to ship. I have not found any drop ship companies worth the investment to help me out with this. Because either the products are terrible or out of stock. Or the profit margins are impossible. I forked out about $700 when I first started building websites that would of really came in handy with a new baby boy and allowing my wife to stay at home while I earned more money.

6 months later. Although I made a few sales. I did not make much money.

So Dropshipping is not a great idea. At least there are a lot of hurdles to overcome. I will be doing more research soon on how the dropship market looks right now soon.

Otherwise, most MLM companies will not allow you to sell their products online. So that is out as well.

Last year before I tried Clickfunnels. I began to focus my website on posting products on pages. Although I did not finish that process. So I cannot tell you if that in facts works or not. I think it will. I will report back when I do. That might be the best thing that I can tell you to do if you did not want to try Clickfunnels.

But I would say to you. Have a ball and try Clickfunnels. I think it is a great education. It is something new and fresh in the industry. A new way of thinking. For it to be so successful over the years and for a online marketer not to try it. Is not wise in my eyes. Give it a go.

Posting your products on pages so that when a user clicks they go to Amazon, your MLM sales page, or Affiliate Sales page is the tactic. The strategy is to lessen the words on the page to a minimum so that the Customer is focusing on the products.

You can use other pages on your website to funnel them into this page.

Lastly the Effective Website Sales Method May Be

Putting 3- 6 Products on pages. Going in detail on those products as much as possible. So you are combining words text and product pictures.

I would suggest that you take the Navigation off at least the top of the website if you choose to do this. Take off your sidebars as well. This will help the visitor to only focus on what is on the page.

Kind of like having a convertible website. Converting your website into a funnel. Yet it is not going to be as good as a Clickfunnel in my opinion. So it goes back to trying Clickfunnels!!!!

I just gave you my best options there to make sales on your website. But in the end, even if successful. Try Clickfunnels!!!

Because you could make a lot more creating funnels. It is also so fun and rewarding.

And THAT is why I love Clickfunnels!!!

Clickfunnels helps you to think Horizontal instead of Vertical

You can do this on a website, But it ‘s not the same. Not as effective.

What you learn is the ability to get a person from one step of the sales process to the next without distraction.

You can learn this on Clickfunnels and incorporate this into your website. But it will not be the same. Not as effective.

So that is why I love Clickfunnels!