We all buy things and whether online or in the store and we bring it home. Whether by download or in the mail. We open it up and get into it. It is not what we thought we purchased. Not that it is totally different than you thought. But just not exactly what you expected.

So I decided to share the good and the bad of What I did not Know about Clickfunnels before I bought it.

Right of the bat I have to say that I love Clickfunnels. I wish I had brought it a year ago when I was looking at it. I would buy it a thousand times over. So let ‘s get that out of the way.

But I want to inform you, if you have never heard of Clickfunnels and you do not understand exactly what it is.

Was I tricked by Clickfunnels?

The first thing you might ask is, when you purchased Clickfunnels where you tricked or did you just not understand something. Did you miss something or was that information not giving on purpose.

There are a lot of possibilities and really the only really bad one is that Clickfunnels intentionally tricked me into buying it. In which I do not believe at all.

I was under the impression that CF was a website add-on. You see I was having a problem with conversions on my website. I had a lot of traffic but not a lot of conversions.

So I went to youtube and put in the search ” Increase Conversions ” I think. CF came up. I was very impressed by the presentation and the things that the Funnels could do. The only thing that I did not like is the price tag. At the time my business investment money was tied up.

But I, with emphasis on I. I was under the impression that Clickfunnels was like a widget or and HTML source code input into your website. Just stick it into WordPress , Wix, Weebly, Godaddy etc.

Cool! Let ‘s get it. So this year I brought it in March. Because I did not use it right away. It took me a few days to realize that Clickfunnels is a Stand Alone Application. I was about 5 or 6 on the disappointment bummer scale.

Really I can ‘t use it on my website?

Which really bites because my best website gets over 500 visits a month and I am just getting started. I know I can get a lot more traffic than that.

So What Exactly is Clickfunnels

First off I have to tell you that Clickfunnels is Genius. I hope to meet Russel Brunson one day because he is a pioneer for sure.

While it is not a Classic Website Clickfunnels works just like a website. When you get access to the platform. Clickfunnels will give you a generic web address for all of the Funnels that you build.

Major Point of Emphasis to Understand what Clickfunnels Is

Each Funnel is a stand alone Entity All By Itself

So if you build One Funnel. It will have it ‘s on generic web address. If you build 1000 funnels they will all have their own generic web address.

You are able to use that generic address to share on Social, Emails, websites , or PPC . Or you can buy your own domain name from Clickfunnels or the usual place that you buy domains from.

Godaddy or Namecheap to name a couple.

Whether or not you use a domain name is up to you. But I tell you for me. It really had me pondering and thinking. Should I use my own brandable domain or not?

How is using a Domain Beneficial?

I went through a back and forth with myself about how I wanted to use Clickfunnels now that I had found out that it was not what I thought it was. Which was a website add-on or widget. My question to myself was. Should I add it on to my traditional website?

In which as you will read below. You can add CF funnel pages onto your website in minutes.

Or should I use Clickfunnels as a stand alone application as I mentioned above. You see all of the options that you have are very flexible. Hmmm.


In addition to those options you can share your Funnels by

  • Adding CF Embed Code To Your Website to Display Your Individual Funnel Page
  • Downloading HTML to and Uploading the HTML to your Website
  • Use the Clickfunnels Facebook Plug in
  • A few of the super awesome features that you can use to share your Funnel.

I am going to call the funnel. A Convertible Sales Page. Or a Convertible Website. Because it is just that. It is so flexible and cool. If you did not know that it was Clickfunnels you would think that it is a website.

But this is why I chose to buy Domains from Godaddy. Then attach my funnel pages to it.

Because if I put all of my funnels under the same domain.

  • It will be better for SEO

That ‘s really it. As well as I had some pretty cool domain names that I really wanted to use that I pulled out.

I thought that I would try it this way and see how it worked. But I see no reason why this is not the best way to do it.

If you do not use a domain name for your funnel. What happens is simply. You have less ability to market your funnel.

The SEO of your funnel is considerably lessened by not having a domain name. Of course you could still use PPC, Social Media, and linking to your other websites and Email campaigns to share your funnel and do just fine.

As you will learn in the One Funnel Away Challenge if you choose to take it. They will share the many strategies and techniques to get your funnel in front of your warm market.

You could also do Bitly , Youtube and other options to get your funnel Link out there with some classy branding. Making the domain name less important. But having it under a Domain name was best for me.

The Inevitable Adds-ons and Upsales

In the business in marketing world there is a constant theme. Yet we do not always enjoy it. But we know that it is coming.

Though it is unexpected, but why would you not expect add-ons an up-sales? This is another way that Richard is teaching you how to sale. I mean what major big money earner does not hit you with an upsale? Online or brick and mortar. You know what? I LOVE IT!!! Or tolerate it and do not mind it mostly.

It ‘s all in how you do it.

The thing that got to me a little. While your going through the training they don ‘t even mention that your going to need to buy this add on. It is not NEEDED for you to win with CF or to make money. But it sure is nice to have. But they don’t mention, hey you have to pay for this until later. So I am looking for it to see if I have it in my current package or how do I access it.

Oh, do I have to pay for it. In some instances they did not mention it until later. Which is A ok. It just rubbed me the wrong way a little. If you tell me upfront that I will have to pay for access to this. I will be ok with it. Because this system really rocks. I genuinely like Richard and the trainers. So again. There is no trickery. Just some down right good marketing. I actually understand what they are doing and it is effective and ethical either way. Maybe could of been done better. So says one of my minor pet peeves.

The Add-ons are just Super. They are incredible and they are going to make you and I a lot of money. But if your going to share with the world what you did not know before you bought Clickfunnels. You would have to include this.

Lastly, Here are a few other things that I did not know about Clickfunnels before I purchased it:

  • I was Going To Learn How to Sale A+
  • It was so Intricate
  • I would be so Fired Up about Life and Business
  • It would come in such a crucial Time in My life, Under the Corona Lock down

All and all I would have to say that the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge and the Clickfunnels system it self is a super winner! You cannot go wrong with it. The value is unbelievable. I could of never dreamed of what I was going to get from it before I purchased it.

I hoped you enjoyed this post. Please let me know how you felt about Clickfunnels before you purchased it. Or if you have any questions about it. Thanks