I am so pumped because something that I have long been looking for is starting to happen. I am starting to become another Wealthy Affiliate Success Story. My Online Presence was able to attract people looking for a Great Online Business Opportunity.

I received 2 Wealthy Affiliate Referrals in 2 Consecutive Days.

I Did It My Way: The Hard Way…

I shared with you all how last year I was rebooting my Online Business.

I shared how I started my Online Journey with Wealthy Affiliate in July of 2015. I really did it the wrong way for the first 4 years. Bouncing from website to website. You see I would create a website then create another one. Working really hard but really not getting very far.

Oh I made sales here and there. I got traffic in a few of my sites. I could of made it work but I had to many personal things going on.

So I created this website Marketing Affiliate Gems to prove that I really knew what I was doing in Online Business.

At the time my most successful websites were my Beauty site and my Health and Wellness site. They both got decent traffic and a sale ever now and then. But the problem was I was not stoked about working on those sites.

But I LOVE writing about my Affiliate Business. You see I was following the money and not following my Heart.

Today I have a refueled passion for Blogging on my Beauty and Health and Wellness site. Fueled by my passion for affiliate marketing , support and import from my blogging team and interest in those subjects.

But I say all this to say that it was not the Wealthy Affiliate Online Education System that was the problem. It was ME! I had too much confidence in my ability and not enough focus on ONE WEBSITE.

So I put it all together with this Website only to turn away when things did not happen fast enough. I did it again!! Don ‘t get me wrong I had great ideas. This time I started a Football website and a Cooking Website.

But I lost focus in MAG. I jumped back on the horse in June of this year and I lost steam again when I rebooted my Beauty site.

Not Perfect But I Knew the Way To Success!

Even with all this I get a message in my Email on Saturday that a person accepted my Invitation to start Wealthy Affiliate!!!! Wow this is great my first Referral! The WA Affiliate program is very lucrative.

So for each Referral that commits to trying out Wealthy Affiliate and creating their Online Business and Education I get paid ongoing residual income.

The Very Next day on a Sunday I get another email from Kyle and Carson at Weatlhy Affiilate that another person has decided to take a look at the WA through my Affiliate Link! Super super super.

I am so excited and so pumped up. It looks like Google and other Search Engines recognize my hard work and skill. They see that I am helping people to learn about how to Make Money Online.

So they are serving my website up seekers. What more could an Affiliate Marketer want???