Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Success Stories: Everyday People!

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Talk is Cheap. You came to this website looking for Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories.

Eddie Salmon made over $9000 in the shortest month of the year. February.

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That’s my tongue hanging out of my mouth. 🙂 🙂

Click the link above to go straight to the most amazing Wealthy Affiliate Success story that pushed me to focus on my Wealthy Affiliate Business more intently and primarily over all of the other business ventures that I had going on.

When I saw how much Eddie Salmon was making I dropped everything and put all of my resources into sharing my knowledge and love of Wealthy Affiliate. The website that you are on is the fruit of this. I started this website in March of 2018. It has been a great success so far . The foundations for blockbuster success has been laid !! I want to challenge Mr. Salmon ‘s earnings of $9000 in February. 🙂


Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Success Stories: Everyday People!


This page is a quick show you the monnneeyyy page!!! 🙂 . You get to find out first hand if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or are their Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories. People just need to know that there is a way to make money online from a reputable company like Wealthy Affiliate.

So I have decided to compile this list of encouraging and inspiring success stories. These are only the ones that I have noticed in blog postings at Wealthy Affiliate. But I assure you there are many more!

I encourage you to not just see these examples of Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories as proof that you can make great income with Wealthy Affiliate but also do as I do and learn from these high income earners. When you join Wealthy Affiliate you can use these people as Mentors at no extra charge than your $49 monthly fee. How awesome huh?


Lil Mama ‘s Amazing Wealthy Affiliate Success Story

First off is a Wealthy Affiliate member who goes by Lil Mama. Lolll. I have a sense of humor so her name cracks me up. I think she chose that name because Wealthy Affiliate has a social media aspect to it. Outside of the learning and tools aspect to it. Sooo you can show your personality as much or not as you like. I do not know Lil mama’s real name neither do we need to know.

But I love her story. I admire her and learn from her. Here is one blog that she posted on Wealthy Affiliate. With proof of her mega success at Wealthy Affiliate.

March Results: Over $1000 made this month

Wealthy Affiliate Home Business Success stories

Wealthy Affiliate Home Business Success stories







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Introducing Jelena from Wealthy Affiliate


Click the link below to see Jelena blog in detail about how she made her first $1000 from her website with the tools and knowledge that she got from Wealthy Affiliate. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jelenabb/blog/my-first-1-000-from-the-site/a_aid/0da84477/a_aid/0da84477

Jelena mentions that she had a learning curve in her journey to making $1000. She says that she was not afraid to try something different. She made some mistakes and learned from them. She kept pushing on and it paid off. It did not happen overnight. It took her some time but she is doing excellent now!

She is an expert in her field of online marketing and affiliate marketing. Now she is teaching others how to do what she did! Great job Jelena I admire you!

The Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Main Event: Eddie $9000 in One Month


At any boxing, musical, or sports event you have the opening and the warm up acts. You have the up and coming stars perform before the prime time performer. Well lastly on this post and the Eddie is the most successful one month income earner at Wealthy Affiliate. He is an overwhelming Home Business success story. His story finally made me sit up and take note to how prosperous Wealthy Affiliate truly is.

Eddie made over $9000 in the month of February the shortest month of the year. LOL how do you do that??? Well he shares that with us in his blog post.

  • He followed the training at Wealthy Affiliate
  • He sought the advice of other successful Entrepreneurs at WA
  • He implemented the things he learned
  • He took responsibility for his Business
  • He worked hard
  • He never gave up
  • He was humble and flexible leading to adjustments that led to Super Growth

He almost earned $10,000 in ONE MONTH!!!! WOWWW. $9465 . You got to be kidding me.

Go to the top of the page and Click on the link to Eddie ‘s Blog and you will see the evidence yourself.

There you can also sign up for Wealthy Affiliate as well and learn how to build a great internet business yourself!

Many blessings to you,