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Wealthy Affiliate : The Comprehensive Industry Leader

Why you should try Wealthy Affiliate and read this article: My Analogy will help you hit the Right Track of Success

Why should you listen to me? Well you see I am the cool guy you knew in High school or College. I looked at the other students doing their work. Listening to the teacher. Getting mentored by movers and shakers. While applying what they learned in real time. I looked at them and said I know a better way. I am ready to just do this. I do not need all of that step by step nurturing. In some ways I was right. I just did not follow my plan and my vision. But in too many ways. HUGE WAYS I was WROONNGGG.

I watched the other students I started with in my ” Freshman year” and other WA marketing students succeed while I struggled and lagged behind. Only finding minimal success. That success I owed to what I learned from WA. Ok Cool guy you need to wake up and turn around.


I have been on the superb Wealthy Affiliate training , website building, and marketing affiliate platform for almost 3 years now. So I am like a Junior. I have watched Freshmans and Sophmores come up after me and make hundreds and thousands of dollars a month. So finally I decided to stop being the cool guy and start making cool cash!!!! I am going back to my Freshman year and starting over again.

So I am the guy you want to listen too. I know what will not work. But I also know what works!!! Following the step by step awesome Education system here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Learn with me! I am going through the Wealthy Affiliate Training module for the first time. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 3 years now but I never did it right. Find my backstory of Life Struggle Here  . See how it affected my business progress in an adverse way and how I bounced back. Partially by seeing the great success of fellow Online Marketers on Wealthy Affiliate

After seeing others at WA with wild crazy success I said WHAT AM I DOING??? Stop and go back. Do it right. Here I share with you two important lessons what to do and what not to do at Wealthy Affiliate.

Subscribe to my site to find out my success along the way!!! I will be succeeding and making good money soon. I am very confident of that!!! Watch me grow. I hope you will grow with me. Stay tuned 🙂


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Wealthy Affiliate: Online Marketing Education Dream Sneak Peak


Wealthy Affiliate is the an awesome Online Marketers Dream. I am about to give you a sneak peak into how Wealthy Affiliate works and how it can help you establish and flourish in Online Marketing.  Wealthy Affiliate will help you to take baby steps , use training Wheels, and be held by the hand as you grow as a new online marketer. Learning the rules of the online marketers world and how to be successful in the short and long term. Learning how to make money online from home. But Wealthy Affiliate is also an Super Awesome Online Marketers dream because even the veteran Online Marketer can use the tools , access, training and platform of Wealthy Affiliate for online success.

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive, basic, yet diverse , easy to use, intriguing, and fun all rolled up in one.


The Wealthy Affiliate Content Creator! It helps you to be the King or Queen of Content!

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Wealthy Affiliate Internet Training Review

Wealthy Affiliate Internet Training

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: Online Marketing Training Baby Steps

When you are beginning anything new and exciting there may come many emotions and also pitfalls attached to your excitement. Apprehension , fear, and rushed mindsets are a few of the emotions and pitfalls that may come with your excitement and passion to learn Online Marketing. So may I suggest taking baby steps to your goal. Wealthy Affiliate does a wonderful job of doing just that. Taking us through baby steps in learning how do basic and valuable things like keyword research and Search Engine Optimization.

While going through the Wealthy Affiliate training course expect these great features

  • What tools you have at your fingertips
  • How to navigate your Training
  • How to ask a question and get help in the HUGE and WONDERFUL WA community
  • Siterubix Website Building Platform Overview
  • How to Upgrade to Premium before or after your 7 day Free Trial
  • Bite Size Learning Chunks
  • Each Training has Hands On Application: Learn and Apply as you Go