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Wealthy Affiliate is Super cool, Super fun with a lot of things to get involved with withing the Community to learn about how to be an Online Marketer ,Network with others and help others who may be new to the platform or who just have a question. Since you are new to WA you will probably be the beneficiary of this great attribute of being able to ask questions.

Wealthy Affiliate is simply a Beast in helping me to Create a Master Online Presence. Social Media, SEO, Website Build, Email Marketing, PPC, Keyword Research, and much More!

WA will allow you to

  • Build a Website in Seconds
  • Access the Lucrative WA Affiliate Program
  • Build up to 25 websites for the price of ONE , $49 a month
  • Be A part of a SPAM FREE Community of Entreprenuers

But I would advise you to only make one website at a time! But it is fully up to you.


Important Stats:

  • 1.4 Million Active Wealthy Affiliate Members
  • Over 4 Billion people Searching Online everyday AKA Potential Customers for YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS!!!

Get To Know the Owners of Wealthy Affiliate and what they Believe

Wealthy Affiliate Getting Starting Course

Get Your GameFace On

I have some very valuable information for you if you are going to be successful with Wealthy Affiliate and any other online venture. You are going to have to be Super Serious and Major in whatever you do. You cannot be half-baked about your Online Business Enterprise and Set up.

Have you ever purchased an item that you were excited about and brought it home. Whether it was that brand new Big Screen TV , Game System like a Nintendo Switch, or some Fancy Smancy Electronic Drone. You were so geeked to get it. So geeked that you only brushed through the manual because you had to in order to set it up.

Only to have to go back and read the manual again and again to see how to work a certain part of the product that is uber important. Hopefully you did not break it when you tried to force that piece into that piece . Silly me . I have done things like this before.

Wealthy Affiliate Online Video Training

My I don ‘t Want To Read The Online Manual Moment

In fact I have done this with my Online Business here at Wealthy Affiliate. The best place for an Online Education. First off they gave me 7 days free to check it out. You know kick the wheels and see if it you like it. I was so busy doing other things that I did not use it.

I am going to encourage you to use it! It ‘s a free 7-day trial without giving WA your CC information. So in this case I did not even pick up the manual. Maybe because I thought it was going to be easier than it was. Or I felt like I really did not have time to get into it like I wanted too.

7 Day Free Trial So I decided to wait for my Free Week Trial was over. I paid the $19 for the first month which is more than 50% off from the regular Price of $49 a month. Going back to my analogy above, guess what I did not pick up that manual for my new shiny purchase.

In this case it was Wealthy Affiliate Online Markeing Education Platform. I did not go through the training. DOH #HomerSimpson

But I did not cancel either because I saw the value in Wealthy Affiliate. Something kept me going and that was the Unique offer of All the Teaching and Support that Wealthy Affiliate offered. Along with the ability of Building an WordPress website which I had never built before.

Finally I got started with Wealty Affiliate after going Premium. That is paying the full price of $49.99 a month. Kind of like getting a Free sample at the Smoothie Shop. Then getting a punch card for your next Smoothie More than Half off.

Then finally paying Full price for a Smoothie in return for total access to all the Smoothie Shop had to offer. For WA when you go Premium you will have access to Comments on your Pages and Post, Feedback on your Website and also Tech Support on your Website

My story is that even after having Full Access to all the Trainings and Resources at Wealthy Affiliate I did not take full advantage of it. I only finished about 8 of the trainings in the First Module which is 10 lessons Long. It is kind of like the Basics of making a website presence.

I really needed to finish the whole training because I never had a formal training on how to properly build a website. I thought that I knew too much and I was too excited. Yes I knew more than your average bear but I was needed to learn more.

Reading the Manual!!! I went to fast and now 4 years later I am back doing all the trainings over again. Both for myself and for you. So that you do not make the same mistakes that I made. So that you understand the value of what you are getting with Wealthy Affiliate. Here I am highlighting what I see as the important parts of the training that stuck out too me.

Major Tips

  • Sequester Yourself Away For Training
  • Set Aside a Time for Training
  • Read The Whole Page of Training
  • Enjoy the Training , Cherish the Memories like Boot Camp 🙂
  • Make a Personal Connection with Kyle the Owner of Wealthy Affiliate as he leads you through training, It really is a Personal Connection that we have with him and the rest of the WA community.
  • Complete all the Task in the Lessons

Well there we go! I have finished the First Lesson of 10 in the WA Getting Started Course and I just finished this Review.

All YOU have to do is finish Lesson one! I am doing double the work. Good job Privates!

See you on Lesson 2! 🙂