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As we know Ranking on the first Page of Google is a heavy lift. So set your Content Creating Goals High! Here is how I do it.



Content Creator Setting Goals


The Wealthy Affiliate Content Creator Helps me set Writing Goals


Many of us have been told the importance of setting goals. This is very important in your online business. Today I am going to share a tool with you that will not only enable you to set goals. But to accomplish better content writing and a more efficient, clean and rewarding content writing process!

I spoke to a millionaire this year and it was a very enlightening and enriching conversation. He told me how important setting goals was to him becoming wealthy. He told me that setting goals was integral in the process of becoming consistent in doing the things needed to be successful. This information has helped me to be a better affiliate marketer and business person.

One of the great things about our love for sports and entertainment is keeping up with the numbers games. We are so interested in finding out how many home runs has a current baseball player hit in comparison to the all time greats like Babe Ruth. Or how many yards rushing does Adrian Peterson have vs Emmitt Smith. How many records has Taylor Smith sold in her career? These numbers can truly be mind blowing and surprising. So that is where the Wealthy Affiliate Content creating platform comes into play.

If you, would like to be a better content writer than the Wealthy Affiliate Content Creator is a great place to start. Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate one stop place for Internet Marketers to get all the tools and resources to make money online. One of the best and most useful tools that Wealthy Affiliate has is its Content Creation platform.

Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate has continued to build upon a solid foundation by adding this tool to it ‘s internet marketing education and website building platform.

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Benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate Content Creator Platform

8 things that the Wealthy Affiliate Content Writing platform helps me with:

  • Setting Writing Goals
  • Setting Post Publishing Goals
  • Notifies me when Google Indexes my Content
  • Checks the Grammar on my Writings
  • Gives me Free Pictures to place on my post
  • Optimizes Images
  • Fun and Easy to Write On
  • Mental Freedom: Open Writing

Content Creator Setting Goals

Setting Writing Goals

The Wealthy Affiliate Content Creation Platform helps you to set your writing goals by the number of words that you would like to write in a certain time frame. Whether it be days, weeks, months, or in a year. It also keeps track of this information to see how you have done in accomplishing your goals.

It has been great for me because I am in competition with myself. It is so fun. But as one of the top content writers in number of words written on the platform I am also in competition with the 2% of people on Wealthy Affiliate who happen to write more content than me. I am trying to find out who those 2% are!!! 🙂

We all know as internet marketers and bloggers that creating content is the central focus and sometimes the hardest thing to do in our online business. While also being the most fun and interesting part as well. So creating content for our websites and blogs can be a love hate relationship.

We deal with things like writers block, lack of time and, lack of inspiration, and sometimes lack of motivation to write. Well let me tell you fellow internet marketers. The Wealthy Affiliate Content writer is a great prescription for these common problems.

As you see in my video blog the Wealthy Affiliate Content Writing Platform has helped me to transform my writing frequency and skill level.

There is a very cool, easy to read, and very informative dashboard where you can set your writing goals for the day, week, month, or even year. This has been very helpful to push and motivate me to write.

As you can see I have written over 63 Thousand words on the Wealthy Affiliate platform alone for my websites in the last 8 months.

This is just the beginning. I have high goals for the next couple months of 2018!!! You can do it too.

Give me some competition. I challenge you. 🙂 . Kind of lonely up here on top of the Content writing mountain. Ha ha!

Wait a minute who are the other 2% ahead of me….


Setting Post Publishing Goals


So I just shared with you how the Wealthy Affiliate Content Creating platform helps us to create content by the setting of word writing goals. This is important because simply stated our websites and blogs are made up by individual post that are made up by an accumulation of words.

Taking this information into account. The Wealthy Affiliate Content creator also counts the amount of post that you have published on the platform. So you can also set goals for the amount of post that you would like to create per day, week, month or year.

This is very helpful because when you are planning your long term website strategy somewhere in the conversation is going to be how often do I want to create content.

How much content do I need to create

How long do I want the content to be

When, I want this Content to be finished


Best Content Creator


Watch this Wealthy Affiliate member get super excited about getting Indexed by Google! 

Notifies Me When I am Indexed By Google

One of the really cool features that most people at Wealthy Affiliate truly love is getting a notification from Wealthy Affiliate that the content that they created through the WA platform has been indexed by google. This is really exciting because it is kind of like being told that your product is sitting in a Walmart store.

It does not guarantee that someone will buy it aka click on your post. But it does mean that shoppers can see your product aka post and make a buying… clicking decision. Which, is very exciting. Getting your content indexed by google is the first step to making money online.

If you, were to create your content using virtually any other method you would not get a notification saying that Google indexed your content. So how would you know that your content that you worked so hard on is on the right track? The only way that you would know is to be proficient at Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics. Which you should be.

If you, are not I will be doing some training on that as well. No worries. But the thing is that sometimes Google Webmasters and Google Analytics might not give you the information that you need fast enough or accurately enough at times. So getting a message straight from the horse’s mouth is AWESOME!

The horse being Google and Wealthy Affiliate. It is nice to have friends in high places right! Kyle and Carson the creators of Wealthy Affiliate have really hooked us up.

Checks the Grammar on my Writings

Another really useful portion of the WA content creator is the all important grammar and spell check feature. So when I get finished with my writings all I have to do is click one button and the grammar checker goes through the whole of my content. Finding everything from spelling mistakes to grammatical errors like a misplaced commas or a run on sentence. For some of us the editing process is an arduous one. Because we have to take a fine tooth comb and go through our writings after we did all the research and writing.

All I want to do at that time is to press publish. But with the Wealthy Affiliate content creator grammar check I am able to give Google a more polished product. Google cares about our grammar and spelling when ranking our content. Yes I am going to be going back to my WordPress editor and making some final changes and additions to my content after I publish it in the content writing platform.

Like adding YouTube videos and editing the title and description in my All in One SEO pro settings. In which the content creator has a button to get you straight to your WordPress editor. So the Content Creator is self-aware. When you get finished with your grammar and spellcheck it knows that you may want or need to do more things to your sweet content.

No the WA content Creator is not everything. But it is SUPER helpful and fun to me. As I am writing these words I am at word count 1412 and counting!!!! This content creator has really helped me to grow as a content writer. It really induces my creative juices. Allowing me to flow into content with more of an open mind.

You just have to try it for a week or so to see that I am saying.

One admission about the Grammar and spell check. I do have to go to my WP editor to fix a couple of misspelled words after the WA spellchecker does its check. It is no big deal. The content creator is still relatively new and being improved on all the time.

Just a heads up for you.


Content Creation Platform


Gives Me Free Pictures to place on my Post

This is another very unique and very needed feature. When you are just starting off on your journey as an internet marketer you might not have a lot of start up money to purchase stock photos from places like Adobe stock or Shutterstock. The WA content creator is made with you in mind.

The content creator gives you free access to millions of high grade pictures. I just love it!!! It comes in handy even if you are using Adobe stock. Because it is FREE!!! All you have to do is to search the database for the type of images that you are looking for to place in your content.

Make sure to put the images in your content before you publish it. I do not think there is a way to go back and place the images in your content.

Why are images important in your content?

If you, do not know an as a refresher to others. Images are really important because Google uses the images in our content to help present options to the end user. When they are searching for let’s say a nice content Creator to use. They will see the title and description of my content and any images or videos that Google decides to present to them.

So images help Google to decide what keywords to rank you under and also it helps the end user to figure out if your content is what they want to view. If one person uses images and the other does not. All things being equal both Google and the End User are going to probably pick the content that has images.

So this is a very helpful tool.

WA Content Writing Platform Optimizes Images

Not just does this content creator give you free images. But the WA content writing platform Optimizes the images that you put on your content for search engines. Which, is also super important for your page speed and other factors. As you may well know or as you will learn. Making sure that every post on your website and that your website as a whole is in tip-top shape is very important.

That is why I recommend SEO site audit tools like Semrush and this content writing platform. Optimizing images for search engines and for visual potency is very important for our bottom line as professionals.


Fun and Easy To Write On

I can’t wait to write new content on the WA content creator. It is like my mind and spirit are having a conversation with my keyboard and that conversation flows right onto my computer. Sometimes when you are trying to communicate your thoughts those thoughts do not come across very easily or directly.

The WA content creator helps in this process. It is a truly easy and enjoyable process. The content creator is very simple. It has all the items that we need to create the base content that will make up over 90% of our content.

The content writing platform allows you to place

  • H1 tags
  • Bold Print
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Change Alignments
  • Add URL Links
  • Add Images from your computer
  • Get Free Stock photos
  • Grammar and Spelling Check



Mental Freedom and Open Writing

I have already hit on this several times in this review but because this is such an important point and central to everything that we do as online business owners. Let me go into how much I appreciate what the Wealthy Affiliate Content creator has done for me as a writer.

Although I like the WordPress editor. I would have to say that using it can sometimes become mundane. Writing on the same canvas every time can become a little boring and suffocate my creative juices. So using a vanilla more lighted canvas than the dark WordPress content editor has been boost for my creative process.

I find that I look forward to writing more. I look forward to the whole process of content creation more. Whereas the WordPress editor seems like a world of it ‘s own. Cut off from all other things in life but your website. The WA content writing platform feels like it is a part of the rest of the online world and life. So the process of adding your research and mindset from your mind and the rest of the internet onto the content writing platform is more of a seamless process.


Well that is my review of the Wealthy Affiliate Content Writing platform. Remember that you can only use this platform in connection with your website hosted with Wealthy Affiliate. You can try it free for 7 days! Have fun 🙂