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Home Business Websites the Cooking Edition: This post is for the bosses in the Kitchen!!! Share your love for food and family

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See how Pattil Labelle turned her love for food into $ with her tasty Patti Pies!!! 


Home Business Wealthy Affiliate Cooking Website

The Perfect Home Business via Wealthy Affiliate : The Cooking Website Edition


What do you do well, enjoy, or have an expertise in? Take a few seconds and think about it. I bet a few things come to mind. If you, really gave yourself credit more than a few things would come to mind. We are so talented and passionate about things we know and love that we do not know how good we are sometimes. It is just something that we do. Well I am going to show you how to turn your passion into a profit through the perfect Home Business called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools, applications, education, and support to turn your passion or niche into a profit. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you step by step on how to put your expertise on a website and find people who are looking to learn from you or simply enjoy your website content. These website visitors have a need or interest. You have the website, information, or entertainment for them! Add in a little time, smart work, and hard work. Eventually that will equal Home Business income!

Let me show you how.

First Example: Start a Cooking Website Ideas

For my first example of how you can start your own home business online from scratch. No pun intended. :). I will use starting a cooking website as my pro type home business. Do you have a love, passion, or expertise for cooking? The good news is there are many men and women who are looking for information all over the web for how to become a better cook. They are looking for recipes, tips, or just a fun story about your cooking adventures.

Wealthy Affiliate ‘s bite size and in depth training series will help you understand how to make all of your skills and your personality all come together on your website. They provide the training and you provide the rest. It is your website so you bring the vision and voila. Your home business is on it ‘s way to mega success like these Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories.

Please also note. Your online cooking website could also be the start of an extension too your Brick and Mortar Cooking business or home cooking business.

I wish I knew how to cook. I do not. But guess what I love to cook and I love great food. I spend too much on food and I do not cook enough. So what am I going to do in order to fix that problem while having fun? Start a website about my cooking journey as a pre diabetic.

One of the things that you have to know about having your own website is be authentic, be yourself, have fun, be useful, and be entertaining. You might major in one or all of those categories and that will lead to an income flow theoretically. What I am saying is that you do not have to be an expert in order to make money online or to have a successful website all the time.

But as you grow in your craft you will become an expert. There is a lot of competition out there online and you have to bring something good to the table in order to be noticed. No pun intended 🙂 . I can ‘t wait to launch my cooking website. It will be a lot of fun and learning for me. I will be a better person and help others. I already started a website with Wealthy Affilatie in a field I know nothing about beauty and cosmetics years ago. It is my most successful website to date! Amazing huh?

You can do it!!!


Home Business Wealthy Affiliate Cooking Website


Cooking Website Tips:


What you need to know about creating a fantastic cooking website is this in my opinion. As a consumer, as a person who loves food, and as a person who is a Search Engine Optimization pro. This is what you want to do to have success with your cooking website and home business.

Here are my 10 Tips to a Successful Online Cooking Website:

  1. Real Pictures
  2. Real Videos
  3. Tutuorials
  4. Ingredients
  5. Health information
  6. Your Personal Touch
  7. Your Passion
  8. Your Willing to Help Others
  9. Your Professionalism
  10. Wealthy Affiliate Online Home Business Training and Tools

If I were to start a cooking website with my elementary cooking skills. I would teach people how to cook one of my favorite dishes Fried Catfish. I would show them what seasons I use, the type of flour, and the type of oils I use. I would then tell them how long I cook it and at what temperature.

Taking pictures, videos, and a nice written description is a great start. Sharing your blog post on social media and getting feedback and conversation is another great dimension. Your website feedback can be an important component to your growth. I am going over the edges of how to be successful.


Home business Wealthy Affiliate Cooking Website

Wealth Affiliate will teach you all the nuts and bolts!


No doubt when you talk about cooking I would have some awesome guess appearances on my blog/website. My brother Derrick would be among the first. I was just talking about how he made a banging chicken marinade for me and my son years back!!! It was sooo good. I need to learn how to properly marinade. I know many others would like some advice. I can still taste and see that chicken about 5 years later!!!! Wow

For me and many of you food is a great blessing that brings friends and families together to laugh and even to cry. So would it not be great to change your income bracket and family circumstance by starting your own cooking website!

Those are just a few tips on how to turn your passion into a profit! I hope you enjoyed. It was finger licking good to me 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!