” We are the only country in the world where being fat is a bad thing ” Chris Rock

Yes indeed Chris we love our food in America!!!

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Creating income in the Food Business


The birth and explosion of the Food Network Business: There is Money in that Food!


I am sure that you have heard the expression that there is gold in them hills. So what is in the food that you are eating other than vitamins and oregano? Well the birth and explosion of the Food Network Business model has shown that there is money in that food! Earlier this year I wrote an article in the category of home business ideas centered around building a business around cooking and food.

I also did another article on Patti Labelle ‘s successful and tasty pie business. It ‘s lunch this is making me hungry. I have had a lot of fun building this Marketing Gems website experience but those two blog post were really fun to make!

I gave a few tips and suggestions on how to make extra income and maybe even change your life by starting a website centered around cooking, baking, and the love of food! There is no better way for me to explain how this is a booming business model other than to look at the success and love affair that consumers have with the Food Network. Created in 1993 the Food Network has done a simple but profound thing. They have found a way to reintroduce food into our households.

24 hours a day all across the world there are always more than one cook in the kitchen. Women and Men across the world are learning how to create the best and healthiest foods for every occasion.

Here we will look at the birth and explosion of the Food Network and what it means for the entrepreneur who loves food.


Food Network and successful Home Business


The Amazing History of the Food Network:

Money in The Food

One of the amazing things about the free market is someone has an idea or a talent that they want to share with other people. So the entrepreneur takes a risk and if they are successful it means that they can make a living off of what they love or are good at. In the amazing story of the Food Network being brought to market. I can say the society as a whole is better because of a new concept, a better way of doing something as old as cooking, and many new jobs have been created.

Not to mention many personal and family experiences throughout the 15 years since the inception of the Food Network channel. You thought that famous dish that you Aunt Linda cooks was her original recipe. When in, fact she learned it off the Food Network from Emeril Lagasse. Shouts out to Aunt Linda!!!

A short history of the Food Network goes like this:

The Food Network is for sure a business Gem. Thus, why Marketing Gems was interested in looking into this lucrative and remarkable phenomenon .

The Food Network went live on November 23rd 1993. Almost 15 years to the day of me doing this article. Wow how fun. The name that you want to know and remember when it comes to the Food Network is Erica Gruen. She is credited with the concepts and directional changes that saved the Food Network from bankruptcy in the mid 90’s .

Hired as CEO in 1996. She is the second woman to be the CEO of a television network. Gruen brought the Food Network into mass appeal and targeted the millions of people who simply love food. Using television and the Internet as a way of getting the Food Network services and products in front of hungry consumers.

Ready to consume new and fun ways of cooking. Ready to learn how to make something new for family and friends. These enthusiastic food lovers propelled the Food Network to the top of the ratings. In 1997, it was the second fastest growing cable network.

So what does this mean for you and me?

From conception in 1993 to near bankruptcy. To a fast and powerful turnaround in 1997. The Food Network has shown us how incredible something as simple as the food that we eat every day can have a profound business impact.

There is great room for growth in Food industries

You are Unique in what you bring to the table

Your knowledge, ability, and passion is fully yours. Copyrighted for always

What can I do to capitalize off the Business of Food?

Food is a part of our lives every single day! We look so forward to the food we eat. Sometimes it is the highlight of our week to be honest. Chuckles. For instance my family loves Buffalo Wild Wings Buy One Get One Free Night every Tuesday. So much so It was the first post on my new Food website.

I told you in an earlier post about how to make money creating a website about Food that I was going to try it. I did and I love it!! If I can do it you can do it!!! I am not much of a cook but I want to learn. I love food and I know there is money in food!!! I encourage you to give it a try. I believe that you will be successful.

Tips to capitalize on the Business of Food like the Food Network has brilliantly done: 

1. My number One suggestion starts with building a website centered off of sharing your love for food, cooking tips, and food stories. It is the easiest way to start with as little $47 a month. Giving yourself the ability to make hundreds and even thousands a month with overhead under $50 a month. You build your website on your time. Part time or Full Time.

You learn as you go!

2. Get a few of your favorite and best dishes and start a Food Cart business. Sell these dishes at Pop Warner Football games,outside of schools, businesses, and go around your local areas spreading the word.

Hot and Ready meals and dishes.

3. Team up! I often have said over the years every church should have a Restaurant!!! Get a few of your best friends, church members, and family members together. Get your best dishes , best ideas, the best connections and some start up money for your new website, food cart, or Restaurant.

Building a business can be very hard. The wisdom of having more than one person is always going to be true. Less burden, more help, more ideas, more skills and more future and long term income possibilities. It is great to be a success but it is even greater to become successful with others whom you love, know and care for.

Share my article with your family members and friends and say take a look at this. I was thinking of opening my own business centered around food and looking for partners. What do you think?


Cooking Family home business


4. Start Small and Think Big.

Have a vision of what you would like to do. Start small and be ready to eventually go to the next level. Have huge expectations but start small. Keep the same passion and excellence at every stage of your growth. You can do it!

So let ‘s go into more of what the Food Network has done in order to become a such a success in the Food Category. These same things will help you and I cash in on the money that is in Food.


Food Network Economics 101: Supply and Demand


Yo mama so dumb she thought Supply and Demand was a music group. #Jokes4Nerds

Ok I thought I would have a little fun. How are my comedian skills? Ok I won ‘t quit my day job. But if you love to cook and if you love food there is a great demand for information and content centered around food. Let me break it down for us. As I did research on the money to be made in the Food education and engagement industry. It is simply outrageous.

In 2015 the Food Network created revenue of $891 Million dollars. WOWWW!!!

That is how much revenue they were able to create in one year. So what if you could create a website or start a food cart that will make you an extra couple hundred or thousands dollars a month? Would that help you get to the next step in your life?

Let’s face it the chances of us creating the next Food Network are very slim. But there are many online and small business success stories that show us that it is possible for individuals to Supply the great demand out there for goods and services. In this case there is money in Food!


Business philosophy: Money in what you love


As I have written about extensively before at Marketing Gems. There is a lot of money and fulfillment in starting a Home Business in a category that you love. If you ask Emeril Lagasse, Robin Leach, and Donna Hanover the original Food Network crew if they have ever worked a day in their lives. They would probably say certainly yes. But I have enjoyed every minute of it.

What I am saying is that building a business is hard work in certain segments of the operation. But if you can find something that you love and you happen to love cooking. Think about starting that cooking website or that restaurant that you have been thinking of.

It is not just a great way to increase your income but also a positive experience that will enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

The Food Business: Sell what is Hot

Forgive the pun but the Food Network only did what any successful business does. They sell what is hot or what people are looking for. If people are looking for it then guess what it is hot is. Whether it is the newest Food Network Cookbook or some Nike shoe.

The Food Network found a way to serve what people were craving or did not realize that they could have. They gave millions of people more access to Kitchen literacy. We do not have to be as great as the Food Network we can be better. As long as you are being yourself and bringing value to your craft people will love and consume what you are sharing.

Your website and food business are the next Hot thing!

Many blessings as your build your Food empire! Eat good…. Eat well!!!

If this article encouraged you or helped you please let us know. Thank you