The art of Selling Things Online: Affiliate Marketing Foundations

Have you ever wondered How to sell things Online? If you are working from home as an Affiliate Marketer you are going to have to learn the Art of Selling Things Online. It is not like selling things in person. There is an adjustment that you have to make mentally.

However, I will share with you how it is very similar to what we see and do everyday.

  • Every day Millions of people are spending Millions of dollars online trying to solve a problem or just by accident.

    You are probably one of those persons. Almost certainly even if it was simply purchasing an airline ticket. First you either went to your favorite. Travel site or you have a number of travel sites that you trust. You did a price. Comparison to see which site had the best price and options.

    Connecting from One City to the other. Cha ching. You felt comfortable and made a decision to buy that ticket.

    The Website owner who sold you the ticket made a profit. But even the websites that you did not buy from made money off of ads when you browsed for options.

    So even in this limited scenario we see how it is possible to make money online with a website or blog. When you simply provide things that you know people are looking for, need or want in a credible and appealing way.

    Of course this is true about things that are more of what we could call “normal” purchases like a television, Beauty products, Vitamins or Auto parts.

    If we stuck in the realm of travel we could say Hotels and rental cars. Someone is looking for something all the time.

    Now more than ever people are buying Coffee, Groceries and Learning Online. So this is an established fact.

    Every year Ecommerce and Business To Business selling gross profits get bigger and bigger. While creating websites and setting up online stores are getting easier and easier. So that means everyone is getting a piece of the pie.

    From One click solutions that will build your website in minutes to very affordable Sales funnels and landing pages that convert site visitors to Customers.

    It is all OUT THERE, and it is out there in abundance.

How Do I Profit Off of The Vibrant Demand?

If you put a reel out in a sea of fish and catch some fish you are not a genius. But you will be well-fed and rewarded for positioning your self to be a successful fisherman. In internet marketing we know the fish are out there every day looking for the worm online. They are looking and smelling around. They are nibbling here and there.

All you need to do is buy yourself a nice boat. Aka a sweet website. Get yourself a nice net. Go to were the fish aka customers are. Make yourself a nice reel and get some really good bait.

Boat = Website/Blog

Fish = Site Visitors & Customers

Sea = Search Engines & Social Media

Reel = Great Content

Bait = Superior Products, Services, and Presentation

Line = Keywords

Now be patient, be aggressive, learn from the best and be smart. It is not going to be easy or maybe it will.

Fishing= Internet Marketing

It depends on you and how good you become at fishing. Are you a natural? Do you follow directions? Do you work hard? Are you teachable? Will you quit before you build your online business?

Selling Online: Audience, Competition, and Rapport

Much of this depends on what kinds of fish you target. Some fish are easier to catch than others. Your bait and knowledge of that fish may be more Realistic to your Prey. So you are able to make a connection with the customer with ease.

Fish You Target= Audience

Ease of Catch = Picky Buyers, Product Type, & Amount of Compeetiotrs

So picking the right Niche Market and Products to sale will be important. Trying to sell products to body builders and you was never a body builder is not a good idea unless you are a master Marketer.

But if you have been a body builder. You can make that connection Hook Line and Sinker! Building a Rapport with your readers and site visitors. The Fish will be jumping in your boat. You will be making online sales.

If you are able to bring everything else together.

SEO, Great content, web hosting, Social Media .

So become a pro at being helpful and solving problems for your Audience. Even if it means that you do not make a profit all the time.

When you do recommend an Affiliate product to your Audience they will know that it comes from a good place.

People Buying Things Online by accident: If You Build It They Will Come

If you build a great online platform you so find that people will come to your website from all kinds of sources. From Orgainic Search, Paid search, Social Media, Shared Content and more.

Have you ever gone into the grocery store or mall for one thing and ended up buying 7 times the amount that you meant to spend? You could not help yourself!

Whether you needed it or wanted it you bought it. The Store managers and owners were all too pleased about it.

But there is much more too it. They plan for this! They make sure that your trip to the grocery store is inviting, eye pleasing, enticing, and reminding .

Everything that they want you to see is accessible. Sodas, candy, and Ready made food are in the front and the checkout.

Fast food Restaurants like Subway are there to say Do not rush out of the store. We have everything that you need here. Frozen food and Electronics section are properly placed so that you have to go the length of the entire store. Seeing all the other things that you did not come in to buy but I think I will pick it up!

Your Website is a Customer Magnet!

Just as we spoke of a profitable Grocery Store. The same can be said about a very well-built Website or Blog. Your site is a well oiled machine converting customers day to day and month by month 24 hours a day while you sleep, party or take a vacation.

Some people will come to your site for one thing or will not be looking to buy anything. But you will do such a good job of Representing your passion expertise and certain products that they will BUY Something!

Whether they are entertained, moved or you gave them an offer that they could not refuse.

They will BUY!

Maybe they were looking for a product or service and you only spoke about it in passing. Leaving a link for them to buy.

They saw it on your site and decided to purchase it!

This will happen as well. Some people go online and they are not expecting to buy anything. They end up buying anyway.

Or they were expecting to buy. But they were not expecting to buy more than they did. Suddenly they found themselves adding on more and more to their cart. Cha Ching for you!

If you are properly serving the needs of people they will indeed do this.


In Conclusion I must say I am excited for you and I. I am still on my journey of creating Substantial Monthly Income. I hope that I helped you to grasp the potential of Affilaite Marketers to make big bucks online. The money is there to be made. Keep laying those blocks in your website and online presence foundation. 

It will eventually pay off!!! God bless you and much success