As I was working Uber Eats one night about 6 days ago before I decided to stop for safety reasons. It hit me as a proponent of everyone having a website and having an online business. This is the perfect time for many people to start that online business.

Do not sit back and take what the Corona Virus is dealing to you.

Here is your chance to fight back at Corona. Smack it Down!

Injured, But We See A Great Opportunity

We have been dealt a huge blow as a country, the world and as individuals. But I think I have some ideas to help you overcome at least some of these emotional and financial obstacles that have been created by the COVID -19 outbreak and Social Distancing.

While also adding some fun and challenge to your life. In a time where we could use a nice distraction and some adrenaline pumping. For me my Affiliate Marketing Business is just that.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affilaite Marketing is simply a person starting a website about a subject that you are interested in or know a lot about. Then as you share your knoweldge and interest with the world on that website you do what is called Monetizing your website.

By getting what is kind of like a sponsor. Big Companies like Amazon Home Depot and Macys are looking for bloggers who will help them get their offers and products out to other people. Through things like suggestions and reviews.

By you listing their products on your website through what is called and Affilaite link. When someone clicks on your special affialite link that let ‘s say Amazon gives you to put on your website. You get paid when others shop through your link.

There are different rules , agreements, and pay levels for each Affiliate offer. There are companies that specialize in gathering the best Affiliate offers in one place like Sharesale. You can join them for free and there is no monthly cost of any kind.

Learn Affiliate Marketing At Your Own Pace

Start Now with Wealthy Affiliate. Trustworthy , Simple, Diverse, Fun and Powerful

Top Reasons To Start an Online Business Now

These are some of the big reasons why I believe that this is a super time to build an Online Business.

  • Why? Your home
  • You are not taking a risk
  • You have plenty of time
  • What if you made money?
  • You have no excuse
  • Millions of people have just been laid off
  • Become Financially Independent while on Unemployment

This is my Recommendation and Advice To You

  1. Do research
  2. Have a plan
  3. Start an Online Business with Low or No money Down

Subscribe to my Blog to get the latest and best information and tips on how to make money online. I share with you my years of experience. What works and what does not work. As well as I will answer your questions if have them. If I do not know the answer I will do my best to lead you to the right entity that can help your better.

My Story of Making the Best out of the Corona Shutdown

Many people like me are stuck in the house looking at the walls for far too long. You have to be productive and how about making some extra money. The Corona Virus has come to America and it has hit us like a brick. Shutting down our businesses, jobs and keeping our children at home.

As a person myself who is in the gig economy for extra money. The lost in business and not to mention the danger of doing my job as a member of the high risk population with underlying health and wellness concerns. Has caused me to lose considerable income in the month of March.

After scaling back my Ride sharing in the middle of February as well.

The Good Part of not Being Able To Work During Social Distancing

I am a big advocate of having something running in the background financially that can help you make extra money outside of your job.

It could Real Estate or the Stock Market. Go and do it! Learn what you need to learn and plant your flag. Get your feet wet and take advantage of our great blessings in America and around the world.

But one avenue that might be even better and right up your alley is starting and online business. Not to mention that having a web presence is needed in virtually whatever you do these days. So why not have your own website.

We know that with the hoarding of food and supplies along with the uncertainty of how we are going to shopping for food and clothes in the near future. Combined with the explosion in online shopping before the Corona outbreak.

This is a super time to Start an Online Affiliate Marketing Business.

Be Apart of the Solution and Change Your Life

As Affiliate Marketers we can be a super part of the solution as our nations fight the economic and human cost of this nasty viral pandemic. As human beings we want to be busy. We love to grow and accomplish something.

So helping others to start a new business and get the information that they need is my way of helping people get off on the right foot. You could also help people to find goods and supplies with an Online Shopping website. It is all up to you.

Other Great Website Niche ideas During Social Distancing Business Shutdowns

  • Video Games
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Coupon and Deal Hunting
  • Health and Wellness
  • Job Hunting
  • Coping with Stress
  • Children Games
  • Family Games
  • Online Learning , College and Grade School

To name a few

It is up to you. Whatever you choose to do. Make sure that it is something that you will love to talk about and dig into for years to come. Not just during this time of crisis. But since we have some time to do things that we did not before.

I just thought it was a great time to start that online business!

Do you have any plans to jump in as an Affiliate Marketer? Share it with us. Along with any questions that you might have.

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