Semrush seo review

Before you purchase the Semrush Keyword Tool and SEO analyzer take a good look at my review. I am about to give you a behind the scenes look of why I love Semrush and can’t see myself going without it.

SEMrush keyword research tool

One of My Best Business Online Business Investments!

Semrush fancies itself as an All in One Marketing Toolkit for Professionals. I agree. But not just me. It is trusted by Ebay, Quora,, and HP. I call it a good mix between Geeky, Nerdy info bots and Let me show you how hands on and informative. This info and wording is above your head and it ‘s ok. that is why you have us. Let us break it down for you and show you why this is important. Then show you how to fix it!

10 reasons I recommend Semrush Keyword Tool

  • One Click gets you valuable information
  • 7 minute set up gets you a website SEO treasure trove of information
  • Precise information
  • Action Plans for the User
  • Progress Updates
  • Learn SEO techniques while you use the tool
  • Profitable Affiliate Program
  • Social Media Strategy Tool
  • Website Audit
  • Gobs of Valuable Keyword information

10 Reasons and a reminder FREE TRIAL!!!

  • Free Trial!!!!

Semrush is the SEO Chef for your online business:

Do you remember the commercials of the lady or man in the kitchen with the purchased food from a store or restaurant. Their family or guest are in the living room waiting for them to bring dinner out so that they can eat. The person comes out of the kitchen with their Chef apron on seemingly wiping sweat off of their forehead to bring the store bought chicken, macaroni and cheese, and green beans out to the dinner table.

Wow you must of worked hard on this the guest would say.

Oh yes but it was worth it. You all enjoy. 🙂

They all sit down and eat not knowing that there is a chef behind the chef.

Well Semrush is indeed the Search Engine Optimization Leaders helping us Content and internet marketing leaders to look good in front of our audiences. You better believe there is no substitute for hard work. We still need to put in the elbow greece.

Let’s just say that Semrush iron ‘s out the wrinkles of our website! Looking good

Details below

Free Trial of Semrush!!! Free 14 day trial of Semrush.

My advice: Bookmark my website for my Semrush tutorials and reviews of all the major features of Semrush. Try the Semrush free trial and if you have any questions come back to Marketing Gems and find your answers.

I am here to help you as well. Just leave a message on one of my post and I will get back to you asap. Thanks!

Hello my name is Cedric. I have 8 years of SEO experience. I know a lot more than your average bear. I am sharing with you things that I am learning and know.

My website SEO stats include over 26 websites managed. One of my sites has over 500 Organic visits per month. This while being an internet marketer in my free time.

As I have gotten more and more deep into my field. I have acquired a lot of knowledge and great tools. Semrush is one of the most interesting, fun, and useful of these tools.

As I progress more into helping others to build an online presence by boosting their Search Engine optimization Semrush will be even more important to me.

Anyone who will allow you to try something for free is confident that you will like it! I know this because I am offering my Health and Wellness customers free Iaso Tea with their qualified purchase. Ok, my offer is on the backside of the purchase and not the front side like Semrush.

I don ‘t have the resources of Semrush as yet. But if I keep using Semrush maybe I will 🙂 . I have big plans for it.

Let me share with you why I am so excited. The more I use it the more I LOVE IT!!!

Semrush review and Free Trial

Semrush Review

On page SEO Checker with Free Trial

Great tools like the Semrush keyword and SEO tool can be a little pricey. But if you are serious about making money online. This is a great add on to your business. You get to try Semrush now for free. The last time I checked there is nothing better than free and right now!

I tried Semrush for free over a year ago. I am just not getting the most out of my Subscription . In this article I am going to share some great features of this SEO application that will help you to better your website rankings. I am loving my Semrush partnership because it is helping me to keep track of my 26 websites on a site wide and a page by page basis.

When you ride in an Uber or Lyft you get a great deal for your investment. You are paying for the technology and the service. Well in the same way I am thankful for the awesome technology and the tools that make my job as an internet marketer so much easier and more effective.

But not just that I am excited that as I expand into SEO consulting and Internet Marketing training Semrush is going to be right by my side to help me carry the load.

Semrush purchase is about the value of things you need. A natural progression. I am about to show you that I know what I am doing. But I can still learn more. SemRush is a big boy and girl application to help us as internet marketers. So when it tells me I have done something well I know I have. When it tells me I need work in something. I trust it.

A Little Background

SemRush SEO Projects

I can do 5 projects a month with Semrush with the $99 package that I have. The projects are a deep dive on keyword research, website audit, social media sharing and effectiveness, website errors and SEO awareness and fixes.

So today in the natural progression of building out my website and articles. I go to SemRush to see if there are any suggestions that it has for one of my projects. Which is my marketing site where I share tips, resources, and ideas of how to make money online.

So I pull up my post in my site manager. I use a type of WordPress. Then I pull up Semrush to take a peak. I am a veteran so I already have my strategy of how I want to Supersize this post. I was in rush mode. So I did not give it the love I wanted too. Time to go back and do it like we do it!

SemRush and You: The Perfect Team

But the wise always try to get a consultant. SemRush is that consultant for your website. Or the website of your customers.

You will be the expert! You will have the AI working for you. The Semrush system will crawl your site constantly and give you an update. It will give you recommendations. It will explain to you exactly why. So all the work is done for you practically.

You have your knowledge and customer service skills to clean up what the Ai misses. To explain everything to your client.

If Semrush is helping you with your own website. Then you take the information and implement it on your end the way that you see fit.

This is how the SEO Tool Works

  • Website Audit
  • Website tracking
  • Broken Links
  • SEO problem solver
  • GPS for your website
  • Tell you where you are
  • Tell you where you need to be
  • Tell you how to get there
  • You will learn about SEO by using this program
  • But you will still need a great tool like Semrush
  • Why? As your site grows you will not be able to keep up with all the information and the problems alone
  • Semrush is less expensive and more accurate than your friend Joe the Michael Bolton fan

Hire him or Semrush for SEO help

Semrush? Ok, great here is a few more reasons to pick Semrush over Joe ha-ha!

  • You will get great content ideas
  • Great keyword research tool
  • You can make money with Semrush if you help others with their marketing, Site Audits, Keyword research, SEO improvements
  • You stick their website in the Semrush system. In seconds Semrush spits out info
  • Other things take days to get a good picture.
  • Monitor , Monitor, Tweak Tweak
  • You can make money as an Affiliate as well
  • If you miss a payment you still have limited access


If you don’t feel confident in what you are doing I can help you. If you feel confident in what your doing I could still help you.

If you don’t know anything about websites, building an online presence and seo I can help you.

If you know something about websites, building and online presence and seo I can help you.

I would love to help you with mentorship, tools, tips, and advice.

Thanks for checking out my first review of Semrush. More detailed deep dives on how to use Semrush and how to rank your website and pages higher!!!