Welcome to my Semrush On Page SEO checker Review. Amazingly Semrush has so many awesome features for your website or websites management. I had to split this review and tutorial up into several segments. Enjoy!

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Great Online Business Investment!

So this is my real time Semrush On page SEO Checker Review. BEFORE I edit my website page of the errors that Semrush told me I had. With the recommendations that they gave me as a possible way of fixing my website SEO problems.

So you can see how this SEO improving software practically helps us Internet Marketers in our everyday task.

Note: Personally and professionally as a Veteran Mid-level to expert SEO I planned to go back and add more content to this post. Some main errors that Semrush is telling me about would’ve been reduced or totally fixed. My page would’ve ranked better.


The reason why I recommend Semrush and use Semrush is because

  • As a human being you simply miss stuff
  • Semrush by alerting me of my errors they catch my mistakes
  • Semrush is teaching me how to do better Onsite and On page SEO
  • Computer Software works more like Search Engines like Google than humans do
  • One Day your site will be so big that you will not be able to do it yourself
  • Semrush is worth the every penny

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Before we go into this SEO tool review. Let me guide you to the right places.

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Now let’s spread on the Icing!

Semrush On page SEO Checker Review: Perfect Blog Checklist

So let’s say that you just wrote an article about Deer hunting. Even though it’s Wabbit hunting season. 🙂 . Inside joke for Bugs Bunny fans. But I digress. Back to the serious topic of your article on Deer hunting. Chuckles!!! So you write your article on Deer hunting and you feel pretty good about it.

Once you start writing content on your website you kind of start writing on auto pilot. You do your keyword research, you add your keyword in your Post title, you add your keywords in your body, you add your keywords in your meta descriptions. You purpose to write at least 900 words for each post.

Write Great content

No Keyword Stuffing

Internal Links

External Links



Meta Tags

You were Unique

You were Authentic

Cat Videos: Who doesn’t like Cat videos? 

Have Fun! My suggestion

Knowing your SEO mistakes is better

Than not Knowing

I would say without thinking these are the things that most mid level to veteran SEO ‘s know by heart to do. So you get in such a routine that sometimes we get sloppy and forget the rules. Sometimes we get information overload. Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we just don ‘t know better.

Search Engine Optimization is such a fluid, changing and difficult task. It helps to have some awesome software attached to your website to help you understand how to steer it up the Authority and Site Rankings. Semrush is that awesome software that helps us site by site and page by page.

Because we know as much as we just want to write great content about deer hunting :). We also need to have the proper SEO discipline to beat the competition. The question is do we want to just be at the party? Or do we want to take home the prize!

Two ladies wear the same dress into a party. One has a nice broach and a nice hat and the other doesn’t. There are judges at the party with a $300 reward for the best outfit. They happened to like Broaches and Hats. They are going to pick the lady who wore the Broach and the Hat over the lady with the same dress without a broach and a hat.

The lady without the broach and the hat did not know that she made a mistake. The lady with the broach and the hat either new she had to bring those items, she knew that the judges like broaches and hats because of some pre party coaching, or she brought it by accident.

Which lady do you want to be? The one who knew or the one who was coached beforehand. Doing things by instinct is great! But not in a subjective world where Google and the other Search Engines deem what is worthy and what is not worthy. That is where Semrush and other good SEO software comes in at.

You need to have that edge in the world of online business.

So your content is an 8 out of 10. So is the other guys or gals. But you are using Semrush to trim the fat off of your website and web pages and to add better content.

While the other guy is posting and forgetting. Wondering why he is not getting page rank.

In such a competitive world of website search engine optimization Semrush has found it ‘s place.

How Does Semrush On Page SEO checker Work?

STEP 1 Pick your Project

This is how Semrush ‘s On Page SEO checker works. Note that some of these steps will be covered in some other of my Semrush reviews and tutorials.

First you will need to Create a Project for your Website in the Dashboard on your Homepage.

Once you create the project the software will gather all the information that is pertinent to your website SEO and rankings.

Kind of like submitting a blood sample to your Dr as a part of a physical. Once your site is crawled the SEO tool will send you an email telling you your site audit is ready.

Then you can pull of your Project.

Here is a picture of my Project here on my Dashboard Home Page Here.

Semrush On page SEO checker Review

My Years of Hard Work is Paying Off!

Note : I am improving in my skill as an SEO. ” New 2017 ” and ” SHU” are my legacy projects that began when I was not as skilled in content writing and SEO. Not to mention I did not have the focus on my business. Life just got in the way. But I overcame and now I am in what I call the Go Get It phases of my success journey.

Notice that my first two legacy sites which have much more content on it than MAG Time the website I am showing you the results from now also have an uptick in their Site Audit Trend! Some of these trends are due to Semrush.

For instance in the “New 2017” project. I had a lot of broken external links on my website. I had about 37 of them spread across many posts. I have about 80 post on that website maybe more. Semrush showed me exactly where to find those broken links and I got most of them out!

I will be back to get the rest!!!

Furthermore MAG time the website I started in March 2018 teaching how to make money online is at 89% already. It was built strong, built right, and giving more focus. Although not the focus I wanted because life kept getting in the way… But we overcome!!!

These are insights that you cannot always get from yourself. It ‘s nice to have some Nerd friends to create some software to help us get a picture of how we are doing. So we can compare and contrast. Fix whatever problems we have.

STEP 2 in improving your On Page SEO

Ok here is where the information comes crashing down like an Avalanche . I do not want you to get information overload so I will only give you a little bit of what I can see in my Semrush website audit. But of course we want more information than less. So you will love this feature.

Step 2 is the Site Audit Overview Screen. Oooohh. Ha ha!

Exhibit A in your better website rankings! Forgive me I have a comedic mind.

Semrush On page SEO review

Here you will get and overview of both the things that you are doing well and the things that you are doing bad. But mostly the things that you are doing bad. 🙂 .

You will get a graph picture of your progress over the last 7 site audits. I just hooked up MAG to the Site Audit so you are seeing limited bar graph movement on it.

Overview is the Major heading with 5 powerful subheadings for a deep dive on your website seo health.

  1. Issues
  2. Crawled Pages
  3. Statistics
  4. Compare Crawls
  5. Progress

Personally I find the Issues and Statistics Site Audit pages the most interesting. But I learn and apply things on all of them. Of course the Crawled Pages Site Audit section is also very important. Because if Search Engines cannot crawl your website or there are problems with the crawl. This will hurt your site ranking.

Super Awesome features!!!

Next let’s look at Errors, Warnings, and Notices. Looking at your Site Audit use of Red for your on site mistakes you may think your 4th grade teacher Mrs. Vonderklump just signed on to the Semrush team just to mess with you. But chances are no. This is the SEO tools way of getting all the important stuff out in front of you and saying pay attention to this.

Shouts out to Mrs. Vonderklump by the way. She meant well. 🙂

If you hover over the “I” in the circle next to Errors, Warnings, and Notices.

Semrush Seo tool

You will see an explanation of each section. You will see these Information Bubbles all over the site. Which is awesome. I read them once, twice, and over again all the time.

Last Step for your On Page SEO Checking Tool

Again this is only one path of many that you can take with the Semrush SEO program. Try it yourself for free to have fun!!! We have gotten to the On Page Seo Checking tool. WOW!!! This particular web page is pretty well done. So I do not have that many issues. Some of them I knew about and some of them I did not.

The same will be for you. Some things you learn will be new to you and some things will be like what? I had no idea. Which is great!!! You learned something and your site is better for it.

Semrush Free SEO tool trial

Here we see the good, the bad and the ugly on this particular page on my website. If you hit the About button on the right-hand side you will get a detailed explanation of what the information on the Left and the middle is trying to tell you and why it is important.

You see I missed a few things here and there that might move me up a few pages in the search engines. But even greater these things make me a better Content writer and Internet marketer.

In closing Semrush helps us with the site wide and the page by page optimization of all of our website or websites. So that we and our clients can shoot up the page rankings to profitability!!!!

I hope you learned something and enjoyed my review. More great things to come to help you be the best you can be!

Please tell me what you think. Share your experience with Semrush and other SEO tools. Thanks!