Search Engine Optimization

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Welcome to our page that will make you a QUEEN or KING in Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. Chances are you found my website because I did a great job of SEO. I will help others to find your website by sharing with what I do to make my website ready for Search Engines to Find me online.

In order to be the King or Queen of SEO you will need to understand

  • Keyword Research
  • How to Use Images
  • How to use Videos, YouTube etc
  • What are SEO Titles
  • What should be in my Meta Descprpitons
  • What is Link Juice?
  • What are Backlinks and what is a good Backlink Stategy
  • How important is a Social Media imprint
  • Back End SEO tips and strategies
  • Is Content still King?
  • Navigation
  • User Expereince
  • User Engagement
  • Site Speed
  • Page Load Speed
  • Post Word Count
  • Broken Links

And Much More!

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Being a champion or I should say Royalty… at Search Engine Optimization will translate to you increasing your income online in your chosen field. Whether you are a Small to Medium sized business, Affiliate Marketers, part-time Bloggers, or Home business owners.

I will share with you the Fundamentals of SEO that will increase your Organic Search Engine Traffic. You want people to find your website Organically in most cases. Because it means that your not paying for expensive ads and Free is always better. So by teaching you what to do in your head you can apply this over and over again at no cost.

Yet in still things can get so complex and busy it is nice to have great tools to used to increase your sites performance in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Not to mention there are some behind the scenes things that can help you that you might not know about.


Did you know the type of Theme that you’re using to can increase or decrease your visibility in Search Engines?

Did you know that a sitemap can increase your Website Visibility in Search Engines?

Did you know that Google Search Console is a huge way to help Google find your site. But what about Bing? Ahhh… I will help you with that s ell.

Don ‘t worry I will be going deep into these issues and sharing all that I know with you. I have over 5 years of Experience as an Internet Marketer.

I will lead you to the best SEO tools for your website

  • Seo Software
  • Seo widgets
  • Seo Toolbars

My name is Cedric and I am a proud owner of 30 websites in which I love dearly. I have experience across many diverse niches. Sports, Health and Wellness, Auto, Music, Faith, Beauty, Movies, Food, Travel, Fashion, Business, Investing, affiliate marketing and More.

So I have done a wide variety of Search Engine Optimization Projects for these various websites. I understand

Best Hosting Companies To Improve SEO

I will also be sharing with you the Best Hosting Companies that will improve your Search Engine Optimization. The hosting company that you use maybe helping your SEO or holding you back. There are a few ways that the hosting company can make a difference.

The top Hosting Companies that I use are WP Engine, Wix, Weebly, and Wealthy Affiliate. You will be well off with any of these companies. But there are many great hosting companies that you can go to these days.

But just make sure that they have fast servers, low downtime, and their web applications are fast reacting to when they are loaded as Site visitors request your website. If the servers or the page applications load too slowly because of the web design of the host company.

You may lose out to your competition who might not have the same problems.

Yet still there are things that you can do to overcome some of these issues but not all. All in all my Seo techniques and tips will give you a leg up on many people and companies who are not as serious as you in improving their Page rankings!