Here is to your dreams and the Great ideas and actions the world needs you to complete!

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”
― Pablo Picasso

The Power of Business Proof of Concept

The Power of Business Proof of Concept

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The world is not run by Ideas. But the world is ran by Ideas that go 

From Concepts to Reality. So now you have to Prove your Concept

                 Your NOT in business until your ideas are tested 

The 4 Big things that will stop you from getting your Business Proof of Concept are:

  1. Procrastination : I have time to try this later
  2. Fear : What if it does not work
  3. Life Priorities : No time to Implement Business Priorities
  4. Your Business is a Hobby: Your Business is not a business it ‘s a cute hobby

Here we will show you the solution to finding Proof of Concept for your Business. The Principle of Proof of Concept is very powerful! These tips and ideas can be used in any area of your life as well

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Proof of Concept: Business Entrepreneur Must Have and How To


In business your Proof of Concept or proving your concept to yourself is very important. Even more important if you are in business for yourself. If you have a Home Business, Networking Marketing Business, or Small Business. You are a pioneer with an idea trying to develop and fine tune your business system.


The power of Business Proof of Concept

The power of Business Proof of Concept

So what is Proof of Concept? Proof of concept is simply find out in real time what will work in real life with real people. As a Business Entreprenuer we have many ideas, thoughts, misconceptions, hunches, and specific things that we want to accomplish. Well you need to get to going and get your Proof of concept as soon as possible if you are going to be a success.

How do you know you need to Prove your Concept NOW:

  1. You know you can do something but never do it
  2. You see others doing it and wish it was you
  3. You see others doing something similar and know you can do it better
  4. While congratulating others in their success you know you are a unique version of them
  5. Your tired of knowing who you are but have nothing tangible to show proffesionally

In my part time job in the Gig Economy I do Uber to supplement my income and for seed money for my home business. My customers ask me all the time. So what else do you do other than Uber? To be honest I hate that question. Not that they ask so much. But because for me it had been a touchy subject. It ‘s like having a clothing store that has no clothes in it. Do you really have a clothing store? Or do you have a clothing store idea and bill?

Now that I am actively proving my business concept as an Online Marketer and making money! I can proudly say that I am building a successful online marketing business and consulting firm. Action , success, and belief makes all the difference! You need something to show for your great ideas and passion.


Starting a Cake Business Strategies


Examples of No Proof of Concept

Let ‘s say that you have a cake business and your hunch says that promting Lemon Cake instead of Chocoloate cake would be a great idea. You did some research and you were right Lemon cake is trending in your area more than Chocolate cakes these days. But you have not got around to creating the ad campaign , hiring another baker, or buying the needing ingredients to fill the orders you think will be rushing in.

Months and months go by and you have No Proof of Concept on this potentially business changing idea. You are not listening to that voice in your head that I think many times is heavenly. So you have no proof of concept. Your idea sits on the shelf of good theory. While your business stays the same.

Time to Start your Business Strategies


Here is why : 10 Reasons You NEED PROOF OF CONCEPT

  • We live in a world goverened By Time
  • Fresh ideas will become stale if not implimented in time
  • If you don ‘t try it how do you know it will or won ‘t work
  • There is great value in failure, Now you know what not to do
  • Every process needs an evolution. No starting point no evolution
  • Proof of Concept to yourself will give you confidence and evidence for future business transactions with others
  • You , your family, and your business partners will burn out on hope without evidence
  • There is a voice inside of you saying I HAVE TO DO THIS!!! He/she won ‘t shut up unitl I do
  • Every month you waste is money down the drain
  • There are many false theories about success

Testing Business Waters

My Personal Admission

I am in the Business Education and Business Marketing business. Specializing in Search Engine Optimization website creation and online affiliate marketing. So in my business I need to be constantly writing, learning, engaging, and posting content online. Over the past 3 years I have plenty of great ideas and some success in my field. But in 3 years July 2018 I have yet to prove my concept.

Why? Honestly I would have to say that number 2 and 3 on my list of the 4 Big things that will stop you from Proving your Concept above.

For me it was Fear that I was wasting my time and Life Priorities. I had too many things going on in my life ahead of building my business. Without getting too personal I had some personal things that I had to take care of first before going all in on my business.

I was not about to give up even though I had not much to show in terms of income from my websites. Yet Google had showed that it loved my websites in many ways despite me not being all in. So I knew I could do it if I was all in. But I had yet to prove that my Business philosophy would work or not.

But this is the HUGE THING. I had yet to DISPROVE my Business Philosphy as well. I believed that the Golden State Warriors were going to sweep the Cleveland Caviliers in the NBA finals. But until they actually did it that meant nothing.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

So in late March of 2018 I started this website. Of my about 20 webistes I am building this one the right way!!! No I have not followed the complete plan that I had drawn out over the last two months. But I have done about 40% of the work that I planned to do.

As I said above the key is to START. Then to evolve. No one ever said that building your business was going to be easy. But the like the Little train that could you need to believe that you will be a success. You have to be willing to fight , grind, and overcome obstacles both in life and business.

Personally I had things that have plauged me over the last 12 years come back and fight me. After I overcame them now you are reading the fruits of my believe, my passion, and my expertise. I had a thought about Proof of Concept about two hours ago on a Sunday afternoon.

Jump into Business

I was about to finish up my article on Starbucks closing 150 stores but instead  I said let me start writing about how to Prove your Business Concept. 1200 words later I am still writing. It has taken me about two hours only because I was doing other things at the same time.

So now as I follow my Business Strategy over the next 3-6 months I will be proving my Business Concept. Getting the Proof of Concept that I need. As I elvove , learn, grow in my chosen field.

Before I would not have the time to sit down and just write, do research , or all the hard work that goes into writing an article for public use and consumption. But that is my whole job. All the ideas where in my head instead of on my website.

How does This Apply To You?

So how does this apply to you and your Business? So what do you do in your business? Mentally you need to work out the kinks that are unique to you and your business and life. Get those ideas out of your head and into life! Those ideas are filled with our dreams. Dreams are best lived! They are only fantasies unless we bring them to life.

Go and make it happen!

How to get Proof of Concept for your Business

  • Learn to elimate Fear
  • Never allow Fear to destroy your business dreams
  • Develop a Business Plan or System
  • Always tweek and improve on your Business plan
  • Daily and Weekly Follow through is Essential
  • Work Smart and Work Hard
  • After Brainstorming and Planning Try your ideas out
  • Go Test Run or Full Blast but do it!!!!
  • Kill Business procrastination

As a Christian personally a scripture that has always stuck with me is in Proverbs. Be not slotful in Business. Meaning be not slow, lazy, or unprofessional. These things are a big turn off personally and professionally.

The Art of Working Through It


Another huge reason why you need to work through your Proof of Business Concept is. There are some things in life that no text book, sermon, or advice can give you a complete understand of. Only the exprience of walking through it will do this for you. For instance.

You have never been married and your wife ask you Do I look fat in this dress?

Proof of Business Concept

You might not know yet to NOT say yes. 🙂 . The answer is no honey.

Starting your Home Business


Starting Your Home Business

But because you never have seen your wife look at you with complete distain or had to test the couch out with your favorite pillow. You had no idea that honesty is not always the best policy.

Now you know!

So what is your point funny guy? First you have to start the process. Make mistakes then finally you learn how to bring home the roses!!!!

Successful Business strategies

Successful Business strategies