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Update to this post: I have earned 10 referrals to Wealthy Affiliate over the last week. With my new focus on this great online business it is paying off already. What does a simple referral mean to Wealthy Affiliate. Potential Residual income!!! I am on my way. You can be too. I will help you learn how. 

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I have been using WA for almost 3 years now. You better believe I love it and I recommend it. I am having great fun. I have not made lots of money here like this guy.

He has earned $9465 in the month of February with Wealthy Affiliate!!! AMAZING!!!! We can do it. Even if I made $1000 a month or $500 a month that would be excellent right? Click the link below to see how he did it. You can sign up right there on the site if you like what you see. 


Or the young lady here https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/littlemama/blog/made-489-yesterday-great-start-to-march

But I am getting focused. I had to get my life together first to gain focus and stability. That was my journey. You can start yours here today.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Online Business and Affiliate Marketing Tools: I love Wealthy Affiliate


Looking for a company to build you the best website and teach you how to make extra money? Your online business will grow and thrive with these unique and powerful Affiliate Marketing tools. No experience needed, no products needed, no inventory needed. If you have experience, products, and inventor than great! Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make money online with it ‘s website builder and first class online internet marketing education. You can earn money through Wealthy Affiliate while you earn. No recruiting, no cold calling, no door knocking, or you know the rest. No asking family members to support you.

The next paragraph is a little of my personal story. How my business with Wealthy Affiliate is a piece of the story of how I am taking life by the horns. Taking the lemons tha life gave me and making lemonade!!!

You can bypass this section and go down to the others if you want more nuts and bolts information about Wealthy Affiliate.


Yours truly has reached first place placement with my website with very little input. Now I am all in after struggling through life in a toxic relationship. And seeing the success of my Wealthy Affiliate brothers and sisters. I decided to go head first and use a proven method that I am great at off the top of my head. I was trying to do things in areas where I did not have enough passion or expertise. Beauty, Health and wellness,  and Autoparts.While I love my 12 or so websites and the subject matters and I had good insight on them. I found out that I did not have a passion to work with these things online coinstentely. And I spread myself too thin. I also had success with these websites. But the above stopped me from making good consistent income.

But Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for me. The basics of creating a web presence is what I am great at. So why not just talk about that. If you would like to do just that and make income you can. If you would like to go the extra mile and talk about beauty products, politicis, health and wellness products, Religion or any other niche you can. It is up to you. WA will show you how to do what is great for you.

But follow the system!!!! At least 95% of the way follow the system. No system is perfect but this system is beautifully proven and effective. Don ‘t think you are smarter than the system. And know that you are also great. So leave 5% for you to explore and explode like Elon Musk??? Rocket picture lol . But don’t get to fancey their Bucko. Not until you have learned the basics of internet marketing. That’s my advice!!!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review





Wealthy Affilaite teaches you how to own your address and property on the interenet. Your own intellectual property in a way. Maybe even the best way of saying. Because your website is unqiue to you. No one can do it like you do it. Wealthy Affilaite shows you how to market whatever you want to the world. The world will come running to your web address aka website to see what you have to say or offer.


The Basics


WA teaches you how to create online web presence without paying hundreds and thousands a dollars a month. This web presences will allow you to achieve top rankings and first page placement on Google. You may of heard this before. That is where the great money is!!! But this is not a cheezy promotion from fake web promotion companies that steal your money. WA teaches you that creating a web presence takes time, expertise, diligence, commitment and hard work. For only 49.99 a month you will receive the tools , expertise, platform and support to make money online. Many hundreds and thousands of people just like you have changed their lives or made considerable monthly income doing this with WA.

Wealthy Affiliate : Earn Money Online Here

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You can either make money off of retail or affiliate marketing sales from companies like Amazon. You can make money selling your own products or MLM products. The third way you can make money online with WA is to create an online presence and then find clever ways to promote your MLM business such as Mary Kay, Avon, Herbalife etc. You have to be very savvy and follow their rules for internet marketing but it can be done wisely.


If you have any questions on Wealthy Affiliate please leave me a comment. Thanks!