From a guy who made all the mistakes for you! What not to do when starting a New Online Business. PLUS what to do. Slow down. Take a deep breath. Listen!!!! Say it with me. Rome was not…. Built in a day… Applause!!!! You got it 🙂 

A bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush

You can kill two birds with one stone. But why would you want to kill a bird you meany. Why I ottttaa 

Put down the stones and let your pretty or powerful… online business bird flyyyy into your hand. I know I know look at all the niceee little birds flying around that you want to play with. 



Business Proof of concept

The Importance of Business Proof of concept

Pick ONE!!! All you need is one. Now see it sounds like your talking to your kid. You need to read this article!!!

New Online Business Start Up: Proof of Concept: Respect the Learning Curve


What is the problem with children? They have big imaginations, they are so awesome and lovable. But they don’t know how much things really cost. Mom I want that. Dad I want that. Mom and Dad say. We just bought you that and we bought you that. Stop asking for so much.  New Online business owners are much the same. They have big ideas , hopes and dreams but they do not have a concept of what it cost to achieve it. When a person decides to start a Home Business online it is very important to get a Proof of Concept before doing any heavy lifting. Before you put 100 pounds on the weightlifting bar let’s start out with let’s sayyyy 20 pds? I know that inside you are a big bad weightlifter in your online prowess. But let’s take one step at a time. Let ‘s prove that you can lift 20 pds first. Then let’s move on to 30 pds and go up from there. That is what Proof of Concept essentially means in business. You and I need to prove that before we take on multiple website projects let’s make sure that we can build one. It’s not that easy.

I council many young entrepreneurs on not doing too much at one time. But the power of focus is crucial in building a successful online business. How do I know this? I made the same mistakes that they did. I allowed my creativity and confidence to go into overload. That great thing that you have in abundance that many people do not have is what will make you an success in your field. But it also can derail you and crash you on the side of the road.

Superb Online Business Training and Counseling:

As internet entrepreneurs we have to respect how hard it is to build a new online business. We must understand that there is a learning curve. We must understand the ingredients of a successful traffic creating website. We must really crystalize these things as it pertains to a great traffic creating website

  • How is it built
  • What does it take
  • How long does it take
  • How hard is it

I think because we go online and we click www… boom. We are at xyz website looking at how cool it is. Consuming the information , browsing products, watching a video, or buying a product we need. We think well this easy. I can do the same thing.

Yes you can! But man is it hard to do so. Man and woman…. is it hard ha ha ha. So we must respect the hard work that goes into building just one website.

All to often our excitement , exuberance,  goals and our positive self image become bigger than the the task. When building a successful online business takes following the A,B, C ‘s of  Search Engine Optimization. That means discipline, that means proper planning, and thorough consistent actions.

Do not throw away all of the excitement, exuberance, great goals and your positive can do self image. You need that as an entrepreneur. Heck you need that as a human being!!! It is the foundation of your successful business , successful family, and successful life. If you will allow me to be myself and get a little sentimental and see the bigger picture. But you do not hold up the foundation of a building in front of your face when it is time plan expansion. You stand on the foundation and look outward an plan where the next brick will go. To see the next customer that needs to be taken care of.  The Wash , Rinse , Repeat of business. Business is really a system of actions more so than a complicated intricate thing that it sometimes can become.

What is Business Proof of Concept

How to get your Business Proof of Concept

If I told you that two weeks ago I started a new Brick and Mortar business that sold shoes. Then the next week I also started a Brick and Mortar business across town that sold college books. If you knew anything about business you would be like huh what. How are you going to start two businesses from the ground up and handle them both at the same time without any previous experience? Even for the experienced person this is ill advised.

So why do we think that we can start multiple websites as an internet marketer or Affiliate marketer and be successful. There is so much competition and so much hard work that we need to accomplish to rank well in search engines, to please our end users, accommodate our customers, and be on the cutting edge of your field.

Not to mention the fact that unless you are a robot or a highly highly functional human being life is going to get in the way. You must be able to either juggle your life and business or sacrifice your personal life and relationships in order to succeed , just get by or fail in business. There are some skill sets that you need to be an Entrepreneur. Or you are going to kill your poor money like Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank says ha ha ha. But not so funny at all your going to also slash your personal life too trying to build a business.

So instead of sacrificing your personal relationships learn how to juggle your life and business!!! Understand this if you are going to be a successful Entrepreneur. You are going to have to stink at a lot of things in order to be good at business. Pick the things that you need to good at and take them away. Instead of your important and sacred personal relationships and obligations.

Choose to stink at being great at many things. Be great at one thing. No you can’t be a Pro football player or pro basketball player and build your online business. Unless your going to pay someone else to build your online business. Choose to Stink at watching Tv. Turn the boob toob off. Choose to stink at going to parties or out at night after work if you have a 9-5 while building your online presence part time.

You are going to need the focus on your business. You are going to need the energy. Your business is really like a garden. It really needs a lot of attention and planning at just the right times.

If this is your first time being an online marketer. Learn the ropes first. Train your brain and muscles for the mindset , task and worth ethic that it will take to build that super awesome affiliate website that makes thousands of dollars a month.

The second or third time around you may be able to multitask more on other projects maybe not. The important to note is that it is hard to make money online. But it is surely possible.

The cost, risk, and hours of building an online business versus a brick and mortar business are so much better for us online entrepreneurs. You can’t break the internet. You can enjoy the learning curve a lot more online than you can in a regular business model.