Learn internet Marketing from the pros!


Welcome Successful Online Marketers. This class is for the new to intermediate students. This is how it feels when you are on the first Page of Google.

You are getting those clicks

The Clicks are turning into conversions

The money is rolling in!

But this is the problem. How do I get to the First Page of Google on a consistent basis? How do I stay on the first page of Google?

What do I have to look forward to BEFORE this happens. You want to make sure that you take a look at the Business Psychology and the Nuts and Bolts of how the process goes.

Here I share:

  • What people will not tell you about ranking on Page 1 of Google
  • I share the mindset of Google
  • What your mindset should be to be successful online
  • What Strategies to Implement for long term success

Successfully Ranking on Page 1 of Google
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Mindset: Your website is a Picasso that you need to show to the world. The great things and ideas that you have created and accumulated throughout your life.

Google is the gateway that will give thousands and maybe even millions of people access to wonderful you, your wonderful products and your wonderful services.

The Art of SEO

There is an Art to being a Successful Online Marketer: Paint your Picasso


New and Better SEO Strategies: Submit your Application to Search Engines


The more and more that I work as an internet marketer and content writer. The more and more that I understand about SEO. It dawned on me that ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is like submitting and application to a job. I think this is very important to understand for 5 reasons.

  1. If you are applying for a job at NASA it is nice to know the Prerequisites to even be considered
  2. You need to have a good idea long it might take to for the whole process to begin and finish
  3. You have to be realistic about your past qualifications for that job at NASA
  4. You have to understand the massive competition it is to do things like …. Walk on the Moon 🙂
  5. It is going to take a lot of hard work, some skill, and some head scratching to Get on the First Page of Search Engines

Talking to many young online entrepreneurs and I have to say that I was the exact same way. As I would assume many of you young internet marketers reading this article are.

You are so excited and so confident when you start out on your journey in your own online home business. I am here to say, hold on to that excitement and confidence brothers and sisters. You are going to need it and you are going to need a lot of it. You probably think that you are going to create a website and throw some affiliate links on it and they are going to magically convert into customers. If those affiliate links do not convert into customers and something positive does not happen in 3 -6 months you stand the great risk of being discouraged and ready to quit.

Or if you are like me you decide to change your niche and start another website….

Let me be the first to tell you that these unstable activities are not going to get you to Rank on the first page of Google.

Let me explain what I mean by comparing our website ‘s relationship with Search Engines like Google with the process of applying for a job. Then let me show you how to rank in Search Engines by in a word ” Submitting your Application to Google” 🙂 .

How to Rank in Google


Applying For that Dream Job! Step 1. Understanding the Employer

In order to get your website page ranked on the First Page of Google first you need to understand Google aka the “Employer” of the job that you are applying for.

Trying to rank on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo is like applying for your dream job. As Internet Marketers we know that if we can get to the first page of Google that means maximum exposure and website visitors. That translates to us getting our very important message across to thousands and even millions of people!!! That also translates to making money!!!

So is this not the goal of every internet marketer? The problem is there are many SEO companies that are very bad at explaining what you really need to get on the front page of Google. I might add that some SEO companies are very bad on purpose sometimes.

Why is this? They want you to buy something. They are not looking for competition they are looking for customers. Sleazy? YES!!!

Sometimes people are just so used to doing things the old SEO hat way that even though they know the new way in their hearts. In their mind they get stuck on Keywords… Keywords. Keywords… They repeat it over and over again like a Robot or a zombie on the movie Night of the Living Dead… Brains Brains Brains…. Keywords… Keywords Keywords.

My advice to young internet marketers do not listen to everyone who says they are an expert in SEO. They might be Old hat SEO zombies or dinosaurs who have not learned how to adapt to what Google and search engines actually are looking for. Don ‘t be a zombie and don ‘t be a dinosaur!!!

Learn New SEO strategies
Without malice or an agenda sometimes online business marketers forget what Search Engines are really looking for. Search Engines are always trying to be the Best Looking Peacock for their customers. They are constantly working on their Algorithms to put the best content in front of their customers.

Thankfully Google and their competition search Engines Bing and Yahoo have gotten better at putting the best and most relevant websites, Videos, and Images in front of their Customers.

Experience is the Best Teacher

As you evolve as a Content writer and hit your head a few times on the SEO wall. I believe it dawns on you. All the information that you have heard in bits and pieces. It all comes together. You spit the bad information out and you understand what is the good.

As you see what on your website is ranking well and what is not ranking well. A light comes on!!!! You say to yourself, “I have to be a better applicant for the First Page of Google”.

My advice to you at this point in your internet marketing evolution. Don ‘t be frustrated. BE BETTER!!!!

So you have researched the Employer Google and understand what kind of employee aka Content that they are looking for to put on Page 1.

Time for Step 2


How to Rank in Google

Applying for that Dream Job! Step 2 Submitting your Application and Resume

Have you ever applied that for that dream job? It was the right job description, the right pay, and the right location. It was a great upgrade to the job that you have now. So you submitted your application to the fictional just for this article Starship Orion company. But you just did not submit your application. Oh no of course not. With your shiny application was a shiny resume that you were so proud of.

Why? Because you worked so hard up too now to get this dream job. You had to dot all of your i ‘s and cross all of your t’s!!!

Your Job Application to the Starship Orion Company contains page after page of important information. You both answered all the questions that the Starship Orion Company wanted to know. You played nice with them. You were humble and patient. You got all the information that they needed. You also showed in application and even more in your resume what makes you a great person and employee that is just right for this specific job.

Well what is the job? The Starship Orion is considering you so that they can put you in front of their customers. Or they might hire you and put you in the mail room where no one sees you. It all depends on how well the information on your application and resume look.

Because they do not know you personally or do they care to know you personally in that way. It is about business and in this business it is information. As you know Google uses Artificial intelligence and an Algorithm to decide what pieces of content and websites rank the highest in their search engine.

The big question is can I trust you with my customers who want what they want and they want it right now.

They need what they need and they need it right now. It can be things that are trivia and funny. To important and very serious.

The same is true with your website when you are trying to rank on the first page of Google. But how does this translate?

I might be taking a long time to explain this but I think it is worth it. To get this to sink into your mind and your spirit. Being a successful Online Marketer is a process. There are details to attend to. There is much work to do first!

In the above part of the job application to the Starship Orion company. Your job application is every individual web page on your website. Your resume is your website as a whole. Google both looks at your application aka your individual post. They also look at the full body of work aka your resume.

They want to see how long have you been building this website. Does your application and resume fit with what my customers need and are looking for. There are many people who are trying to get the same job that you want. So it is not always that your resume or application are bad. But it is not the best of the best.

So they put you on page 4, 8, or 32. Not the worst thing in the world because you have worked hard and you have quality work. But you are not on page 1 where the big bucks are.

This is the reality of the process of ranking on Page 1.


How does Your Website Compare to an Application and Resume?

Think about the questions and queries on both a job application from an employer like the Starship Orion and from what Google looks for in your website. Before an Employer calls you in for what is a dream job for not just you but for hundreds and maybe thousands of other people .

Dream job Aka The Keyword that you are Targeting 😉 . If you have a Cooking website let’s say that you are creating content about How to cook the best Thanksgiving Dinner ‘. Then you know that the main keywords are going to be Cooking and Thanksgiving. Maybe throwing in the word “Best” as a primer for those keywords.

Once you start creating your content for your ” Dream Job” you know that it is on. There are going to be other people applying for this dream job aka Thanksgiving Dinner Page 1 spot.

Google aka the employer is sitting back watching their customers looking for tips for making the best Thanksgiving Dinner.

So they are going through applications including yours.

First the employer is going to look over your application to see if you qualify for the job. Past job history, relevant job history, time on the job, how long have you consistently been working. Meaning did you take a year or two off. If so why? Was it 5 years ago or was it just now?

Google and other Search Engines are very similar. They are crawling your Awesome website to see if you are a good candidate to call up to the First Page of their Rankings. How much content do you have? How long has your website been in existence? How many relevant keywords and subject matter do you have for this customer.

They are trying their hardest to match your website page up with a relevant search of one of their customers. They want to put you on their first page!! Look at it that way.

But notice how often in this whole article that used the word ” Keyword“. Not often. I will share with you more about that later. But for right now. The thing that I want you to understand most is that you need to earn the Trust of Google.

They need to see your work. They need to verify that you have something good to say. They need to make sure that you have quality information and a good presentation.


What do you want in your Google Search? Ok now do that!

Think about this. What do you want in your Google search when you search for something silly or important? You do not want clickbait or malware or slow loading pages that looks like it is from the Commodore 64 days. Up ole dating myself. Ha ha! I was a young boy then. 🙂

Your shiny resume aka your useful and compelling website content is the next layer of your Tasty Cake that Google is looking to love! Google is looking for Relevance, Quality, Appearance and User Experience among other things to decide whether or not you are a match for the Searchers Google query.

Thus, the use of keywords, your Title, Your Description, but most importantly the content of the web page.

Make it easy for Google and your Website Visitors to say ok this website page is about ” How to make the best Thanksgiving Dinner”. I am on the right page and this is some good stuff.


Google is compiling information from your website sitemap, images, videos, Meta information, and SERP. All of these helps Google determine it ‘s Trust and Your Relevance to an audience of people known as your Authority, and ability to deliver fresh and new content on a consistent basis.

So that means that the Search Engine web crawlers or spiders are crawling your site looking looking and looking. Checking checking and checking. Verifying that you and I are hitting the proper criteria. If you do it will translate to that dream job that we are looking for. First Page Rankings!!!!

To fit this in with our Analogy about applying for a job. Google does not really hire anyone. But they will take your applications and take your applications and sit them on a stack of others. Then they constantly go through the stack of resumes and applications with their spiders to see if you are ready for Page 1!


How does Google Choose Rankings

Employer: What is your Name, Address, and Social Security Number?

Google: What is your Location, IP address and Domain name?

Employer : What is your past work Experience Dating back the Past 3 jobs?

Google : How long has your Website been in Existence?

Employer: Do you have any References?

Google: Do you have any Social Media mentions?

Employer: Do you have a Portfolio of your work

Google: Do you have a Sitemap? Can I search your site with Spiders?

Employer: Have you ever been fired

Google: What is your Bounce Rate?

Employer: Do you have any felonies?

Google: Do you implement SEO Catfishing or keyword tricks?

Employer: What are your Hobbies?

Google: Are you a real person? Are you Unique and Not Boring?

Employer: What are your weakness?

Google: Are you honest and straightforward . Or at least clever?

Google: Be real and people will love you or be a Great Actor. People will not care as long as they get what they came for

Entertainment, Information, Shopping …..

Employer: Why were you fired from this job after only 1 week?

Google: Why is your Bounce Rate so high?

Employer: How fast does it take you to respond to my Interview questions?

Google: How fast does your Website Pages load?

Employer: Are you dependable and on time?

Google: If I give you a high ranking my customers will not get 404 redirects and broken links right?

Employer: How do you present yourself? You came in a Suit, A dress, or Flip Flops and Short Shorts

Google: Nice Theme! Nice Colors, Nice Pictures, Nice Arrangements


Google: It does not look visually appealing, Poor picture quality, I cannot understand what you are saying

Employer: I really enjoy talking to that job seeker. He/She was polite and interesting. They would be a quite unique addition to our team.

Google: I HAVE to put this content in front of my Customers. They will love it!!!!

Employer: Do you like Talking to People

Google: How engaging is your Content


In Closing

I hope that I conveyed the long and hard process that is going to take for us to get those Page 1 rankings that we are looking for as internet marketers. There will be some bumps in the road. We will have to work hard. We will have to be consistent. We have to audit our websites. We will have to have skill. We will have to knock down some walls.

We will have to encourage ourselves as well as push ourselves. We will have to overcome personal and professional shortcomings and add on new skills.

But if this was easy than it would not be rewarding as well right?

I hope that this blog post was helpful to you. Keep applying for those Google Contracts. Enjoy them while they last. Because someone is looking to take your spot!!! Have fun.