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Details about how to apply for a job or maybe even acquire a career!

Make sure you read our Marketing Gems business explanation on why Meijer benefits are a good life play!

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Update: The Meijer on 28th street and Kalamazoo is also hiring! 


Jobs at Meijer hiring

Meijer is Hiring


The Marketing Gems opportunity hunt never stops. I was doing some shopping at the 28th street Kraft drive Meijer when I saw that they were hiring. This is not a small job search. But this is a big lift for Meijer. I know this because they had a nice little booth set up to talk to prospective employees.

So they are really focused on hiring new workers to staff their store. I think that this is a great sign because when a grocery or retail store puts up a booth looking for talent. It shows you that they are not just looking for a person to fill out an application. They are looking for a person to invest in.

That is super news if you are looking for part-time work, full time work, or a career opportunity.

For Benefits information look below. To apply for a job at Meijer you can go to



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Meijer Stores are A ok with Me

I moved here to Michigan in 2016. So Meijer stores are a new phenomenon with me. But I will tell you I have never met a Meijer that I did not like. Ha ha! But this Meijer is a really nice Meijer. It really makes you feel good. There are great food selections and super nice presentations.

I don’t know about you but if you can work at a place that takes pride in how it looks and feels then that is a great thing to be a part of.


Jobs at Meijer hiring

The Meijer Employees Look Happy


When I entered the store I was greeted by an employee who just happened to be passing by. He was so happy and he gave me a big smile. That was not needed but that sure is great when you get it. He gave the same greeting to two young ladies who was in front of me. This is at about 11 pm at night. Was it time for him to get off? I don ‘t know but he was really happy! Lol

But he was not the only employee that seemed happy and content at that Meijer. The other employees there seemed happy, content, and energetic while doing their jobs, talking to each other and helping out customers. That is a good sign when choosing a place to work I think.

Meijer Benefits and Pay


I hear that the Meijer family and business entity is a pretty giving and thoughtful brand here in West Michigan. Well working for such a class organization is a great opportunity. As I look over the flyer that I picked up at the ” We are hiring ” booth the pay and benefits look pretty good. I did not see a hard number as far as the pay. But the benefits are wide-ranging, useful, and interesting.

  • Competitive Wages
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Paid Days off and Holiday Pay
  • Team Member Discount
  • Medical plan coverage
  • Dental plan coverage
  • Prescription plan coverage
  • Vision plan coverage
  • 401 K Retirement plan
  • Meijer Scholarship opportunities
  • Leadership Development Training Opportunities
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Volunteer Time

I am tired just looking at that list of job benefits. 🙂 . Pretty impressive I would say. The thing about the benefits that are listed is this in my opinion. It is great when a company understands what today ‘s employee wants and needs. I see why Meijer employees look so happy and productive!!!


Meijer job benefits

Marketing Gems Business Take:

The Big Bucks in Benefits

One thing is a sure shot I believe. A company like Meijer is going to pay you a competitive wage and even more. So that is not a concern. But the other great thing is the hidden money that you will make working at Meijer. It can be very lucrative. Let me explain how.

401K: Meijer is a very successful long term stock play. If Meijer is offering company stock or the ability to purchase company stock at a discounted price than this is money in the bank for you. Of course any stock comes with risk associated with it. But the main phrase used is Meijer stock is a successful long term stock play. Long term is the operative word. Let’s face it Meijer is highly successful and the company is not going anywhere.

So this makes purchasing the stock at a discounted price or even holding the stock at face value a good investment. This investment usually only goes up long term! Ups and downs with sways with the greater economy, industry, and the specific company. But the arrow almost always goes up!


Jobs at Meijer hiring


You win big!

Meijer Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement is another way that a Meijer employee can cash in the big bucks. You can do this in two ways. Although every company has different rules for their tuition reimbursement it usually works the same way. The company will pay for part or all of your tuition at a particular college or for a particular class. Just as long as you hold a certain grade average.

This is great because you get paid to go to school and you get more education to add to your life experience, certifications, degrees, skills, and resume. So when it is time for a raise, promotion or for you to apply for a new job. Meijer has set you up for success. While they are getting a person who is motivated and incentivized to work hard for their company.

As long as you keep giving me the gravy as an employee the more I will come back happy with the biscuits. Sorry you have a country boy from Virginia here. 🙂

Add in some bacon and we have a deal!!!


Wrap up

Overall I think that this Meijer job opportunity is a great deal for people who are looking for a good part-time or full time job. Whether you are a High school student, College student or any person looking for a stable place to work. This job looks rewarding and lucrative.

Many blessings and much success to you!


If you have ever worked at Meijer please share with us your experiences good for bad. Thank you!