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Daymond John

The Best Products, The Best People! Market America

Business is a team sport. No company exemplifies that more than Market America!

Best Home Business

Straight to the Point.

How can you increase your Online and Home Business Sales?

The Best Three Options to Make Money Online that you did not know about!

  1. I love being a Business Owner with Market America powered by I am looking to join forces with like-minded Smart Entrepreneurs in creating a mutual Shopping Annuity or Affiliate Marketing Network .

Here is how you can become a business owner with Market America. I will be giving you an inside look at Market America and Find out more Here

2. Make income through the Market America ‘s Affiliate Marketing Program and easy to use API. Sign up in less than minute and Create links in less than a minute every time.

3. Do Both!!!!

Your choice, Your Power, Your Options. Super Online and Home Business Vehicles.

See the Market America Compensation Plan and Business overview here

Affiliate Marketers are usually the Lone Wolf hunting for those Affiliates premiums. MA helps you to diversify your content with the best products and compensation.

Best Affiliate Marketing Income

Whether you are looking for an additional stream of income or a replacement for your current Amazon Associates , Sharesale , Commission Junction, or To capitalize off the Giant Online Marketplace of through their Affiliate Marketing Program

MA and is a Versatile Upgrade or companion Piece that makes your job as a Marketer that much easier and worth your time.

  • More income
  • Exclusive products
  • More value for your customers

Here is how

Learn How Easy it is to Market Products on your Website!

Scottie Pippen Vitamins

So Who Works with Who uses

Daymond John, Fat Joe, Kim Kardashian , Scottie Pippen, LaLa Anthony, Jamie Fox, Millions of customers who bring in Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Revenue every year!

In 2016 Market America ‘s revenue was reported at 791 Million dollars. Every year this goes up!

Three Lanes: Which One is for you?

Here is how you can leverage the Star Power and Retail success of MA and make Business Commissions of $300 a week as MA business owner

As a Market America Unfranchise Owner you have the ability to invite Internet Marketers to create content around your products.

They get paid! You get the Business Volume they create

Sweet and Synergistic Deal


You can simply create Affiliate Marketing sales averaging as much as 15% on MA branded products and 3% average on non MA branded Products

OR why choose? Do Both and see what is for you! Save money on your shopping while you create an income as an MA business owner. Create Content using you API for your blog and social media shares. Driving even more income to your business.

For Option #2 becoming an Affiliate Marketer with MA. Your level of commitment does not have to change if you are already Creating Content to drive sales.

Just get started with using the MA Affiliate marketing tools and start making money. Securing Income with your Online Website and Social Media Presence.

You can sign up here! Much success

For those who want a deeper level of commitment and a full splash of the greatness, fun, excitement of Market America you can find out more Here

Let ‘s Go!

Market America is a company and Retail Engine that cannot be ignored in it ‘s ability to please customers and to create commissions for business owners.

As an Affiliate Marketer and Home Business owner you can consider Market America as an Ancillary source of income through their lucrative Affiliate Marketing Program, high payout percentages, and exclusive high selling products.

Or MA could be the way that you set yourself up for long term Business security. A HUGE STEP up from MLM business models.

One Small step for man… One GIANT LEAP for business kind!!! ­čÖé

I think of it like this. Should I work by myself for the rest of my life funneling customers to great Mega Companies like Amazon through their Affiliate program.

Or use my same skills to introduce other hungry and awesome Entrepreneurs to the best way that I know to create Residual Income?

I chose Both!

By the end of this article I hope that you will have enough information to make a decision or at least look into Market America and more as an option to power and fund your future. Affiliate Marketing program

Market America Unfranchise Business: Versatile and Powerful Affiliate Marketing Vehicle

I have been a customer or business owner with Market America for a span of 17 years now. During that time I became involved in Affiliate Marketing. Although Market America is a wildly successful Home Business opportunity that uses Vertical Marketing an improved form of Multiple level marketing in order to pay their business owners.

Through their very successful website they offer cash back to their customers as a carrot for their business at popular stores. Giving them a new way to shop they call ” Paid to Shop”. 2-50% Cash Back at many of the stores and products that they offer.

This unique and powerful business model and the innovative, crazy successful, common sense, accessible and start studdard enterprise has proven to be a great way to access the Retail power that Affiliate Marketers and Internet Marketers are craving for.

So I have had a front row seat over the last 17 years watching Market America grow and expand to a versatile business that creative and hard-working Online Entrepreneurs can leverage!

So grab hold to MA for the next step in your Business evolution.

Here I will share with you Three different ways to leverage Market America to make extra income.

But first why Market America and

The Power and Success of Market America and

Internet Retailer has numerous times named a top 100 website in it ‘s Top 500 rankings. In 2016 ranked 59 beating out great company websites like

  • Disney Store USA
  • Bath Bed and Beyond
  • Dillards
  • NBA
  • Starbucks
  • Michael Kors
  • Yankee Candle
  • GNC
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • Barney’s
  • Loreal Group
  • Pier1 Imports
  • Bass Pro
  • Keurig
  • Microsoft
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Addidas America
  • Weight Watchers
  • Nutrisystem

And more

This is a nice picture of not just the power of Market America but the excitement and the massive momentum the company has going for itself.

Market America is surely a company to have in your Affiliate Marketing portfolio . In business since 1992 and growing every year! Steady and sure. Reliable and Integrity filled. Great for your short term economic goals as an Internet Marketer.

Explosive enough as a Home Business option for your long term run. Becoming a Markeat America Unfranchise owner is the other option.

Or Choose Both like me!

Wow there is not much Difference Between Market America and Affiliate Marketing

Because of the Unique ability of major retailer partnership that Market America has and the superior, common sense, and synergistic business compensation plan that it carries. There is not much difference in what I do as an Affiliate Marketer and being a Market America Unfrancise Business owner.

Market America is a serious website with serious customer glue. Customers love the website because many of the above named websites that beat out on this list is on As mentioned above Market America gives customers Cash back to shop through their site instead of going to the Vendors website.

What I figured out after a few months of doing Affiliate marketing with companies like Amazon, Sharesale, Autozone, Auto Part Warehouse, Car, Good Year Tire, Hertz, The Body Shop, Home Depot, and many more.

I figured out that there is really not much different from doing Affiliate Marketing with these companies as individuals making a set amount for marketing their offerings on a transaction per transaction basis.

Versus dealing with these same companies and using my online platform to create sales for these companies in return for a commission from Market America as an Unfranchise Business owner.

Being that Market America gives you a web portal with access thousands of stores including the names above. Where you will be compensated for your team accumulation of sales once you sponsor two other Market America Unfranchise Business owners.

Ah Ha, you have to build a team of ONLY Two People.

One on your Left side and the other on your Right Side.

The way that this is set up is Genius.

  • It is NOT MLM or Multiple Level Marketing
  • Vertical Marketing because you only need 2 Business partners or Recruits
  • You get paid all the way down the ladder from your teams efforts even their recruits
  • Get taught how to create your own Shopping Annuity. Really Cool

This is the major difference between being an Affiliate Marketer and owing an Unfranchise Business where you build a team.

Market America’s Simple and Powerful Affiliate Marekting Program: The Answer of my Dilema

So I am in a tough period of my life. I am not putting the time and focus in my business that I wanted. As I am working my internet marketing business and seeing how Similar the Market America option is to an Affiliate Business. I think to myself what If Market America started an Affiliate Marketing business?

People who did not want to join MA could still profit off of the retail machine of Well they must of been listening because months later I saw the infancy of what is a beautiful grown adult now.

The MA Affiliate Marketing Program is up and running!

So now you and I have a choice. We have options. For me I have my cake and eat it too.

While I am building my long term MA business I can earn more profit from the MA Affiliate Marketing program.

Here is why I love doing both being an Affiliate Marketer and being a member of Market America

Affilate Marketing gives you a short term boost and sales.

Market America is a very attainable way of creating Residual Income.

Options are great!

Things to Leverage from Market America and

Market America gives you an impressive web address in which to market the thousands of brand name companies that customers are already shopping at and some that they have never heard of before but will love. They pay your customers cash back and take care of the transactions for you.

Market America also gives you credit for Market America branded products from their Health and Nutrition, Beauty, Auto, Home and other very profitable sections.

Thousands of Products and Stores for your site visitors to shop from.

For the Internet Marketer or Affiliate Marketer that that means you will have great content to keep your site fresh and interesting. Your customers will get great value and brand names.

The Clear Difference between Affiliate Marketing and Market America Commissions

Here is the difference between being an Affilate Marketer and getting paid commissions from Market America. When you get paid commissions from your Affiliate marketing sales it is an up front pay me now agreement.

While being a Market America Unfranchise owner is doing what they call the ” 2-3 year plan” Giving your business Two to Three years to build a customer base and business partners.

So let me get this straight. I am creating an online platform and web presence with my hard work. I can get paid once from Amazon and that ‘s it?

I don ‘t get to keep my customers. I don ‘t get to build a team. I don ‘t get to create a Shopping Annuity . I don ‘t get to build Residual Income.

Or I can join Market America and get all of that and be an Affiliate Marketer with Amazon and whoever else I want.

I will do the latter!

But the beauty of the world is everyone is different. Everyone is in a different place. We have the freedom of choice.


Every day I am working better website SEO, better content strategies, Social Media engagement and meeting new customers.

Whether I am an Affiliate Marketer or a Market America Business Owner there is no difference. I am still doing the same thing. The only difference is that with being a Market America Business Owner I do not get paid right away with some of my transactions.

Others I do.

But the big pay off is when I build an Organization of at least two other Entrepreneurs to Market our website and Market America customers.

Market America is a Worldwide company with a great BBB aka Better Business Bureau honors.

The company always gets better.

Now you can also make money as an Internet Marketer with their API network even if you do not own a Market America business.

I have been using and loving their products even when I was not a business owner.

Market America is a great choice for any Affiliate Marketer looking for additional website content, commissions, or sales.

High Quality products and services. Name brand draw!

Cash back for your visitors!

MA also gives the right person the ability to create Residual Income and your own Shopping Annuity.

Get Paid to Shop

Pay yourself to live!

A great investment.

What decision will you make?

Please share what you think and leave any questions below. I will be happy to answer them.

Thanks for stopping by,