Business Psychology: Follow Your Dreams

Business Psychology: Follow Your Dreams


Business Psychology Focus for this Post:

” If you can find a way to make your business fun you can make a lot of money. If you can find a way to make your blog fun!!! You can make a lot of money. ”

Nuts and Bolts Reason Why the Money will Come: You will flood the Search Engines with awesome Keywords that Connect with People!

The Back Story: So I am pulling up to my home and I am excited to work on my new blog about Football. I was making something that I love work in a way. Or I could maybe say I was frustrated that I did not have enough time outside of my other obligations to do what I wanted with my new Football website.

Today I told myself. Don’t force it. You are going to make your life miserable and add stress to your life. Not good for your life or your home business. Great advice to myself and to you out there listening to me.

The other part of my message came tonight when I pulled up to my home after work. It is the culmination of other things that I knew and experienced. That is that in your business, blog, and website you need to follow your heart and what you enjoy. Make it your website. It does not need to be like someone else’s. They already go that covered.

If you are in the grocery business don ‘t try to be like Walmart. They have that covered. Why not be Target an be different yet great. They are doing their own thing very well. If you are in the coffee business don ‘t try to be like Starbucks. They got that covered. Be Organo Gold be different and be great!!!

I am going to help you to build a super business that will bless you, your family, your community and the world! By combining Business Psychology with Online Business building blocks. The nuts and bolts of Search Engine Optimization aka how to build an online presence where Google likes your websites and visitors find great value from your blog or website.

There is almost no need to build a website unless Search Engines are going to showcase it. This is one of the best ways to do it.

Princeton Study that supports the thought that if you love what you do this Correlates to earning more money. So I say LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!!!

Love What You Do and Make Money Online in Internet Marketing: Business Psychology


If you can find a way to make your business fun you can make a lot of money. If you can find a way to make your blog fun!!! You can make a lot of money.

You will be more authentic… You will work more. Work is not work it is fun. Have you ever heard successful people say that. I am having fun in what I do. I get paid for what I love! This is very true.

Not needed all the time. But why not? What if you could get paid for what you love?

The explosion in e commerce and internet marketing has enabled us the ability for the average person to get online with a blog or website and make money online by simply being themselves It is like their own private Reality show or Social network centered around what they like, love, or do.

What is the Point:

If you enjoy it you will do it more. It is like having a health shake that taste dreadful. Your not going to drink it so what is the purpose of buying it. Buy a health drink or shake. or make a health drink that taste ok, or good, or great! Then you will drink it every day!

So what is the point of going to a business that you hate every day. For online marketers that means getting online and working on a website that you hate. Or you have to find inspiration to work on.

Sometimes that happens… But if that is what happens half the time or most of the time there could be a problem.

Keywords: Content is King

When you enjoy something guess what? You will do it more! That means you are going to write in your blog more. That means more keywords. That means more great ideas for your website. That means more creativity.

That means better writing, better pictures, better videos. Better podcast. Better information.

That means when you interact with people to help them online or in person things will go by smoother and you will be able to help them more and extend the effectiveness and the longevity of your business and personal fulfillment.

EVOLUTION of your Business, Blog, Website


You might start your blogging or website journey and discover that this is not what you want to write about every day or week. Or you are not interested in learning more about a subject and becoming an expert. So you may decide to start another website in another subject matter or niche.

Case in point: My Website evolution. I started out with Health and Wellness and Beauty websites. I love those websites still to this day. And they are doing pretty well for me. But I stopped building content on them and the traffic fell off. I lost the passion to work on them because life took such a big toll on my business. Perfect world I would of blew those sites off the wall!!!! But the world is not perfect.

I needed to find a niche and a website where I could just sit down and write for an hour or two and spit out 3000 words. I have done that with my faith, political, marketing and football websites!!!! Eazy peazy. I could talk about those things in details for hours. I have great knowledge of them. Great passion and I want to know more.

The incredible part was I was not working on my faith as much and they were doing so great. So what If I gave them the time of day!!! So now I am putting the time into those sites as needed. Give me 6-12 months. They are going to explode!!!! Furthermore, I had not started my Business focused site. I did that in March. It is doing well thus far. My sports sites and other passion focused sites I have just started or starting are going to be so super!!! I can tell at the early stages. It feels different and they are getting great responses from Google and visitors!!!

As my business refocuses and evolves. As your business refocuses and evolves your business will explode!!!

Business Psychology and Business Nuts and Bolts is what we are talking about here.

So more writing means more keywords. More frequency which is important on some level. It can be very important on others. But it comes back to more keywords. More interesting. More helpful. and more Unique.

This is all important parts of Googles and Search Engines formula to deliver site rankings. Which is what you need to make money online.

Passion is what you need to build your website or blog before the money comes!!!

If you find something you love that is when the money comes in!!!

Why I love Wealthy Affiliate

So what do you do until you find what you love? You might call it practice or experimenting, or a learning curve, or a fall, failure, or a loss. Whatever you call it . It is best to get it out of the way and make it as less expensive and costly time, energy wise and human treasure wise.

Any successful person will tell you that this Proof of Concept stage and persistent, and resilient time of a business person’s success journey is very important. It will make or break some people ‘s dreams or endeavors.

So incomes Wealthy Affiliate: I love it because

Great for beginners. Great for people who need time to explore in their learning curve. Like a fish swimming around in water. Just going around and around looking, exploring, taking time to curious. Yes I like that. No I don’t like that.

Yes I am good at that no I am not good at that.

Yes I am willing to learn that No I do not want to learn that.

With Wealthy Affiliate you are able to build up to 25 websites. I needed that. You may not need that. Most people do not. But for ONE low price I was able to build 25 websites.

I do not know any other place online that will allow you to do that.

Wealthy Affiliate is one hosting company that I do business with. There are many other good ones that I enjoy. WP Engine is the other great hosting company I love for a different reason. Find that out here.

But what I love about Wealthy Affiliate it allows you to grow, learn, and love in your business. Sometimes we need to fail first in order to succeed. Another very important part of Business Psychology that we need to understand in order to be successful.