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Click the Link Below for Little Mama ‘s Blog and Tips on how she is in the perfect Business to defeat Corona. The Home Business!

I am sharing the amazing story of a lady who goes by Little Mama on the Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Training platform. What you and I are blessed to consume is, How To make money online.

Little Mama shares in her blog on Wealthy Affiliate how she managed to make $85,000 last year working from home as a stay at home mom. WOW. I am amazed and encouraged by her story every-time I see it.

She encourages me to stay true to my Affiliate Marketing Business.

As I wrote in my blog. Start Your Affiliate Business Now! Smack Down Corona. This is a great time for many people to start your own Work From Home Business. Are you serious??? What else are you going to do at home.

Don ‘t take it from me. Listen to Little Mama spell it out for us. She does a great job of breaking down things that I teach here at Marketing Affiliate Gems.

No spin. Just the hard facts with the joy and hard work it will take for you to change your life making money with a website.

Imagine, The Perfect Industry for Corona Shutdown

I am not going to be before you long. Sounds like your Pastor? But I just wanted to add on to the impactful information that I have already shared above. Imagine being in the perfect industry in the Corona Shutdown.

No, we are not talking about taking advantage of a crisis. We have enough in the media, political, and business world to take care of that. But imagine. Having your own website making hundreds to thousands of dollars a month or a day.

While you stay at home. If you were going to create the perfect industry before the COVID-19 outbreak around the world. Affiliate Marketing would be it.

  • Make Income From Home
  • Continue Business Operations
  • No Government shutdown of your Business
  • No Government shutdown of your job
  • No interruptions in your Business
  • No extra risk of catching a Virus
  • Less Stress worrying about Money
  • No Risk of Being Laid Off or Fired in uncertain times

This is all dependent on you building that Online Business. So how do you do that?

Learn how to build an profitable website step by step from the experts at an unbelievable price for all you get.

Come Out Stronger On the Other Side of This Crisis

We are in a health , societal and financial crisis. But there is much opportunity in all of the bad that we can seize on. Turning around the negatives where we can into positives. Making the most of the rest.

Learning skills and taking a small risk for great reward is what being an Entrepreneur is all about. So instead of the gloom and doom. I am very optimistic and looking forward to working on my business more.

You see I had a problem. I have gone through a lot of personal obstacles that prevented me from building my business. While I was working out the kinks this year and making progress. Corona happened.

A bummer but also a door was opened. I was not able make money doing Uber. But now I am will be getting paid to stay at home. Not my choice. I want to work and have a normal life. But the goverment told me to stay home and stay safe.

I am also in the high risk category for having serious health problems with Corona. At least I will assume so being that I may be diabetic. So staying at home for me is pretty important. But also accomplishing my dreams and pushing forward.

Making a better life for my son and I!

So I had this vision all along before the stupid COVID-19. I am sharing this vision with others during this crisis. Because Online Shopping was always on the rise and a great place to captilize on.

Now it is much more important on an elementary level. We may be seeing a glimpse of the future if only in a small way. A different economy built on online shopping eCommerce and website content.


So what do you want to build your website about? You do not need any technical skill. Just be willing to learn and to work. But I assure you that most of what you do will not be work. It will be so fun.

It will be interesting and exciting. Keep pushing and keep growing. Nothing worth having is easy. But it might be easier than you think. But you will never know if you do not give it a try.

What else are you going to be doing for the next 2-3 months?

Be safe and be blessed!

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