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I just came a across a really cool and very useful app for android and iPhone. It is called the Cash App. It is really cool because you get $5 per friend that you refer that sends $5 to someone else. It is so cool that you get free money for using the app and sharing with family members and friends.


Cash App Review

Other Great Uses of the Cash App

While I was doing some research on what you can do with the Cash app I was pleasantly surprised. There are many applications that you can use with your friends and family members when out on the town, sharing an Uber or Lyft, or sending money to a loved one without any fees.

Let ‘s say that you are out with some friends and a pal leaves his wallet at home. You end up paying his way into the movies and buying popcorn and his favorite drink. He ‘s your best bud but he owes you 30 big ones. If you both have the cash app he can load some money on his cash app with his bank account or other sources of funds. Then he can transfer the money to your you using the Cash App. Debt paid no cash has to change hands.

It is just that easy and quick!


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PayPal Alternative


The Cash App is a great way alternative to PayPal. Although I love using PayPal there can be fees associated with using it for person to person transactions. The Cash app is great because there are no fees to transfer money. So whether you are doing one transaction with your sister or 10 per year with you son in college who needs a little extra dough to get through the semester. You can use the Cash App for your needs.


Cash App Referral Cash

Cash App Safety Features


One of the great things about the Cash App is the safety features. They go to the extra mile to ensure that when you log on into your account that you are who you say you are. This is the extra piece of mind we are looking for when dealing with our money in this tech world.

If you have any questions or comment about the Cash App please leave them below.

Also share any other cool apps that you know of with me. I will be happy to do a review on it. Thanks!


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