Inside View On Clickfunnels: My Convertible Website Sales Vehicle

Hi this is Cedric with Marketing Affiliate Gems. My aim and goal with this website is to share the best tools and resources for Affiliate Marketers to build, establish and rock their online business. Today I am adding Clickfunnels to my list of ” You Got Ta Try “.

I have discovered that it can really change the excitement level and intensity of your efforts. So, I followed my instinct in life and business. Sometimes you need to throw yourself a curve ball. Shake things up and do things differently. It ‘s fun!

It is also very needed in certain circumstances. I already had great traffic to one of my websites. Decent traffic to a couple others. But what I was not doing enough is converting my traffic. So I looked for help. I found Clickfunnels.

Special Offer: Want To Find Out How To Maximize your Sales while also getting access to an SUPERIOR UNBELIEVABLE Sales Copy application. Take the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge.

It will go in depth on how these things come together to give you an edge over others in your market. I am proof of this. I had no idea what sales copy was until I took the challenge last month!!!

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is the ultimate smart sales funnel. We used to build bombs and drop them on targets in mass in order to hit military targets. As technology got better the military started using laser guided missiles or smart missiles.

These missiles were guided by gps and they could precisely hit targets with pin point precision. websites are fun and interesting. They can be great ways to sale products and services online. The problem is that they are not as precise and meaningful as a smartly built Sales Funnel.

Clickfunnels has put together a remarkable feat of funnel engineering if you will. They have designed a sales funnel that is also a website if you so like it to be. It is designed for one thing. To collect emails and make sales.

What Every Affiliate Marketer Really Wants

Do you remember the movie. ‘ What Woman Want ‘ starring Mel Gibson? Where he has the ability to read the mind of woman to find out what they really desire. Of course this is one of the keys to life. Ha ha ha!

What did this ability do for him? He was able to cut to the chase and give them what they really wanted. This I am sure made him really popular. I have never saw the movie. This is my first time thinking of it in years.

But it is quite fitting for describing what Clickfunnels offers the Affiliate Marketer, Home Business Person, Online Marketer, Small Business or Big business owner.

With CF you can go from hello to Steamy eyes with your prospective client and customers right away. Because you are able to make an immediate connection with what you have to offer and what they are looking for.

How did you know what I was thinking? It is like you read my mind. You said you needed my email? Why sure.

How much is that again? No problem. How fast can I get it!

It is that connection that is a match made in heaven that both the Sales person and the Consumer are looking for. I know what you want and I am going to give it to you. No long strung out song and dance. Would like access to this or not?

That really sums up what CF offers to people like me. Who was looking for a way to capture more emails and make more sales with my already substantial traffic flow. I just want to get my offers in front of the right people in the right form.

CF brings the best out of me in doing so.

Clickfunnels even goes further by teaching you through the One Funnel Away Challenge the Psychology of selling from both sides of the register. As well as how to sell on a fundamental yet deep level.

Note: There is a Simple and Quick way to add your Sales Funnel to any Website that you own

Websites and Clickfunnels Compare and Contrast

Where as we are taught with websites to be more wide reaching with out thought process. We are taught to build your site on your Content. Content is King. You want to be interesting , unique, with great pictures, and videos.

You want to give a lot of information. A whole lot of information and just keep on writing. Because all of these things will make Google like you. This is a very inexact science. It can be very frustrating to find out that you created great content with excellent information and you get no visitors per month to that post.

All that work and your still…. Off target.

Maybe that is because websites and the search engines that serve our customers are not built to be high converting machines for most of us.

It is very possible. But I have found a better way. Clickfunnels has been my door to the sales that I am looking for. It allows me as an Entrepreneur to be more pointed and straight forward with what I am selling and with my audience.

It is all about the platform. The website platform is created for us to be more drawn out and investigative. So our audience follows suit and they are more drawn out with their pursuit of information.

While the Sales Funnel is a lot more Precision and focused on gathering as many emails as possible and selling as many products and services as possible.

Clickfunnels: My Convertible Website Sales Funnel

About three weeks into the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge I realized something. Clickfunnels gives you the best of both worlds. It gives you the precision of a Sales Funnel. Where you and your audience are engaged in a conversation about their email and buying what they are looking for to better their lives.

But also you have the ability to collect your Sales Funnels from Clickfunnels all in One place under the umbrella of a Domain name. So your funnels can either stand alone or be used as a system like we do with our websites.

Because I am used to doing SEO on everything and I am really good at it. I decided to do just that. But the awesome part is. I can still use them as a stand alone Sales funnel. It takes a little while to get a good understanding of.

Because it is a new way of thinking of having a web presence. Versus the way that most people think of with a website. But it is so cool.

I encourage you to find out for yourself. The Clickfunnels system is simple, deep, allows for creativity and maximum sales.

Your a Social Media King or Queen!

One of the diverse ways that you can use Clickfunnels is with your social media presence. It is a great way to engage your audience on social. Throwing different hooks out to your following in order to collect more emails, give more offers and make more sales.

The One Funnel Challenge helps you to understand now to master this. I was not big on social media and did not understand the powerful dynamics until after taking the challenge. Now I know how to plant my flag on Facbook, IG, Twitter , Pintererst, Linked In and wherever I decide to roam.

Utilize PPC to Make The Big Bucks with Your Sales Funnel

The ultimate test of your funnel is going to be your utilization of Pay Per Click to get qualified traffic to your awesome Offers.

So what do you want to sale?

Who is your audience?

Clickfunnels is the beautiful setting to combine what you want to sell and put it in front of your audience so that they can enjoy what you put on the table.

Earn Money With Clickfunnels Affiliate Plan

Whoo hoo!!! The Clickfunnels Affilaite Marketing plan is one of the many things that really get my choo choo train puffing. Sound the alarm and get off the tracks. This train is on the the tracks and we not turning back.

When you fall in love with something like Clickfunnels like I have. You have no problem sharing with everyone that you know how special the CF experience is. The CF affiliate program is one of the best and the absolute most deep that I have ever seen.

So you can promote your offers and there offers with Clickfunnels. The income possibilities is just unreal. I will be reporting on that in more detail soon!

Super Ideas for your Online Business

Lastly I will mention that Clickfunnels will open up your mind to the wide range of possibilities that you have at your disposal as a Salesperson. It will teach you of the many tools that you can grab to assist you in building your Business offers.

As well as the different platforms that you should try or master in order to perfect your ability to engage your audience. If you are in front of your audience and they get to know you. You will make more money and build better relationships.

It is all about what you have to give. If we give then people will give back to us. This give an take is wide ranged and you will learn how to take advantage of your strengths while strengthening your weakness.

A great place to get this powerful business and life changing training is through the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge.

It really teaches you what Clickfunnels has to offer and how you can best utilize it for your goals.