Uber drivers complaining

I ‘m not going to blame Uber because I gained weight, Your crazy. LOLLL. ” Cedric

Uber ‘s IPO is May 10th and they are expected to cash in big with a valuation of 80-91 Billion dollars. This money is well-deserved in our Capitalist system. If you do the work and you take the risk than you deserve to cash in on the reward. In my previous post I shared that I was an Uber driver who did not like Uber drivers complaining about their pay. I give an inside look at being an Uber Driver and my Perspective of Voluntary work. 

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In another piece I wrote that Uber and Lyft could pay drivers more if it found a way to charge it ‘s customers more. In short this could be done by simply charging for things that you offer for free. Drivers are taking it in time and money because they are doing a great job for Billionaire Ride sharing companies and their customers. But not getting paid for going the extra mile.

My major points in all of this is such:

  • Uber had a Genius ideal they deserve their Success
  • No one is forcing anyone to Drive for Uber or Lyft
  • Ride sharing Companies Can Pay their Drivers More
  • Ride share Companies are bidding against Themselves
  • The Financial Outlook says something Has To Change
  • It is better to Give out Honey to Drivers than Lemons

Uber is the Boss

Ok so we know that Uber is the boss in the Ride share industry. Uber has paid the price to be the boss. Ok enough Cliches would ya? 🙂 . No but really as consumer we love Uber. Your car breaks down or you are going out on a night on the town. BOOM, no problem call an Uber. It ‘s cheap. Going out on a night with 4 or 5 friends and drinking is going to be involved. No problem and no need for a Designated driver. Call an UBER!

Going out on a date and don ‘t want to drive. CALL AN UBER!!!

Even better if you don ‘t have a car and you have that date. Your going out to party. Or your going back and forth to work. Call that Uber! It ‘s cheap.

Uber saw that the market, they raised the money, they made the technology, and they worked hard to be First and Best. King of the Hill!!!

So I will not tear down Uber. I will just tell the truth about what I feel as an Uber Driver and as a human being.

Uber also gave thousands and maybe millions of Uber drivers in the United States a way of making quick and sustained money.

So for that I am thankful.

It was me who ate those Bon Bons ” Cedric

The Big Quote: Ubers Are Cheap

This is the BiG Quote from many of my Customers that is going to hit Uber hard. Both their bottom line and the drivers who are going to find something else to do after they are tired of complaining about Uber.

Many of my customers tell me that it is much cheaper to call an Uber than to pay a Drunk Driving fine and all that comes with it. Losing your license and maybe your life.

I would rather pay $15 than $5000 I have heard Uber customers say. They really appreciate what we do for them. Yes it feels great to help them.

* All Rides are not created Equal

If you’re catching a ride on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday Night after 12. Adding a small fee to it would be an interesting thought .

Most customers are not going to think about it. It is not going to stop them from taking an Uber.

Adding an extra $3.50 charge. Uber gets 1.50 and the Uber Driver gets the other $2 . That means something.

You could also add an extra per mile charge to the ride. Rides at night are more dangerous. So that means the Uber Driver is taking more risk driving at night with lower visibility , drunk drivers on the road, and drunk passengers. Let me tell you.

Why shouldn’t Uber drivers get paid more for those rides. That is just one suggestion.

Read my post about how Uber can charge Passengers more and Pay drivers More

Honey or Lemons: Will Uber Drivers Leave?

You can only beat on that bag so much until it says No mas. No More! Many times I have thought of quitting as an Uber Driver. I slept on it and felt better. But as a driver of 2 years now I know this is very temporary for me. Always has been.

I encourage everyone to have a Plan B. But especially if your an Uber Driver. I believe that only a certain type of person is going to think of being an Uber driver.

Even deeper only a certain type of Uber driver is going to think of Uber their primary Gig. Even further only a certain type of person will be angry at Uber for not paying enough.

I do not want to put anyone down. I understand that we are all different. But I strongly believe that if your not satisfied with your employer or your mate for matter you voice your opinion or not. But no one is forcing you to stay with Uber.

Uber hears all the noise from their drivers. The calls for more pay, benefits, and compensation. Either Uber pours out the sweet honey that will make drivers feel better or risk losing their most faithful and perhaps best drivers.

Which would peak demand at a certain point. Making it more profitable for certain drivers. For at least a time. Until, over saturation of the Drier market happens again. Then the money dries up. Then we are back to Square one. Lower pay for Drivers.

The Big Question is???

So the Big Question is for Uber Drivers. More pay does not look likely in the near future. No way are going to get a Union and I think that would be a disaster for Uber and the drivers. Guaranteed pay not a good idea either. I am a Capitalist and I love the Hustle of Uber. I also love the fact no one is forcing me to drive for Uber.

No one should force Uber to pay me more. So are Uber drivers going to use the only leverage they have. Find yourself another occupation. You have a clean record. So I know you can find a job elsewhere.

Your a hustler. You work hard and your good with people. That is a part of our job that many Uber drivers do well. You are a business person.

How about making money online? Starting your own business? This is why I am a Capitalist. Our economy in America is booming and it is a great time to take a chance. Give yourself a chance.

Uber believed in itself so the Big Question is….. Will Uber drivers use it ‘s only leverage and ditch Uber for greener pastures.

You want to really tell Uber how you feel? Quit Uber.

The True Test of the Market

When the Uber execs and board members sit in their Cappuccino Boardrooms eating Sushi and Caviar. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous baby. What are they saying about the Uber drive force?

Richie Rich Stockholder: Hey Bob and Suzy, So let ‘s say that we lose 30% or 40% of our driving force over the next 9 to 12 months. Will that affect our business operation?

Suzy: Ha ha ha ha ha! I almost spilled my Starbucks double shot Cappuccino with my name on it Richie Rich, Well if we lose that many drivers what would we do? LOLLLL

Bob: I don ‘t know Suzy. How much does it cost to train a New driver? How much does it take to get a New driver on the streets? LOLLL

Hey new driver, Can you follow the dot on the GPS? Your hired!!! LOLL

Laughs all around.

I think Uber knows that they can hire anyone who wants to make some extra money in the American driving force. Some of which who do not speak English and may not even be U. S citizens. I am not mad at anyone. Just saying the truth.

People are quitting Uber all the time for other things and new people are picking up the slack. Over saturating the market for other drivers. So I believe Uber has taken this into consideration.

Uber ‘s only major worries I would think is profitability and Lyft who is a powerful force as an Alternative in it ‘s own right.

The true test of any market is what would happen if you were not in it. Would Uber fall and crumble or would they just keep on moving as if nothing happened. Unfortunately for Ride share drivers I believe that we are replaceable. So that makes the market. That is what your worth to Uber.

Darn the Liberal Corporate values of let ‘s help the little guy.

But if the word gets out over years that Uber would rather not find a way to pay it ‘s driver more than it could hurt Uber in the long run.

My Last Defense of Uber

Maybe with the IPO Uber will begin a new chapter in it ‘s relationship with its drivers. Maybe Uber will find new revenue streams and begin to monetize others. Maybe if the drivers hold on and do a good job Uber will reward them for their performance.

For being the face and the heart of Uber.

But please put yourself in Uber ‘s shoes. You put up all the money and you took all the risk. Now you just want a Nice Return on Your Investment. Pop the Champagne!!! Can you hear the Pop???? Awww sounds so good. Here is a toast to Us… Filthy Rich.

Now how can we make this company better? What can we do to help the little people.. 🙂 Sorry my sense of humor gets in the way.

How can we help our drivers more? While still keeping this boat afloat. We must know as drivers we are on the other end of this Uber ride. We don ‘t know how it is to sit in their seat. Sometimes workers think they should be paid more. But the alternative is not having a job at all.

Hello Driverless cars…. Hello Uber being out of business. So as a Businessperson myself and as Capitalist I must say that I am not Bitter with Uber for not throwing a better bonus at it ‘s drivers. But I hope in the future that it has a plan to help out the Driver force.

While I hope the Driver force does not put too much pressure on Uber. Know your value. You are bigger than Uber. The best talking is when your Walking away from that Car! For bigger and better things.