This paragraph below is lifted from my 8 Hours 8 Reasons section further down in this article. Please be sure to read it to get the power of this article! I wanted to give you a small taste of what is needed to succeed in Home Business but not just home business but specifically Online Marketing:

I call this Business Psychology:

The thought process one must have to succeed in Business

This is how we prevent ourselves from being an unpaid Self Employed Internet Marketer.

How to succeed at Online Marketing

How to succeed at Online Marketing








Treat your business BETTER or at least JUST AS GOOD as you did your job, your boss, or the millionaire who gave you a job:

8 Hours and 8 Reasons to be the King or Queen of your Time

  1. If you can work for an hour for your boss you can write for an hour for yourself
  2. If you can work for an hour for a millionaire you can train for an hour for yourself

How To Work From Home


This is not going to be a boring talk about Online Marketing and how to run a Home Business, oh no. Go down a little and I am going to compare you to either Jerry Rice or Randy Moss. Or Martha Stewart or a regular Jane from down the street. All the while sharing with you some powerful things that I have both learned in life and home business and noticed from very successful people.

Hello my name is Cedric and I want to encourage you and give you a perspective on life and home business that might just change your life.

Treat your business BETTER or at least JUST AS GOOD as you did your job, your boss, the millionaire who gave you a job.

8 Hours and 8 Reasons to be the King or Queen of your Time

If you can work for an hour for your boss you can write for an hour for yourself


Be the King/Queen of Your Time: Work From Home


Jerry Rice vs Randy Moss

Martha Stewart vs Jane

The Opening Picture before the Profound Message of being the King of Your Time!

Jerry Rice is the ex NFL football player known as the best Wide Receiver ever since I was a child and still today as I am 41. Jerry Rice is known as a player who did not have all the blazing physical attributes like speed that you would think of when you think of the when you say the best wide receiver ever. But what he did have is what we who work from home in Online Marketing need to understand. He had had the best work ethic and passion for the game that he played. He played for 20 years which is very rare for a football player. Even in his last years he was a productive player. Simply amazing.

Even more amazing Jerry Rice suffered a knee injury a little over the prime of his career. Ironically it was running the football which is not his job description as a Wide Receiver. But Jerry Rice bounced back and played for 7 more NFL seasons at a very high level.

In contrast although Randy Moss athletic skills were far greater than Jerry Rice. His production, worth ethic, and passion were no where near that of Jerry Rice. Although Randy Moss is a Hall of Fame player I am using him as an example of what we do not want to do when working from Home. We do not want to have lots of talent and potential and not give it our all and have a bad name.

Men we need to have the Passion and work ethic of Jerry Rice! We need to knock down the walls that are before us and do NOT take no for an answer.

LADIES It’s Your Turn

Ladies do you want to be Martha Stewart who put in the time and took risk or do you want to be just an average Jane who likes what-nots? Nothing wrong with being Jane with the nice house and the cool what-not collection!!!

That lady you know who knows how to cook and interior decorate like nobodies business. That is awesome! But if you are going to work from home in online marketing you are going to need that fierce go getter attitude that will say I can take on Martha Stewart one day. Or not. But I am going to work so hard and value my time so much that I will make Martha smile, nod and say go girl!!!

What is the difference between these two examples that I am giving to peek the interest of both my male and female audience.

The answer is TIME!!! Nothing against the other two. But Jerry Rice and Martha Stewart understood time. Want to be like Jerry Rice and Martha Stewart living their best life? I do!!! We have to understand the Time.


Opening Thoughts and Why you MUST read this Article!!!

If you are looking to open a home business any home business this website is a great place to start. With years of experience working from home and building a home business I can help you to figure out the secret sauce that will lead to success for your business.

It took me years to understand this but people who are successful early in their business understand this right away. So the question is do you want to be successful early, late, or never? How you understand time, value time, and use your time will determine your success, when your success comes, and how successful you are.

This article is written to people who are either working in Online Marketing from home or are looking to work from home as an Online Marketer. But this information is transferable to any business but is especially important for people who work from home!

I will be sharing how to get Time on your side by :

  • Understand Time
  • Put a Value on Time
  • Use your Time
  • Compare and Contrast Business time to Working for a Boss Time
  • Create Time
  • Enjoy your TIME!!!!


How To Work From Home in Online Marketing


It is a very attractive goal to work from home in this day and age of Uber, Lyft, Multi Level Marketing Business, internet e-commerce boom, and the gig economy. Many people have the education levels to feel confident that they can make it on their own outside of the normal economy. They also have the ambition to do more than just go into work and punch a clock. They have the drive to start their own business. They may know someone in their family, a high school or college classmate who works from home, or even an ex coworker who left their job and created a website that is earning money online.

Now that will really get you to thinking about giving online marketing a try. The guy or girl that you used to work with is sipping lattes at Starbucks with their laptops working on their next project to post on their website. While you are grabbing your Latte to go so that you can get to work on time.

Wait a minute Time…. Time…. Time is the key. That is what I want to talk about today as we talk about How to Work From Home in Online Marketing. So that you can get the time that you want to have to enjoy your life, use your talents, enjoy your family, and GET COMPENSATED the way you want!!!



If you do not know what Online marketing is, go down further in my article and find the definition. But really what I am saying applies to any work from home business not just Online Marketing. Just change the actions that I mention below but the Concept is what is important and profound.

Understanding the Concept of Time and how we use and value our time, energy and effort is a part of the process of the Success.




The important thing to understand when going in business for yourself and working from home is that we have to choose to be Super or to be normal. So what is Super and what is normal? Either your going to be a Super successful entrepreneur who is on a paid vacation all year or you are going to be a Normal person who has a normal job. There is nothing wrong with either. But the question is what do you and I want to be?

I started this website Marketing Affiliate Gems in March of this year and it has been a roller coaster. You bet that life got in the way. For that I do not apologize I had to learn how to put my personal life in order. Once I did I had free time but I was not as productive as I would have liked. I had to learn how to be the King of my own time.

That is what we are really talking about here. Do you and I want to be the King and the Queen of our own time.

I am glad to say despite the fact that I have not put in the time on my website that I wanted at the outset I have done a great job with what I have done. My website is doing well and I am on my way to making a major impact on Google Search queries. Not bad for 7 months since going live and going through some serious personal obstacles!

Back to our two examples above. Jerry Rice vs Randy Moss and Martha Stewart vs Jane down the street. What is the difference these 4? Jerry Rice and Martha Stewart made a decision that they were going to do what it took to be the best at their craft and jump through all the hoops.

Randy Moss and Jane only wanted so much. Yes they are great in their own way. But they are not known as the best. Maybe a better example would be not to use Randy Moss as Jerry Rice ‘s competitor but that guy in the neighborhood who should of ran track or played football but did not even go to school. But it is much more fun to use Randy Moss 🙂 .



How do you manage your time in the most effective way? How do you get paid for your time if you are not a W-2 employee but instead are a Form 1040 or Form 1099 self-employed individual. Some entrepreneurs are not getting paid day to day.

So this how we prevent ourselves from being an unpaid Self Employed Internet Marketer.

Treat your business BETTER or at least JUST AS GOOD as you did your job, your boss, the millionaire who gave you a job.

8 Hours and 8 Reasons to be the King or Queen of your Time

  1. If you can work for an hour for your boss you can write for an hour for yourself
  2. If you can work for an hour for a millionaire you can train for an hour for yourself
  3. If you can work for an hour for your boss you can research for an hour for your website
  4. If you can stand for 6 hours handling the mess ups the company you work for you can sit for a few hours figuring out how to give great customer care to your own customers
  5. If you can work for 4 hours for someone else you can work for yourself for 3 more hoursafter you write for an hour.
  6. If you can show up for work on time for your boss than you can consistently work in your Home business for your Family
  7. If you can work while your sick for your Boss you can stay home and take a break when your sick and a Success Online Marketer
  8. If you can give the company you work for some faceless CEO 110% than you give your business 110% working for… insert your face in the mirror and the faces of your children, your dreams, and your charities.

Do that 5 days a week. and take those two days off. You will be Super.

After writing content for at least one hour a day. ( The minimum) . Note the time will vary of your content writing. The time will fly by and you will get better and better and grow your endurance. Don ‘t sweat it. But compare and contrast the time that you give your boss, your company and others to the time you give yourself and your family!

Use some of the other 4-7 hours learning and applying skills, networking,doing the basics of your business and trying something new.

In 6-12 months you will begin to make income!!!

You will be able to work fewer hours a day if you choose. But we will never get away from working hard and working smart if we want to continue to make sufficient money from home to be our own boss. Setting up that Residual income that we are all looking for!


When you see Jerry Rice vs Randy Moss. Moss is obvious the faster more athletic person. But yet Jerry Rice played much longer and did much more.



The Art of Delayed Gratification and Home Business Success

Three things that you will have to have if you are going to kick butt as an Internet marketer is Delayed Gratification, Self denial, and Discipline. Going right along with being the King and Queen of your time is being the King and Queen of patience and the creature comforts of home that are always right at your fingertips as a stay at home Online Marketer.

Yeahhhh treat your business like a million dollar business. Treat it like a job and punch the clock every day for yourself. I knew that and I believed that. But it took me a long time to really get to that point. Sometimes it takes time for what is in our mind and heart to come down to Earth. But we must understand that it has too. It just has too! Unless you just want to spin your wheels and be an almost success without the fruits of success.

Keep on pushing toward having that mindset of delayed gratification, self-denial, and Soldier like discipline. SIR YES SIR!!! Sorry the ex soldier coming out of me 🙂 .

Take a seat and tell yourself to have a snickers. You have to be your own drill Sergeant. Let yourself know that this is going to be some time to plant the sseds of success, water them, nurture them, harvest them and get them to market.

Master Self Confidence in your road to Self Governance

If you are asking How can I work from home in Online Marketing? I would tell you that you are going to learn to Master Self Confidence. You are going to have to believe that you are good enough, smart enough and dag on people like you. Chuckles…. Ok Stewart Smiley!!!

You are going to need that self-confidence in the awesome gifts that you have that God gave you. Your were born to be a success. You are going to have to believe that there is some Business dog in you. Because if you look at most successful business owners I think you will find that they have a dog in them that says go and hunt.

That dog might come out in different ways but that dog has to be there. There can be many obstacles to success and there is much competition along the way. So you have to have self-confidence in order to work from home in Online Marketing.

Self Motivation as the CEO of your Life and Business

So what exactly is going to motivate you when things get hard in your business? Or when people tell you that you will never succeed, when there are no sales, no websites visitors, and it is time to go to work in your business. The person without motivation will either quit, slow down, turn back, settle for less or dribble the time out until their business collapses. They will accept the new normal. Hey this is just too hard and I don ‘t want to invest the time and energy that I used too.

This is when your Self Motivation skills and spirit inside of your must kick in. I can do it! I will do it! I will not stop! I will adjust, I will modify, I will evolve, I will get smarter, wiser, work harder, and I will NOT STOP!!!

It ‘s Ok To Slow Down and Rest

Finally, don’t let all this being the King and Queen of your Time and Destiny stuff go too far. We are still human beings being shaped into Champions. Being in business for ourselves is a marathon. Sometimes we slow down and just plain fall on our face. You might even turn back. Only to realize hey this is not right. I know what happened. I just need to tweak my life and thinking a little bit. Change my tactics or strategy in this case and this situation.

In that marathon you might get tired and discouraged. You might want to stop and quit. It is ok to take a self assessment and to take a break. The important thing is that you know that this is just a period where you need to take a break. Maybe one week, one month, or a season. It is up to you. You are in business for your success. The Champion withing you will call you back to your home business. Your goals, your dreams and your passion for the important things in your life will draw you back.

So work hard, work smart, know yourself, and be realistic. We should have about 90% dog in us and 10% hey I am human dude. Celebrate my humanity. Aka deal with it 🙂 .

What is Online Marketing?

The elephant in the room is finding a way to earn enough income online to work from home. I address this in many ways throughout this website. But we cannot address the elephant without first knowing what room the Online Marketing Pro is in. What is Online Marketing anyway. I will briefly explain it so we can get back to the main thing that I want to help my fellow Entrepreneurs and Business Sharks with and that is how to manage your time and how to create time as an Online Marketer working from home.

Online Marketing is simply the art of using the internet and usually a personal or business website to sell products or ad space online. Taking marketing from the brick and mortar stores and placing both the market and the marketing online so that shoppers and others businesses that need your product or service can get what they are looking for.

I like to say that being an Online Marketer is simply like putting an I am open for Business sign Online. Only this is usually done with Google, Bing, Yahoo and social networks when people are looking for goods and services.

Much Success To You in your Home Business!

I believe in you and I look forward in you finding your success. The journey is a part of the melody of your success symphony. You will cherish that fact that you put so much of your time and energy into your business instead of someone else s business for a change.