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Patti Pies the Labelle Passion


Her Passion Her Business: Patti Labelle & Patti Pies Success


There are certain things that you just have to try in life. One of them I recommend that you put on your list is Patti Labelle’s Patti Pies. The other one is starting your own business!!! Patti Labelle did both the Pies and the Business. Miss Labelle is known for selling over 50 Million records world wide over the span of her over 50 year career. But she decided to give herself a try and jump into the business arena. Making millions of people happy with her Patented pies. No pun intended šŸ™‚ . Jumping from music to business I am sure took some thought and projection. Her New Attitude if you will and career direction has paid off elegantly.

She made a great choice in deciding to follow her fun and passion of cooking and baking. According to Walmart representative John Forrest Ales in a Yahoo article. In 2015 for a 72 hour period Patti Pies were selling at a rate of 1 per second and they were having a hard time keeping up with demand.

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Put Your Name On It: Profit off your Passion

If you have a passion in life IĀ am encouraging you to Put Your Name on It and profit off your passion!!! As a 40 year old man on this Earth there is a phrase IĀ used to hear growing up into young adulthood that rings true today that still means something. You better put your name on it!!! This phrase meant if you had some work that you did at work, some art that you created, or even a human being that you created. Take responsibility , have pride, and tell the world that this creation is yours. Miss Patti Labelle world known blockbuster singer for over 50 years now decided that she was going to start a baking business starring her beloved ” Patti Pies ”

I decided to write this article and do this research on Patti Labelle’s baking business because I am inspired by the Entrepreneur spirit. A person known for being successful in another arena decided to give her hand a try in the business arena. Using her God giving skills, passion, and expertise. She said to herself I can do it!!! I believe in me and I have something great to share with the world.

Yes Patti Labelle has something that you and IĀ do not have / may not have and that is a name that turns heads , gets people’s attention, and the ability to fund a business project. But every business success story has it ‘s own organic flavor, ingredients, and seeds. So your path to business success in a field that you are passionate about or great in will look different than others. I encourage you to throw your hat in the ring! Be thoughtful, be thorough, and believe.

I will be glad to counsel you and help you get your business started. Your business could mean extra monthly income , Financial freedom , or even wealthy

Follow Your Passion Business Ideas:


I want to put this as plain and simple as I can. IĀ know there is a lot of talented people out there and you are sleeping on yourself. You know the old term stop sleeping on me. Meaning why do you not believe in me or think that IĀ can do it. Well many people need to stop sleeping on yourself. Just do it! Just do what you have been thinking about or dreaming about. Just try “it ” starting a business and give yourself a chance to be successful.

Since Patti Labelle started a business based on food. I will limit my ideas and suggestions to just food on this post. But if you are a person who loves to cook male or female. What are you waiting on??? A better more fulfilling life is awaiting you. Here is how you do it.

Remember in this whole process you will evolve so perfection is not the goal. Only getting started as basic and quality as you can.

The first thing that you want to do is ask yourself what do IĀ love to cook or what do people love to eat of my offerings. Do I specialize in cooking, baking, or drinks etc. Do you want to start with one or two bedrock menu items or 6 or 7. Giving your customers more of a variety and more options.

Find yourself a general Budget and Price Goal


Let ‘s say that you want to sale Chicken sandwiches. Figure out how much you want to spend per let ‘s say to make 10 sandwiches. How much time it will take and how much it will cost to produce it with all the ingredients. Then decide how much you want to sale one Chicken Sandwich for .

In this calculation will be your ingredients. So now you have your menu, business cost, and product price down pat.

Business Implementation :

Figure out how you want to deliver your product to the consumer. Do you want a food cart. Do you want to sale out of your home. Do you want to sell out of a building or online?

Do you need a business license? Food Handlers License? Certification etc… Every city and jurisdiction is different so be compliant with the laws of your city.

Start Small and Expand Out:


Start small and pick certain locations or events to service. Maybe there is a community event like a football game or baseball game. Make yourself a nice sign , some nice fliers, be ready to take payment from your customers. Start the branding process early and the most important part of your branding might be your customer service. Serve people with a smile and joy.

Once you get the hang of cooking for profit and serving customers than you might put your eyes on bigger markets like catering or a brick and mortar business

Work well with Others:


This is just a suggestion because sometimes it might be best for you to go in business all by yourself. But other times it might be great for you to look for others who are already in business or family members or friends who would like to be an integral part of your food business. There may be a mom and pop shop that your cakes, pies, or sandwiches would be a great fit for. Or they would allow you to come in and have special days to sell your product there under the right financial arrangement.

Join up with Family Members and Friends:


On the other hand maybe you would like to jump into this incredibly fun and rewarding business world alone without the help of other small business that are in your field. Who do you know in your family, friends, or even facebook list who loves to cook and has a special dish that needs to be shared with the world!!! Join forces and come together.

This will take some of the stress off of you, add fun to the process and diversify your menu options.

No One Can Do IT Like You


So get out there and have some fun while making some money!!! You have that Finger licking, lip smacking, and belly rubbing recipe that only you can create. Or maybe your service is not reinvent the wheel but just serving hungry people who want a nice clean good meal that is nothing out of this world at a good price. Well great your in business!!!

But whatever you do No One Can Do IT Like You!!! Patti Labelle is a special person. She is doing her thing with her pies. A great story and a great success. But you are also a very special and awesome person with a gift that the world wants!!!

Congrats and thank you to Patti Labelle for allowing us to enjoy a joy of her life.

Happy Cooking to you Small Business Entrepreneurs out there!!!