Free Internet Marketing Facebook Mentorship and Resources

Free Internet Marketing Facebook Mentorship and Resources

Created to Unite and Empower Small Business Website Owners to improve SEO skills, customer engagement, and website conversion rates.


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Free Internet Marketing Facebook Mentorship

Be mentored and collaborate with successful internet marketers

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With value comes cost and commitment. Free offerings are limited in time and scope

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Free Internet Marketing Facebook Mentorship and Resources


All small business, Internet Marketers, Website builders, Bloggers, Affiliate marketers, Content creators and more are welcome!!! If you own a website and are looking to make it super awesome and fruitful than you are the audience and team that we would like to help and work with!

Our goal is to share our knowledge, expertise, tools, and resources with small business owners, bloggers, Charity groups, or whoever is looking to make a statement on the World Wide Web.


These are the areas that we focus, talk about, and improve


  • Online presence
  • SEO skills
  • SEO knowledge
  • Lower your Bounce Rate,
  • Improve website conversions ,
  • Customer Engagement
  • More Website Vistors
  • Social Network Usage
  • Content Collobartion
  • External Linking
  • Internal Linking
  • Business Collorbation
  • Guess Content Writing
  • More!

Shark Tank Business Partnerships

The importance of Business Collaboration

One of the things that successful people do is team up with other successful people. Have you ever walked into a successful business and see a product or offering from another successful business entity? It happens all the time. Wendy s is presently offering Jessica Alba ‘s Honest Tea. Usually your favorite restaurant or fast food company either sells Coke or Pepsi Products. They have a business arrangement in order to do so. They are stronger together.

Big conglomerates merge all the time to become more agile and to complement each other in the market. This allows them to continue their dominance or to keep them from being knocked off by other companies that only do one thing. We are in a world of addition and diversification. People want more of more things these days!

A Business Collaboration is the way to go! The hit show Shark Tank really showcases this very well.

The rich and successful business owners and businesses are already doing this.

We are encouraging small business owners to do this more!


Small Business Owners Think Outside the Box!


One of the things that I see a lot is small business owners trying to do so many things on their own. They want to be a success by themselves. They don ‘t look for investors or they do not collaborate. Sometimes this is a character and personality flaw that seeps into their business.

We encourage people to look for the right business partnerships and collaborations that will enhance their business operations. Think outside of yourself. Think outside of the box.

Do you own a sewing company and maybe your cousin owns party store. Maybe you can do things together with our online and brick and mortar business operations to enhance your products and services that you offer your customers.


Website Owner Content Collaborations


One of the awesome things that I love as a website owner is the power of your created space online. Your website is a force to be reckon with. It gives you a voice as you make a statement and an impact on the world. My websites reaches thousands of people a year!!! That is some online displacement. 🙂

Facebook Internet Marketing mentorship


So for me to be able to collaborate with other content creators. We encourage you to find great guest bloggers or businesses to spotlight on your website and vice versa. Being able to introduce other business owners products, services, and offerings to your customer and website base is a great way to boost your online value. While helping others to establish their brand and products as well.


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Free Facebook Internet Marketing Mentorship


Whenever people try to do something good their are always people who are looking to do something bad. So we caution you when talking to anyone new online or in person.

Much success to you!