Experts Choice Website Builders 2019

Best Website Builders 2019
Best Website Builders 2019

Wix Beautiful : Website Eye Candy

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Here I list the top website builders of 2019 from the experts and the consumers of these online marketing products. With this list we answer the question. Who are the website builders, hosting platforms, and ecommerce site companies that you want to do business with?

Excited to get started? Go down a little to see my reviews of My 5 No brainer surefire great picks to build a website presence with.

These companies have been compiled through word of mouth recommendations, personal use of these website builders, and other expert online marketing, affiliate marketing, and website building authorities.

Best Website Hosting Companies 2019
Best Website Hosting Companies 2019

As with pretty much everything you will have to find your fit on what company will best suit your needs and the needs of your company. The criteria that I am using is what I feel most consumers in today’s online market will be looking for and needing to be competitive .

  • Ease of Use of the Website Builder
  • Aesthetic of the Website
  • Website owners ability to change the look
  • Education , Training, and Mentorship provided
  • Themes and total Value Offered by the Company
  • Typical type of Business that uses this company

With of these companies you will be in great hands whether you are new to website building or a veteran. The fundamentals of making money through your website is not going to change.

As long as you do not get the wrong website building and hosting company you will be fine. As long as you have a great product or service. You work diligently on your website or hire someone who will. Have at least an elementary level of SEO knowledge.

Your website builder is not going to make you money or lose you money. Haven’t said that all website builders are not created equal. Some will give you a leg up on the competition. They will make it easier for you to make a profit. They will help you to understand what you don ‘t understand.

They will help you to master what you don ‘t know. Truth is sometimes we don’t know what we don ‘t know. In our competitive business world what we don’t want to do is waste time, effort, or money.

So this is where picking the right website platform can be critical to your success. Here is a rundown of the what each of the top companies offer.

Wix: Knock Your Socks off Graphics. Known for their beautiful websites. Artsy and impactful. You can even say that Wix websites even have a Romantic touch to them. They capture the imagination and can be a compelling gift to your business.

Last year I met a guy who did not know that I was an online marketer. He told me he was in graphic design. He said he recommends Wix to his clients because the websites look so good and they are very flexible in their ability to be coded if so desired by the business owners.

No graphic design is needed usually. But Wix is a great choice if you are looking for a knockout website presentation.

Great for selling clothing, cosmetics, art, food, travel, books and virtually anything that conveying a story or giving a description through pictures are needed.

The functionality of Wix websites are also very impressive. Meaning adding buttons, presentations, videos and other navigational features to your website feels great for your end user.

Weebly: Get 10% Off your Weebly start up.

Such a beautiful an fluent website building and customer relationship. It is like if you have never built a website having your best friend or family member say ok. I am going to make this feel so cozy and comfortable for you.

I am not going to knock you on top of the head with the price. I am going to give you the best features in the business to pick from.

But caution Weebly is not just for Newbies. Weebly is great for website veterans like me as well.

  • Very nice Drag and Drop Page Builder, Best I have seen so far
  • Beautiful Site that Feels Great to me as an Website artist
  • Awesome site that looks great on the customer side , You want to be on that Page!!!
  • Great for SEO. You want to be on that page and to explore. Translates to lower bounce rates which raises your Google SEO
  • Great and multiple on Page add on and features
  • Try it Free
  • Incentives for purchasing certain monthly packages such as $100 Google and Bing Ads vouchers.
  • Dashboard is not overwhelming
  • Simple yet Dynamic and Explosive

Wealthy Affiliate: Listen up buttercups 🙂

If you are new to making money online then Wealthy Affiliate is your best option. I did not know how to proficiently make money online or how to be a great Affiliate Marketer until I created my first website with Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015.

What a ride it has been. Wealthy Affiliate is a great company to do business with because of this. They teach you from A-Z what you need to do to be effective. Here are the highlights

  • Free 7 Day Trial no Credit Card Needed
  • First month after 7 Day Free Trial is only $19
  • Superior Online Education
  • Live Video Trainings Every Friday Evenings with recorded playback available if you miss it
  • Simple 1 Touch Website Builder gets you started in less than 3 minutes
  • Step by Step by Step teaching and guidance. As much education or as little as you want
  • Mentorship from thousands of other Entrepreneurs
  • Great ways to earn money while you build your Website Presence
  • Get website feedback and advice from the experts
  • Get paid for your Expertise by Creating a Training for others
  • Superior and Lucrative Affiliate Program
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WA Content Writing Application that encourages and helps you to create content
  • Be informed when Google Indexes your Content from the WA Content Writer
  • Website Site Health Platform that informs you of the major areas that Google and Search Engines look for to rank your site . WA informst you of how your doing at this time and how to improve your site in those areas

You all this and more for only $47 a month. NO UPGRADES. I am not mad at upgrade offers that the other website companies have. All of the great website companies I have has a higher price upgrade to your website.

Wealthy Affiliate has one low price of $47 a month. I for one would pay at least $100 a month for what I get for $47. Unbelievable value.

Wealthy Affiliate is a very enriching experience. You are apart of a community of other bloggers, affiliate marketers, and business owners who are taking the ride with you. Sharing important information.

Get the answers to the important questions that you need when you need it 24 hours a day just by posting a question to the other members of WA. FREE!!!! Simple questions like how do I apply for Amazon Associates?

How should I pick my domain name , website niche, and WordPress website theme. From simple questions like that to advanced questions like where should I place my keywords in the body of my website post.

Where else can you find Super great answers like this for free?