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Did you know that there is an human element to Keyword research? Understanding the human element of keyword research could be the missing piece of your Search Engine Optimization that leads to more conversions and clicks to your website. Learn how to do an effective and quality keyword research for your Home business, small business, internet marketing and affiliate marketing business. Learn how to use word phrases , understand how search engines work, and the human element as well.

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Introduction to Keyword Research

There is more than one way to search for keywords in Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The end users that internet marketers target are using Word searches Phrase searches mostly. That means typing out their inquires into the the search engine to find the product, information, entertainment, services or reviews that they are looking for. This is what we call a ” keyword ” . But these users are more and more also using voice activated searches with Siri, Alexa, and Google Voice.

So at the end of the day website owners and internet marketers are trying to get their websites in front of those users keywords. So if you run a Beauty Shop then you would want your website in front of those searching for keywords like Beauty Shop, Hair cuttery, or Beauty Salon. Those may be some easy keywords for that particular business niche. That is the elementary way of looking at keyword research.

In this video Wealthy Affiliate gets into more dept into finding other keywords that will even more closely get you the business walking through your doors, website visits , and website conversions.

Alphabet Soup Keyword Research Technique

A great way to find niche keywords that will net you quality website traffic is using what is called the Alphabet Soup Keyword Research Technique. Essentially this technique has you apart of the keyword phrase that you are targeting in the Google Search bar. Then after you put apart of the phrase in the Google search bar go through each alphabet one by one to get a good idea of what search terms unique users are searching for in mass.

The idea is if the term is being searched for in the Google than it is a good keyword to target as well. A great way to get ideas about what you will blog or create content about in the future.


Other Subjects Covered in this Training Video

What to look for in a Quality Keyword

Understanding Competition vs Traffic

Find Nuggets with Alphabet Soup Technique

Building and establishing a Keyword List

Perform Keyword Research Live

Live Q and A Session


Video training Key Notes

Human Behavior Biggest Impact on Keywords

Search is Evolving

Discover the intent behind your Keyword


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