Studiopress Pro Plus Pack Themes

I am about to give you some information that I think is going to be a great help to you as you build your Online Presence or expand out on your already established market. I am about to help you solve the problem of the Dreaded WordPress Theme Change. Is there anyone who likes changing Themes?

There is so much involved in changing themes.

  • Is the New Theme Be Gutenberg Compatible
  • Is it compatible with My Current Content
  • Does My New Theme have Recent Updates
  • How Good is this Theme in SEO
  • How is its Widget Game?
  • Will I like it in 4 Months or even 1 Week

I tell you I just changed themes for my two of my websites last week. I watched a training on WP themes and the Trainer whom I respect and trust told me about Generate Press. I love it!!! But he also gave a heads up to another Theme Producer with a similar name.

Studio Press

Studio Press works with WP Engine one of my favorite Word Press Hosting Companies. Whom I have 7 websites with and counting. Because I am changing over some other of my websites over to them at the end of this month. By the end of the year I will have about 12 websites with WP Engine.

I really trust them right!

Two things I love about them.

  • The Hosting is FAST
  • Super Professional
  • They Understand the Importance of Themes
  • They Purchased Studio Press Themes = Lower Prices for Top of the Line Themes

I believe I have finally found the answer to my websites Visual problems. Next week I am purchasing the Studio Press Pro Plus Pack while it is on sale. This will give me access to all of Studio Press

If you are like me, in the last year you have changed your WordPress Theme at least 3 times. You thought you had the right one for your website and you suddenly get tired of it. There are a few reasons for this I find.

  • You are Using a Free Word Press Theme
  • You need to Invest in a Nice Suit or Dress… Aka Theme
  • You are not very Good at enhancing your Theme

Help!!! I Need a Great WordPress Theme

I know that there are some Computer wiz out here who just rock it with being able to make any Theme look good. Or they can make an Average to Good Theme hit a visual home run. But I tell you I am not that guy. I would give myself a 3 out of 10 in being able to make my website look and feel great.

I need a great theme to cover up my deficiencies in that area. Truth be told although I am a veteran at internet marketing I have spent very little of that time on the visual aspect of my sites. So this year I have been doing just that. Because it is a super important part of what we do.

I have been getting better and better.

This Post is going to Move Really Fast. So I will give you a Legend to understand the Studio Press Packages that are available for you to purchase and that I recommend and use. It took me about Ten Months of using Studio Press for me to understand that they had more Goodies that I had no idea of.

You may think you know Studio Press Word Press Themes. But you may not know they have a few hidden gems that could make ALL the difference in your Website.

Bad marketing by them maybe. If I would have known of the Upgrades I would have jumped on it much earlier.

  • Option 1: WP Engine Hosting comes with 35 Premium Studio Press Themes with the Genesis Framework

Starts at $35 a Month for Hosting. The Themes come with the Original Purchase. They are a ONE TIME buy. Flat price of $35 plus any applicable taxes. I cannot remember if there were any.

Nice and it may be all you need. Some of them are Really nice. My Recommendations of those 35 are

Breakthrough Pro



Outfitter Pro

Cafe Pro




Daily Dish


Lifestyle Pro

Generate Pro

They have a Wide Range of options for that Low Price. One of the Selling Points of me trying out WP Engine hosting.

View or Purchase Here

  • Option 2 : Studio Press Pro Plus Pack is the Deluxe Package to the 35 Premium SP Themes above. PLUS

You get all the above and the choice from some knockout 3rd Party Themes that have floored me so much. I will be purchasing them next Friday.

Multiple 3rd Party Themes, You get them ALL for One Price. Instead of buying them One by One at $129 for some.

Cost $499.95

View or Purchase Here

  • 3rd Option: Purchase Studio Press Deluxe Themes ONE BY ONE as mentioned in Option 2

They for anywhere from $89- $130

View or Purchase Here

4th Option : Do you like what I am rocking now on my website? Oh yeah thanks!

What is it you ask? Why it is the Generate Press Theme. I will be using this until I upgrade and it is HIGHLY Recommend .

Different Company. GREAT FREE THEME with the ability to Upgrade

Studiopress Pro Plus Pack Premium Themes

Don ‘t worry about your Word Press Themes Anymore! The Studio Press Pro Plus Pack is a great investment for Affiliate Marketers with a Creative Streak, Multiple websites, or have a Quick Theme Finger.

Peace Out Old Theme. Time for something New.

Having a Number of Themes to Choose From in your purchase which is Rare in my experience, is a huge win.

If you make the investment that I am going to in one week from today. You will be safe and secure with your Themes. Whether you have one website or 30 like I do!

Great Theme Choice For Agency’s and Multi-Site Owners

I have different types of themes in different sectors. Beauty, Online Business, Supplements, Auto Parts, Football, Basketball, Travel, Home Business, Fashion, Faith, Politics, and more!

So I do not have time to deal with the I don ‘t like this theme syndrome. So as I have gotten more serious about my business I have spent more time researching Great Theme Companies.

I have found one in Studio Press September of Last Year when I purchased my first wp engine Website . I liked their offerings last year. Which was the Genesis Framework and 35 + Studio Press Themes Free, With a purchase of a wp engine Website.

I ran that into the ground. Meaning I used a lot of those themes. I really enjoyed it and I still use those Themes on some of my websites. I get a lot of compliments.

I did not want to stop using it because for once I had a very nice looking and feeling Word Press Theme. It was an upgrade. Although I liked my previous Theme company. Which was Thesis. You can read about them Here.

You Live and You Learn About More Studio Press Themes!

But this year I found out about the Studio Press upgraded line in the Pro Plus Pack. I could get access to ALL of the Studio Press Line by paying $499.

You can purchase one from the line for $89 -$130 .

But for me paying the extra $360 or so to get up to $499 is worth it because I have so many websites.

My Thought is this. Even if you only have one website. Pay the $499 and have access to the full range of Studio Press Themes. But please go with your budget and your instinct. I don ‘t imagine the $499 price will go up. Only come down in the future.

But I have learned it is nice to have as many bullets in your business arsenal as possible. I was about to purchase One particular of these Studio Press themes for $139. I loved it! It would be perfect for my Beauty site on her 3rd Anniversary I mean Birthday coming up in Early August.

Don ‘t Judge. Ha ha-ha! But I said why not just add a few hundred and get them all. I am saying that because I do not anticipate having to change themes. One of these Powerful Premium Themes will do. But because it is a great deal and I have other Website Babies and Wifeys to take care of.

Don ‘t Judge people. 🙂 . #Website SugarDaddy Am I?

 The great thing is that I am not going to have to worry about my Word Press Theme any longer. Neither will you I believe!

* Note: You do not have to purchase a wp engine Hosting package to take advantage of this Studio Press Plus All Theme Package.

Affiliate Marketers, To Earn Money Promoting WP Engine Hosting and Studio Press Themes Apply Here!

Helpful General Theme Talk

My 3 Top Theme Companies So Far

  1. Studio Press
  2. Generate Press
  3. Thesis

These companies are Packed with Very Cool Features. They are geared for These Top Things

  • Visual, Typogrhapy
  • SEO , Very Cool Features
  • Feel and Specialization of the Theme for Content Creators and Site Visitors Alike
  • Perfect Use of Widgets

Full Width or Sidebar, To Be or Not To Be

Before I move on. Let me share with you what made put the Generate Press and Studio Press Pro Plus Pack over the goal line for me.

The use of Widgets and the ability to not have to use Full Width to let my content Breathe. The great thing about using the Sidebars so you can place Widgets instead of the Full Width on Genrate Press and Studio Pro Plus Pack Themes is that Google Adsense income is more substantial with the Sidebar on.

When you go Full Width Google Adsense does not know how to properly install. So that is a big thing for me. To be able to Present my Content fully without giving up my Sidebars. Which are nice to also communicate other offers to my Site Visitors as an Internet Marketers as well.


It was fun sharing with you apart of my journey of finding the Right Theme Fit for my business. Set it and Forget it! It takes a lot of the Leg Work of trying to search the Internet for just the right Theme.

While the Theme is very important to your Website Visitors and to how you feel about your Business. It is not going to do everything for us! So don’t worry too much about your theme.

But I do advise that you spend some time during the month making sure that your Website has on the Right Clothes for the Season. 🙂

Have fun!