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Hello and welcome to Marketing Affiliate Gems! We are a one stop address for people all over the world take advantage of opportunities for better lives , great information, and increased income.

Let me tell you as a internet marketing Veteran there is so much to learn about creating an online presence and making money online. SEO, Email marketing, Website Themes, Hosting companies, Affiliate marketing companies, Ecommerce, WordPress, and much more.

The information and the options will spin your head. So here at Marketing Gems we give you the inside information on what is working and what is not. What is hot and what is not. What is our experience with popular companies that might not be so hot and unpopular companies that are up and coming hot.

We provide the information and you make the decision.

We share information about how to:

and Much more!

See our feature on how to effectively boost your website and on page SEO with Semrush

Whether you are in our local area of Grand Rapids looking for a part time or full time job. A new career or you are all around America or the world looking to build a website or start a home business.

We have the best online business opportunities, home business opportunities, information and resources across the income creation board.

We teach you the ABC’S of how online marketing in a step by step way. We get deep enough for the nerds but explain the proper techniques in a step by step way for beginners.

For those who want to make money online by offering products from the big guys and girls in ecommerce. We help you to leverage the power of Affiliate Marketing. With powerhouses like Amazon, Walmart, Shareasale, CJ, Pepperjam.

Take your Pick of top Website building and hosting companies:

Wealthy Affiliate: Best Website Builders for Beginners

Comprehensive Website Education and Tools  

Godaddy: Get 5% Cash Back for your purchases at Godaddy. It adds up and I love it!!! 

Wix: Create a website that looks great and get Creative with Wix

WP Engine: Highly Recommended, Advanced Web Solutions for Big, Small, and Home Business.

Get 20% off your purchase which translates to 2 months free

View one of my website projects with WP Engine

Shopify: Industry Leading Online Store Creator

All the Resources and tools you will need to:

  • Make Money Online
  • One Click Website Build
  • Learn and enhance SEO
  • Reach New Customers
  • Connect with your current Customers
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Big Boy and Girl Back Resource Up 🙂

Website Builder and Home Business Resource Center

Where can one go to find the best Website builders, Online business Mentorship , and Home Business tools to help you rock in SEO and convert website visitors into customers? Well , welcome to Marketing Affiliate Gems. We are online entrepreneurs who have the expertise, knowledge , and business connections to help you start your home business or enhance your present online marketing endeavors.

As a small business owner myself I have always said that building a successful business is not hard but it is not easy either. But if I work hard, get in touch with the right people, work with the right people, and find the right information I can make it in my chosen field of online marketing.

I just touched on three of the most important things that is needed to build a successful home business or small business.

  • The Right people , contacts , mentors
  • The Right information
  • The Right opportunity

The Right People: Business Mentorship and Networking

At Marketing Affiliate Gems we have combined these 3 pillars of business success. So that first time home business owners, affiliate marketers , and small business owners who would like to build their websites and create a web presence. One of the most important things that a business person can have is the advice, warnings, and help of people who have already been successful in their field. Good people who just want to lend a helping hand because someone gave them a helping hand.

This is what Co creators of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson have created with Wealthy Affiliate.  A diverse community of real life flesh in blood successful online business people , brand new online website owners, and veterans looking to make money on the web all in one place. Helping each other, throwing ideas around, training each other, asking questions, and networking.

I call Wealthy Affiliate the Facebook for Online Marketers. Except you can ‘t make any money just being apart of Facebook. Facebook and your Facebook friends are not helping you make money but Wealthy Affiliate is!!!

Think of it a community of regular men and women from all across the world who are in business for themselves but reach out to help each other and learn from each other. You cannot put a price on that.

The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can be as social as you want to be or want not to be there. But the success infrastructure is there. The Business infrastructure is SOLID!

We showcase  Wealthy Affiliate the pros in the the Affiliate Marketing education , mentorship, and website hosting platforms. A great place for online home business beginners and people who are not marketing and SEO literate to learn how to go from 0-100 miles per hour an become experts at Online Marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is also great for veterans of Online Business and Affiliate Marketing to increase their knowledge through extensive and ongoing trainings at their own pace and leisure.

But also you are able to create up to 25 websites for the price of $49 a month including the powerful trainings , SSL certificates, Site Speed booster and lucrative Affiliate program.

The Right Information: SEO and Affiliate training

Wealthy Affiliate is the only system that I know of online that will teach you from A-Z how how to make money online. From providing you a once click website builder , SEO training, and Affiliate marketing information.

You will learn how to

  • Pick a niche
  • Choose a domain name
  • Purchase a domain name
  • One Click Website Build no coding
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Use Google Webmaster tools
  • Apply for Google Adwords
  • Apply for Amazon affiliates and other Affiliates
  • Do Keyword Research,
  • Enhance your SEO
  • Convert your website visitors

What Wealthy Affiliate does is very unique it is VERY Cost Effective and it is VERY valuable!!! You will build friendships and be put in a position to be successful online. All for under $50 a month. No upsells or add ons.

You can earn while you learn the process of online marketing. So sweet!

The Right Opportunity: Online Shopping and Marketing Boom

In truth you and I create the opportunity with our hard work, gifts, and passion for life. But the other part of opportunity is also as bright as the Sun. There are more than enough internet traffic, customers, and opportunity for a person who is proficient in online marketing and has the right tools to dig up the internet gold!!!

Much more than digging for gold making money online is more like creating the right net and putting the net in the right place to catch a bunch of fish consistently. Not as much hard work , sweat and toil as it is being diligent and wise.

Here are some stats to back me up. According to

Google process over 40,000 search queries ever SECOND. Which becomes over 3.5 Billion searches per day and over 1.2 Trillion searches per year. WOW!!! Every year since the inception of the internet in the late 90’s this search number has gone up.

With more and more people having access to the internet through globalization, economic progress, social progress, and mobile phones this number is likely to continue to grow and skyrocket.

People are looking for STUFF TO BUY!!! This is the opportunity that you and I have to cash in on. People NEED TO KNOW and the NEED TO KNOW NOW. Even if your website does not sale anything if you give people the information that they need then you could make money through ad revenue on your website.

People want to be ENTERTAINED!!! Put some entertaining things on your website and it is can lead to steady income online.

These trillions of internet searches per year translate into people buying things. According to the internet contributed to 2.84 Billion dollars in sales. In 2019 80% of the internet users in the United States are expected to make a purchase.

So the opportunity is online and we indeed create our own opportunities!!!


Creating Small Business and Home Business Income Online

Marketing Affiliate Gems was created to help entrepreneurs find the tools, companies, education , and network of people who will help them start, promote, and excel in their online business. Featuring the Premiere , Unique, and powerful Website Builder and Internet Marketing Program Wealthy Affiliate. You are in the right place to earn money online and make a Jupiter size dent into the Online Business Solar System. 🙂

Because we are marketing junkies, success junkies, and online business junkies committed to helping you create a income funnel online. We find the business Gems that are the best at getting you from A to Z and everywhere in between. We specialize in Building WordPress Websites, WordPress Themes, SEO techniques and Online business education

Best Website Builder
Best Website Builder

Marketing Affiliate Gems is committed to helping individuals find a way of making extra money online. We can help you find the best online business opportunities, create websites, find awesome ways of monetizing your website, learn affiliate marketing, purchase domain names, and learn how to be great at search engine optimization.

Best Website Builder: Your In Business in Seconds

Using the Wealthy Affiliate Site Rubix website builder you can have your custom website up , running, and in business in seconds after your Wealthy Affiliate Sign up in which also takes seconds! You will have all the classic and latest WordPress themes to choose from. You can keep it simple or you can go in deep and get the perfect fit for you and your business needs.

What’s even better with Wealthy Affiliate you do not just build your own personal or business website you also get detailed step by step mentoring and training for no extra cost! What a great package! The cost is only $47 a month.

Find the Home Business Option best for you

There are many great options for individuals who have never owned a business or build a website. We give a wide variety of options catered to who you are. Catered to what you like, love, are good at or are interested in. We train you step by step how to take advantage of the things that you already good at and already doing on a day to day basis. We help you to monetize your life, gifts, and talents.

See the amazing results that normal people like you are getting with one of our partners Wealthy Affiliate! Online Business Success Stories

Create an Online Income Funnel
Create an Online Income Funnel





Building Your Small Business Brand and Web


We also help small business to create a professional and profitable online presence without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars a month to a SEO company. Or being charged every time you want to make a change on your website. We show you great ways of creating ancillary income through your web presence. Without compromising your brand, image or relationship with your customers. While creating a great ability to both meet new customers and to engage your current customers.

So whether you are an individual looking for a better way to get into the larger economy and make money part-time to supplement your current personal or family income. Or a person looking to break the bank and make thousands of dollars a month full time online.

Or a small business looking to expand your local, regional, or national market share. We are here for you to educate, empower, and help you to execute your goals and income plans.

In order to create an Online Income Funnel. You need to be proficient at Marketing. We at Marketing Affiliate Gems will help you to identify what you need in order to do just that. Everyone ‘s business fundamentals and business goals are different. So identifying what is right for you and your business is the first step.

What is Successful Online Marketing

Successful Online marketing is not just having a website. It is not just having a nice looking website. But successful online marketing means your website and company message is being seen by as many people as possible. When they see your message online they are compelled to react to your message, invitation, or call to action. This in many cases means that they set an appointment with your office, signed up for your email letter, or decided to purchase from you online or in person while looking through your website or social media post.

The old saying is what good is having a website if no one can find it. Successful Online Marketing means being found online. This is what Marketing Affiliate Gems are here for. To ensure that people both find your business online and that they know what to do when they do.

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