Day one of the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away challenge was indeed a little nerve racking. I am a veteran affiliate marketer who has experience and modest success building websites on many platforms. WP Engine, Wealthy Affiliate, Wix, Godaddy, Weebly and more.

I will continue doing so because I enjoy it. But this year I wanted to add something different to my arsenal. To keep things fresh and to expand my knowledge. I also wanted an x factor. I am so glad that I did so.

I began looking for a way to convert my site visitors to customers. I have been very good at getting site visitors. But not as good as turning those site visitors to customers. So I am trying Clickfunnels and I love what I have seen so far.

I want to give you a review of everything that Clickfunnels offers without spoiling it for you. So what I am going to do for you is briefly describe what each day of the 30 day One Funnel Away Challenge looks like.

What I thought about it and if I think it is helpful. With my vast array of knowledge in the Marketing landscape. I have seen the good the bad and the ugly. So I feel confident that I can see if you would like it. Even if it is not for me.

But I will let you decide for yourself.

Remember I am changing the verbage so everything will just as fresh and exciting for you as it is for me.

What does the Training Consist Of?

  1. A website that you will Log into
  2. A Video Training to Watch Each Day for 30 Days, About 22 Days In Reality. You Get the Weekend Off
  3. A Short Workbook Activity to Sum Things Up
  4. MP3 player loaded with Challenge Information

Cost: $100

Cool Note:

You will have the opportunity to recoup your $100 and more through the One Funnel Away Challenge Affiliate Program. Where if you invite others to sign up for the OFA. You will recieve $100 for each person you help.

That is really cool! So your training cost you ZERO. Plus you get to put some money in your pocket for your life or business needs. Your putting that back into the business right? Or does momma need some new shoes? 🙂

Your Must Be Special: How Do You Like My Funnels?

Ok here is some red meat for you. I know that somewhere in your frontal lobe you are saying. I would like to see one of these funnels. Not created by an expert. But one of your Funnels.

Ok you got it. But please go and look at the experts as well. lol. I am just starting. I feel great about my funnels so far. I have not gone through the training yet. I am just playing around with it and getting used to the system.

Which I encourage you to do so as well. It is a lot of fun. I do not have an email integration yet because I am having some issues with that.

Because of the overflow of people who are using the system right now. Tech support might be a little busy.

I must say that you must stay on top of any questions that you may need help with from Customer Service. They are prompt. But it may take a while for you to get your problems fixed.

Personally it is because I am still refining my to do list everyday. So Clickfunnels has not been my sole focus. But in the interest of honesty. I have to let you know that.

Yet I still love the system. Ready to push forward and learn more!

So What Does One Funnel Away Mean?

One funnel Away is the belief that the creator Richard Brunson has. That you are One Funnel Away from the Funnel that will be your money maker. If you keep creating funnels that you will find the formula that will cause your sales to increase.

The secret to the funnels seems to be the customer. They teach you that if you make the funnel with what the customer is looking for than you will make the right funnel that will convert your visitors to whatever you are looking for.

Building a great email list or selling that product. But it is all about the customer. Of course!

First Day , Building on the Right Foundation:

I was so pumped up to start this OFA. Yes again I was a little nervous. I have never been good at the Email capture thing. But my lady and my man I tell you. I talk to a lot of successful Internet Marketers. The money is in the LIST.

So we must take some time. To figure that out if that is your weak spot like me. Just moving to fast. Too many things going on. Turns out that I started this OFA just in time. Not knowing that we were going to go into Corona shutdown.

But here we are. I am using my time wisely. I plan to come out of this very unfortunate time in our nation and world better, stronger, and wiser. I believe you will too. Here is a toast of Gevalia Cappuccino. To our Success!

But I digress. The List. What I figured out as I started the OFA and working with Clickfunnels. Is that it is a great way to build your list.

As I share in My One Funnel Away Overview. Click Funnels is very useful and unique because what you are building are really Super Landing Pages that stand alone. Combining two of the top trends in web design and internet marketing.

That is Landing Pages because, landing pages get the site visitor to concentrate one One Offer.

ClickFunnels does that BEST

But also Click Funnels gives you the flexibility to build a Stand Alone web page or Funnel. Which is also a trend in our business.

It does not matter what business your in. They go into detail on that. Restaurant business, Beauty business, Online Marketing business, Dentist Office, Sports business. If your trying to Build a List Clickfunnels is it.

If you are trying to sell a product. Clickfunnels is it. For the very same reasons. When you are on a Clickfunnels Page. You will be focusing on ONE THING. What the creator of the Page wants you to do.

I want your Email


I want you to Buy Something

Is that not what we are interested in. 9 times out of 10. Unless you run a Charity. Great! Yet you are still collecting emails and asking for donations. I will be right there with you one day. Running a charity has always been my dream.

Many blessings to you and the good work you do.

In closing

The First Day of Clickfunnels OFA. You will be inspired by the Introduction by Founder Richard Brunnsel and by Coach Stephen. Richard is a very impressive and believable person. Very successful at a young age.

He still looks 15 years old even though he is 47. You feel the energy and the confidence that he brings. He knows he has something good to offer you.

Stephen is one of Richard’s employees at Clickfunnels and a success story. He shares his story and what you will need to create a foundation to work on with Clickfunnels.

There will also be a short workbook activity after each Video session.

If you would like to sign up for the OFA. You can do so here! If you sign up with me I will receive an affiliate commission. So if you enjoyed this review. I would appreciate it if you would Purchase Your One Funnel Away Challenge Here.

Thank you and I hope that you enjoy your journey to success!