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Note: You will have to also have a ClickFunnels Account to properly do the challenge. At least 7 days after the challenge starts.

  1. Industry Gold Standard in Funnel Creation
  2. You will learn What a Funnel is? Why do you need a Funnel? Why you might want to use a funnel? For me it is a Different way of getting information in front of my audience. A different way of getting my message in front of a new audience. 
  3. Who is Click Funnels for? Affiliate Marketers like me, Network Marketers like me, Small Business owners, Home Business owners. Big Business. Charities, Everyone can use Click Funnels  
  4. Easy, Step by Step Program
  5. It is ALL ABOUT THE FUNNEL. But Click Funnels incorporates The Most important Core Business and Marketing Principles that I have learned. 
  6. Go All The Way In
  7. Clear Concise Message
  8. Highlights and Focuses on What is Really Important in your Business 
  9. Get to the Point! What do you Really want? An Email? A Sale? A Sign up? The Click Funnels program allows you create the marketing that means the most to you and your Customer. Get to the Point! 
  10. Guide Your Audience on Social, Website, or Email to your Call To Action , Product offer etc 
  11. Convert more Sales and Get More Emails 

What is great about the One Funnel Away Challenge is that,

You will be coached for 30 days.

You will be Challenged. So it is like Jumping in the Pool. Put your foot in the water… Test the water to see how it feels. Ok Jump in! Just Jump in. 

Click Funnels teaches us how to swim. How to conquer the water. The place where we needed to improve or have victory over. 

For it me it is Conversions and building an Email List. I think that Click Funnels is the answer to bettering my numbers. 

So I am taking the 30 Day One Funnel Away Challenge. 

Because they encourage us. We are just One Successful Funnel Away from making the income that we need to go to the next level in our financial security. 
Or being wealthy!!! 

The fastest way to any point is a Straight Line