The All Important Sales Page

In this Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge day 17. We are going to learn about the all important Sales Page. What should be on the Sales Page and how to input it into your funnel. This is very exciting and also a little scary.

Because you are like wow people are making a lot of money with this Sales Funnel type. But I have to put my own offers and verbiage into the funnel. How am I going to do?

You see apart of the Challenge is. Clickfunnels gives you a funnel that has sold millions of dollars worth of products. So that you can get a nice little push on how it is done. It is like a prototype funnel that is a good place for them to teach and a good place for us to learn the ins and outs of how it is done. As they say.

I am so on top of the world right now. Even in the midst of the Corona Shutdown. I have a really nice distraction. I am totally in on making my world better and making other people ‘s world better.

So I am in training and taking the One Funnel Away Challenge! Putting all of this together is going to be fun.