The central part of your sales funnel is going to be what you decide to offer in your funnel. In Day 7 of the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge you are going to learn some pretty cool ways of creating a product offer.

How to Choose a Product?
How to Make a Product offer?

If you are like me and you are not an inventor or you do not have that creative gene to make your own makeup , clothing, or widget line. In that case you do not have a physical product to sell.

So that cuts down your ability to make unique offers that will be valuable in the market. This training will be especially good for you. It really opens up your mind to good ideas. It pushes you to think differently.

Of course if you do not want to create your own product. The other great option is to write your own book, eBook, or create a training to sell. By teaching others what you know and sharing your experiences.

That has a great value as well.

Marketing is the act of changing beliefs with the intent of a purchase. Selling is the act of presenting and offer and overcoming objections ”

Stephen Larson OFA Challenge

How to Differentiate Yourself and Bring Value to Your Audience

The deeper that I go into the OFA and the more that I learn about the mind of Richard Brunson and Clickfunnels. The more I understand that they are not only giving me a great product but they are giving me a great offer. Anyone can give you a great product and slap a price on it. The product is the Clickfunnels ability to create a sales experience in a different lane than websites and in some ways superior and more simple. While also being more rewarding to both the Entrepreneur and the Customer.

Not easy to do but doable.

But the great difference is when someone brings a unique talent and insight to add to the Product. That creates an Offer. Which is much more valuable than a Product.

From Ughh Ok, to OHHH Ok!!! The Powerful Sales Lesson I Learned

This is an overview of what you will learn on Day 7 of Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge. What is the difference between a Product and a Offer. You are encouraged to make offers to your customers and not just to sale products. I will say that it is a very powerful lesson that did not go down quite easy at first. Because I wondered how would I do this. But I kept listening and the more I listened the more I said. Oh I see what your saying and I see how it can work for me.

Than so many great ideas started coming to me. That is the great thing about this training. You will see eye to eye with Russel and the trainers many times. But many times you will not. But when you really get it. You have a wow moment where you think to yourself. This is a great tool for me to learn about business.

Than you are so excited to get to building your next funnel. In which I did after the training. Implementing what I learned . I am growing as an Entrepreneur.

Learning how to stand out in the crowd while also giving more value to my customers. I cannot wait to learn more!