Day 6 of the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Review. You will learn the Anatomy of a Sales Funnel Offer. The first thing that you will learn is that a Sales Funnel Offer is no different than any other offer.

Hold on to that because that becomes very important.

You will learn the Head, Body, and Feet of a Funnel Sales Offer. So how to start it, add to it and then finish it off in a sale. I have really enjoyed this because I teach that there is a psychology to business. I knew that there was a psychology on our side of the register as business owners. In our approach to the ups and downs we encounter before we taste success.

But too be honest what I did not really understand that there is also one on the other side. Our Customers have a language that they speak. Learning how to speak the same language as our audience is the key to sales.

Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge where have you been all my life? No really.

Having the Right Sales Technique is Important

I thought that if you had a good offer and people needed it that they would buy what you have. If you were honest and a good person and all of that. Ha ha ha! That is kind of funny huh? There are so many sleazy sells people who are making a lot of money selling bad products and services because they know how to say the right thing to the right person.

The product that you sell and the character of the person who sells it is not as much of the final say as we might think or desire it to be. The best sells people realize that that there is a method to the offer presentation that makes the buyer listen and eventually commit.

Think about it. Does the good guy always get the girl? Does the good woman always get the guy? Do not confuse me. This is not about good and bad. Just trying to make a point.

I believe what my Clickfunnels trainers are saying is true. Why? Because I have heard variations of this all of my life. But I have never heard it like this before.

So I am learning how to sell! This is really cool.

Main Course for this Training

The main thing they want you to get from this day of training is. Get used to thinking about each offer that you have in your sales funnel the same way. It has to have a Head, Body, and Feet. I will not give away the words that they use in the training. Just giving you a vague but direct overview.

It does not matter what type of business market or niche that you are in. This will always be the same. They show you how to look at others ads across markets and find out what they are doing. Learn from that. That is the concrete of your learning and execution process. Finding out what works. They call it the first 80% . That is the way that you sell to human beings.

Then they encourage you to add your own little sugar and spice to the process. The other 20% to make it yours. Now you have the basics of how to promote your offers and make more money. Add your unique flavor to the stew.

This is how you sell! Wow I feel great about this. I cannot wait to learn more start getting those sales rolling in. Talk to you in the next review.

Live long and prosper