I am so enjoying the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge. Here is my review Day 3. Day 3 ‘s theme is How to Get Things Done. I changed the wording of the actual training because I don ‘t want to ruin the experience for you in case you decide to try it.

In which I highly recommend you do. This training will help you understand how to get your vision out of your head and into reality. Which is one of the hardest things to do as an Entrepreneur. It is kind of like having a vision of going hunting and shooting a deer.

But like me you have never gone hunting before. So you get all excited about going hunting and shooting a deer. Bringing it home and cooking it up. Sounds yummy. But as you gather everything to together to bring your vision into reality.

You find out that it is much harder than you thought it would be. You had no idea that there were hunting seasons that you had to abide to. When the season was right. You then have to overcome the logistics of getting to the area where the deer would be most plentiful.

But how do you figure that out? You also will need the right kind of rifle to shoot the deer with. Have you ever shot one of those before? You might need a few months of good practice to accomplish your goal.

Those are only a few of the obstacles that you might face.

In business we come across the same concepts though different specifics. If you have a vision to sell ice cream on the side walk through a cart. Then you hear about all of the things that you have to do to actually accomplish that.

First you have to get a business license. Then you have to find the right kind of cart for the job. Don ‘t forget one of the most important things. Finding a spot where you can sell at on the street. Sometimes we get stuck on one of those task that does not include Ice Cream. Or in my business websites.

Sometimes we quit or are slowed down in a major way. These things are major setbacks or even business killers. So the people at Clickfunnels are teaching a great way to explain and help us understand.

How to mentally and strategically overcome any business obstacle that will stop you going from Vision to bringing that vision to Reality!

Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge
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