In Week 2 of the Richard Brunson One Funnel Away Challenge . We learn how to execute the famous funnel technique. Russel kicks off the training going in on how it is ok to totally suck when you start out.

But keep on mastering your craft. The more you do anything you will learn and get better. Well not anything. I still can ‘t whistle and I am 42 years old. No joke. I just stopped and tried to whistle. It was not bad. I kept on trying and it was better than it has ever been in my life.

So there is even hope for me learning to whistle. But all jokes aside. We know the story of the little engine that could. That is basically what Richard is teaching today about mastering your craft.

Creating a sales funnel is something that is not natural to most of us. So he does a super job of expressing how life changing our willingness to stick to anything is, but specifically building our funnels.

He gives some great nuggets on differnent ideas to help us in our growth. These are things that I have never heard anywhere else.

You will Grow with ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge

Clickfunnels OFA is super because you are getting an Entrepreuner boot camp. You will have a culture shock of great information from people who are ballers in the industry. I am a veteran of Home Business and Affilaite Marketing. I have seen a lot of stuff but OFA has me saying, Wow, Hmmm. Ok. I never heard of that before.

It has my mind thinking and I am learning how to do things that I was afraid of doing or had no idea how to do.

Podcasting, Ebooks, and more. Just to give you a taste of what you will learn. In this case these things are all about getting traffic to your funnel. But also helping you to have more contacts and people who think that you are awesome. Because they get a chance to get to know you.

Don ‘t worry you don ‘t have to do eveything. Whether it is blogging, podcasting or ebooks. But you are encouraged to pick one lane.

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Ok I gave it away a little. But trust me when you go through the training. It is some good eating. They really break it down and give you great ideas.