If your old enough or wise enough you have figured out in life. That you are not an island unto yourself. To do anything great you are going to need some help. The Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge day 10 focuses on the best ways to get help for your business in key areas of content creation.

Script writing, Images, Logos, e Books and more! These tools are FANTASTIC. I am a big proponent of before you climb a mountain. Have a guide to show you the way. Someone who can give you some tips that will make the super hard manageable or even easy in some spots.

Russel Brunson the Clickfunnels creator has went into his rolodex and assembled some great guides to specialize in the places where we are weak or just do not want to bother with. Whooo. You know how it is. I will pay you to do that for me! Here take it. Please and thank you.

You are much better than I am anyway. At the end of the day the completed goal and product that will represent your brand and fuel future profits is the bottom line of all decisions.

I Don ‘t Like Nice Houses

Have you ever had something in your life that you did not like to talk about only because it was not a possibility for you in your mind. Your driving through the town and your friend says I love that house over there.

You say yes that is a very nice house. For the next two minutes your friend is pointing out houses that he likes in this super expensive neighborhood. Finally he gets on your last nerve and you say, ” Would you please chill out with the house admiration. We could never afford those houses.

I have other things on my mind.”

It is not that you did not like nice houses or the people who lived in them. But you are trying to concentrate on the things that you feel that you can control.

Well I was the same ways with Ebooks and digital offers in my online business. It was nice to hear about until they kept on talking about it at Clickfunnels. That is cool. Ok are they talking about eBooks again. Look I don ‘t have any thing that I can make an e book out of right now.

I can make one down the road. But I just want to make some nice funnels that turn a profit. Maybe an eBook later huh? What else do you want to teach me? Ok , your still on EBooks?

Until Russel Brunson said something that really got me going. He gave me more insight on ideas on how to make an eBook. I was like I could do that. I have so much material that could of been an eBook.

I had no idea. I would of never thought of doing so. He not just shared with me how I could make one myself. But some contacts that he had that could make one for me. That was a game changer for me.

Now I am happy to talk about eBooks and eBook offers. Teach me more! I will surely be doing that in the future.


Coach Stephen hit on how you pick the right people to help you with your Funnel. Because not all help for your business is created equal. Finding the right help for your business means the difference between wasting a lot of money and time or making a lot of money. Reaping a Return on your investment!

I had another GREAT TIME in this day of training in the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge.

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