Here in Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Day 16 we are learning about the nuts and bolts of the Funnel Shell. For people who have not been playing around with Funnels already in the past three weeks in the Challenge.

Or if you do not yet have a Funnel account. This will be your first introduction to how a Funnel works in and out.

The last two weeks we learned how the Psychology and thinking of the Funnel works and how it is built properly.

Now we are learning how to actually Construct the Funnel Piece by Piece drag and drop.

If you are familiar with Website builders like WordPress, Weebly , Wix , Godaddy and others . Or website builder add-ons like Elementor and Thrive Architect. This is very much the same.

Except for some reason I feel like it is way easier. I am not sure why. I just feel so much more comfortable behind the wheel of my funnel than I do behind the desk of my website.

Did you see how I explained that. Behind the Funnel I feel in control. Like behind the wheel of a car. When I am behind the wheels of my websites. It feels like I have a generic control of what I am doing.

There are always intricacies and a learning curve for using any new application. Clickfunnels is no different. Training 16 is perfect for people who are not use to Website builders.

So relax! You will learn it. For people like myself even I was a little nervous. But it is user friendly. Even so, I learned something new in this training. As I always do.