In Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Day 14 Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels is teaching us how to make your customer Curious to click on your blog, social post or ad and find out more about what you are saying.

Essentially you are creating a hook. C’mon over here I have something that you really want to see.
A hook is like a stimulus. It stimulates people to keep going to the next point of investigation and revelation. As a Business person your job is too get people to learn more about what you have to say.

Are you trying to make a point in a political article? Some news might not require a good or fancy hook. A headline like, ‘ Senator Dark side of the Moon resigns in Scandal ‘.

No need for a hook on the first day. You are shocked and interested. You are going to click on that blog, headline, video, or social post to find out more.

On the second day after the resignation of the ” good Senator “. You might need a better hook to get people to click on your content.

Source: ‘ What Senator Moon has been hiding is SHOCKING ‘

That is going to get many people to click on that content and find out what is new. What is it that I do not know. Let alone can it really be that shocking?

The interesting thing about a hook is that we have been trained after a while to not believe every headline. We know that when we click on a piece of content that it is going to be one of four things.

  1. Accurate to the Hook Headline
  2. Attention Getting but not that accurate relative to the Hook Headline
  3. Really far away from the Hook Headline, or misleading
  4. Outright Click bait and so far out of space from the Hook Headline

The interesting thing is that we will let everything go except for the Click bait. As long as the content that we are reading or consuming is interesting enough and useful enough to something that we want to know or get.

Of course that is the Hook in the original form of how we think of hooks before funnels. Russell is teaching us today about how hooks work in your Funnel as well as in other places.

It was a very fun and enjoyable training. Where he is building off of other things that we have learned over the last two weeks of the challenge.