As Affiliate Marketers we need to avoid  the Boy Cry Wolf Mistake and Build a Flawless Powerful Brand. This Affiliate Marketer Cried Wolf and made some good money online but it will come back to destroy her business in the long run.

A few hours after I wrote this Blog in my email I looked on my phone and saw the story about a Blogger who made money by Recommending crappy products. In other words She Cried BUY THIS PRODUCT YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT.

But she knew that it was a piece of crap. We know better than that. That is NOT a good business practice.

Learn How to be an Master Online Marketer the RIGHT WAY with Wealthy Affiliate

 Remember the story of Boy Cry Wolf when we were children? There was a boy who watched over sheep and several times he would yell WOLF WOLF.

The towns people would come out to see what was going on. They were ready to fight the wolf off and aid the boy. But there was no wolf to be found. The Boy did this several times and the towns people got used to him not telling the truth.

One day there was an actual wolf that came to eat the Boys sheep and the Boy cried out WOLF WOLF Someone help me. The towns people heard his cry but went along with their daily lives because they did not believe the boy was telling the truth.

The important thing to note as a Business Owner and Online Marketer is that every time you Endorse , Review or Recommend a product on your website you need make sure that you can put your name Behind what you say. Otherwise you are going to ruin your Reputation with your Social Followers and Website Visitors. They will remember the horrible or low quality product that you recommend and that it was a waste of their time clicking on the web page or watching the video.

Let alone buying it….

They are going to think about you when they think about that horrible experience. Especially if you continue to do it over and over again.

Action: Associate Yourself with the Best Brands and Products and make sure that when you share things to others that they are going to get a great expreince.

what we want to do is build a name of Excellence and Trustworthyness. Do not allow the companies you promote to taint your abiilty to make future profits by turning off your online audience with things that they would never buy or never buy again after taking your word for it as a great product.  

Do not tear down your brand while building another brand. As you put content on your Affiliate Website and Social Media Pages you are building a brand or Reputation online.

People will know you for what you promote.

So be as choosy with the Affiliates you pick as they are with the Affiliate Marketers that they choose to work with.

As young Affiliate Marketers we have all been rejected by Company’s that we want to work with. It does not feel good and sometimes you really loved their Company and products. Yet they said no to your Affiliate application.

Why did they Say No to your Affiliate Application?

Because they do not want to be Associated with your Website or Social Media Presence. They based this off an Algorhytm so don ‘t take it personal. They can be wrong.

But they feel that your website would either be a hit on their reputation or a serious blow on it. They do not think that you would be a good vehicle for their promotional efforts.

So by the same token, you and I need to be very selective when we choose what Affiliates to work with. Our Business Associations really mean something.

I pick my Affiliates based on

  • Quality
  • Usefulness
  • Their Ability to Give My Site Visitors a Positive Experience
  • Will They Cause Me Trouble Down the Line
  • Will They Damage My Reputation

Think about it. Not just anyone can walk up to Oprah Winfrey or Mark Cuban and think that they are going to be able to secure a business agreement and the right to use their name. You better believe they better have something mighty good and solid to offer them.

You are great in your own right. Be sure not to spoil your Good name with the wrong Affiliates or Multi Level Marketing companies or products.

Your Value as an Online Marketer is Huge

As an Affiliate, Your doing the the Affiliate Vendor’s Marketing job for them. You are marketing their product via a showcase of some sort on your website, Youtube Channel, Twitter and more.

The question is do you want your job to be easier or harder. It you are dealing with a small Affiliate with no Name Id, than it is going to be harder to promote this Affiliate if the right things are not there.

  • Great Product
  • Great Website to Keep the Customer’s Attention
  • Great Website to Close the Deal
  • Ease of Checkout
  • Make the Customer Feel Comfortable and at Ease with a Purchase Decision
  • Trust that the Company is Reputable in all ways

So you are putting your name on whatever you promote online whether through your website or Social Media. So when people see you share things online or when they see your Website name.

They will ignore your offerings or take it very lightly. I bet you and I have done it before. I know I have! If you go into a store and buy something from that store that is stale or of low quality. How likely are you to go back to that store?

Especially if you go back and the same thing happens to you. You will Brand that store as being a low quality store. In your mind that store has a bad reputation. Even though the products that the store sales are not their products but they come from other companies.

In the future when you see their Commercials online talking about a new product that they have that is super. You have to try it they say. You think back to the bad experience that you had and you say no thank you I am good.

Even worst you might tell other people about your experience and dissuade them from buying from the store in question.

The same things happen to us as Affiliate Marketers and Entrepreneurs who market the products of MLM companies. Choose the Affiliate companies, MLM companies and their products wisely.

Because your family , friends and the online public will remember that you offered some bad product before that had a recall or made someone sick. Or simply just was not worth the money and did not work.

There will always be bad experiences and everything is not for everyone but at the same time. The question is whether or not the Company that you want to work with is a Quality Company that will be a good use of your Time and Talent in Marketing their product.

Market The Right Affiliate Products

When Marketing or Recommending other Affiliate Company products Large or Small. Be careful about giving a blanket endorsement of all of their products.

Pro Tip: Trying out the products as much as possible is important and also encouraged.

You will be the best salesperson of a product if you have actually tried it.

Another thing I have learned is that you do not have to like all of the products that a company carries in order to work with that company. I am a Business Owner with Total Life Changes and I love most of their Products.

But their is one product that I will not recommend to other people. Because I do not think that it is a good product. While many people in the company rave about the product and it is a Featured Product for the Company.

I will not put my name behind that Product.

But on the other Hand I will stand in the Middle of the Street and tell people about Iaso Tea and how it helped me and my friend Gary to lose weight!!! See My Before and After Weight Loss Pictures Here!

Because I know that this product is safe, effective , and very Unique. Total Life Changes is a very good top notch company where many people have found success as Business owners but also losing weight and getting healthier.

But there are other Affiliate companies and MLM companies where they might only have 1 or 2 products that you can actually endorse that are worth the money of your site visitors and social followers.

These lone or few products from that Company may be the only products that they have that are worth your Time, Talent, and Good name to endorse or sale with your Online Presence.

While you do not have to put that company down what I encouaage you to do is to be selective in your word use when describing an offer involving such a company. Be clear that this is one of the few products that you endorse from that company.

Be as nice and Diplomatic as possible. No one is trying to be mean or malicious. We are just trying to protect our Brand and Good Name!