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Be a Champion Like Jordan. A Blogging Champion!!! 

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Blogging Central: Search Engine Optimization Tips April 2019

Going for 50 in the Garden like Mike: If I were to describe my drive, my focus, my hunger and I hope my skill. I would describe it as Michael Jordan the first game of the season against the New York Knicks in the Garden. It ‘s a new season and I am chasing a championship. Except this is not on the basketball court but in Search Engine Optimization.

I want to be amongst one of the millions of bloggers who achieve championship status each year making income from home. But what does it take? What must I do? Like Michael Jordan early in his career I had setbacks. But I also have the heart of a champion. The worth ethic of worker ant.

I have found mentors and I am a mentor to others. So in the next few weeks watch me drop 50 like Jordan in the Garden!

This is a new teaching series that I am starting to help people to see that is possible to make income from home as a blogger or internet marketer. I stress to people who are just starting to be consistent, follow their passion, share their expertise, continue to learn and grow and maybe most of all never give up.

I have had to learn many of these lessons throughout my time as an internet marketer. Follow me as I show you how I push my search engine numbers up week by week and month by month!

What are My Goals with this Blog Teaching Series

My goals with this teaching series are as follows

  • Journal my website growth
  • Increase my monthly Income working from home
  • Share tips on how to get Search Engines to share your website with the world
  • Share tips on how to create great content
  • Share tips on how to lower your bounce rate
  • Share tips on how to get more website visitors
  • Share tips on how to understand and use Google Analytics
  • Share tips on how to understand ad use Google Search Console
  • Encourage young and struggling bloggers that you can make money from home

An Extra Bonus: Serious Bloggers Wanted

While I teach I am also looking for bloggers to join forces with. If I only had one website to manage I would still do this because it is wise to have help. But for the fact that I have about 20 blogs to manage I am looking for a business partner for each one.

I am going to limit these business partnerships to about two or three people per blog. But I will be launching other blogs in the future so there are a number of spaces available.

You can contact me at 

Blogging Categories

Timing is everything so I am looking forwarding to meeting the right people. The great thing is that I have blogs in many categories including Beauty, Health and Wellness, Football, Basketball, Music, Movies, Faith, Travel, Business, Marketing, and much more!

My Google Analytics Numbers show Growth in April

So here are a few graphs that show the story of my growth in the first week of April. I have been pleasantly pleased with the more visitors coming to my beauty website over the last 10 days or so. In the month of March I believe I averaged 5.3 visitors a day as shown here

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Here are the opening numbers when you open up your Google Analytics account. It shows here that I have 2 % more Users in the Month of April and 3% more Sessions. It is always good to see green and more green. Get it? 🙂 .

Blogging and Search Engine Optimization tips

In March I had 161 total visitors from Search Engine traffic. That is down from 500 at least one Spring or Summer month last year. As I mentioned in the video I had to overcome some personal obstacles and now I am putting my business first and showcasing what I know and what I can do.

This will translate to more visitors per month. 1000 is my goal and more conversions per month. At least 7 per day is my goal. Lastly I want to make constant and consistent Google Adsense money. About One Google Adsense Check a week. For me that will mean about $50 a week and $200 a month in Google Adsense.

This month I have already earned almost half of the money that I earned all of last month in Google Adsense so I am super excited! It ‘s not a lot but It is a start! I am proud of myself.

These are the numbers for the month of April. Already I have 114 Search Engine Visitors. Give me 3 or 4 days and I will eclipse the 161 number that I put up last month!!!

Internet Marketing Tips

Feel the Confidence and See the Vision

If you want to be a champion like Michael Jordan you have to feel the confidence. I tell you over the last few months starting in December 2018 coming into 2019. I have felt the confidence and I saw myself being successful. It was like I could just feel it in the air.

I kept on saying, ” It is going to happen this month, I can feel it” I was looking for evidence of what I believed. In the Month of February I saw it. In the month of March it got better. In the month of April it is gotten even better as I am showing you.

And I am only showing the Google Analytics for my most visited website. Although I have income from other sites.

This is just the beginning because I have never had the time or focus on my business like I have now!