Choose from 7 different Skin Types to fit the style and needs of your  WordPress website or websites! They make me say WOW.

No need to pick right away. Change your Skin anytime after purchase.

Love the Skin you’re in with Thesis WordPress Themes

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Thesis Theme for WordPress: Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

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Finding the right theme for your WordPress website is very important. I have tried a few WordPress themes. But by far Thesis is the best Theme I have found. Have you ever heard of the saying Love the skin your in! Well when you are either expressing your love and passion for a subject online or using your website to make money for your life or family. It is very important for you to have the right feel and functionality for your site. Not just for yourself but for your the end user.

As an online marketer I would describe Thesis WordPress themes as comfortable, diverse, powerful, fun, and cool. This is the way the Skin that I am in makes me feel.

Comfortable Content Creation Templates


Comfortable because my website feels normal. Let me explain what I mean by normal. Have you ever worn an outfit that was not quite the right size. Maybe it was too small. Or it was too big. Maybe it was an ugly awkward color or you simply went shopping half asleep. What were you thinking when you purchased that outfit??? The fashion police are not pleased.

You probably should have caught it before you left out of the house but you didn’t. Now you are out in public, at school, or at work. You feel like people are looking at you. They might not be but you just feel out of place. Well I have felt the same way about my website skins. It used to fit. But I don ‘t think so anymore. Or I never really liked it. I just settled because I thought it was the best that I could do at the time with so many options that boggled my mind.

Thesis does not give me that I am not sure or I feel bad about my choice feeling. Or the equally important feeling of what do other people think. I feel at home. I am comfortable. I feel normal. I believe my site visitors will feel welcome and comfortable as well. Now my Content will have the place that it deserves. No distractions. It can now be center stage. People will listen to what I have to say and look at what I have to share. Instead of being turned off or distracted by the what my sites looks or feels. Thesis wins me on this.

Diverse Theme Appearance Options


Thesis Themes are very diverse in their functionality You have Three major types of Skins that you can pick from with Thesis. Classic, Pearson, and Social Triggers. Each with different looks and abilities to fit your personal or business need for your website. In addition to the different types of skins that you can change in and out of with Thesis WordPress theme. There are many ways that you can quickly change your site look, feel, and navigation on the fly. I have never seen anything this easy in my last 7 years of website building.

POWERFUL Built in SEO Features


With all the great SEO tools that are built into the Thesis theme and the great tools that are adjustable that quickly add an SEO advantage to your site. Thesis is that extra edge and working smarter and harder edge that we need to rank higher in Search Engines to gain both the exposure and Return on Investment that we want. Now I have extra weapons to couple my awesome online strategy, awesome content, and awesome abilities.

Thesis is the right vehicle to take you where you want to go in Search Engine Optimization land in style.

Click here to purchase Thesis and for more information

Thesis Theme for WordPress: Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community


Post Update: My Bounce Rate has dropped Amazingly since I started using Thesis Themes. I will be posting my stats soon. Thanks!

FUN Drag and Drop & Auto Features


Have you ever moved from a small ok apartment with very little amenities to a big nice apartment with great amenities and a view. Ahhhh now you can stretch your legs out. That is how I feel with Thesis. I am one week in with Thesis and it feels great. I am just learning how to use it and adapt it. Because, I have been busy with other parts of my business. As I read the documentation and watch the videos. I see how easy things are.

It is a joy to play around with all the bells and whistle of the Thesis theme. Being an online marketer is work. Being the boss of your website is work. But playing around with the Thesis WordPress theme is Fun!!!

COOL Marketing and Conversion Tools


Ok I just used the word fun to describe the Thesis Theme. I cannot help but also use the word cool as well. The awesome features that I have never seen like the ability to auto create a landing page out of your post. The Mail Chimp and Aweber add-ons. The social media integration. The patent pending color scheme picker, OH MY!!!! The Custom Templates that are tailored to your sites previous site mold before Thesis was added.

The word AI could be used when you think of how Thesis helps you to think of your next move while helping you to make your important decisions, making changes for you, and even giving you color recommendations. That ‘s intelligent!

Thesis Themes Hit a Typography Home Run


noun: typography
  1. the style and appearance of printed matter.
    • the art or procedure of arranging type or processing data and printing from it.

    So what exactly is Typography. The definition above is a little wordy. When we are dealing with website Typography it is simply how your words appear on the page to the end user. So when people come to your word site Typography at the end of the day means can they easily read you content. Does the content have the right visual and feel that invites the user to feel at home on your site.

    Typography adds to the ambience of your site. Like walking into a nice restaurant on your first date. You want to make sure that you impress your site visitors. Or at least make your site inviting so that they just do not walk out of the restaurant on first glance or after a few minutes of scoping the place out. You want your date to feel good about their surroundings. Come in , have a seat , and feel like you are a professional serious about what you do.

One of the greatest thing that I simply love about the Thesis WordPress Theme is the total conquer and sacking of the website Typography!!!! Hip Hip Hoorayyy!!!  Thesis designers you have made my day. Because as I have created article after article on themes with less than be desirable Typography .  I know when I hit a sweet spot. This is why I was drawn to the Thesis theme and decided to purchase it for my own websites. All 15 of them.

I also recommend Thesis to most of my clients.

The Unapproachable Women.. I mean Website Typography


Ok guys has this ever happened to you? You really are interested in a lady. You plan to go up to her and talk to her. But she has this look on her face and body language of get away from me. So you decide not too. 5 months later she has a more endearing look on her face and her attitude is inviting. Same person but she seems more like she wants you to say hi. You two talk and hit off like you were best friends for years. She is like well what took you so long to talk to me and tell me that you were interested.

You say wellll it ‘s complicated lol.  The truth is she seemed unapproachable. Well I felt the same way about my website. I had great content , great information, great offers, and great products. But many people who should of saw my content did not because of the presentation. Website Typography is a huge part of this. I even felt icky about my website. Now my website says HELLO!!! I have something to say and I want you to engage with me. Lets have a conversation. I am fun and friendly. I like people, visitors, and customers. Stay a little while don ‘t rush off.

Thesis WordPress themes help with Bounce Rate SEO


Right of the bat Thesis WordPress themes will help you with your SEO. With the awesome presentation of your website people will stay on your site for a longer time. Lowering your website bounce rate. Which will translate to higher rankings with Google and other search engines. Because the search engines cater to the user experience. They use your website bounce rate as one way of scoring your website for higher rankings. Or deciding to lower your website’s rankings because users decide to leave your website quickly. This could be because of the presentation of your site. You know what they say about First impressions….

WP Theme Super Optimized for Search Engines


Thesis WP theme is super optimized for search engines in several ways. They advertise being an industry leader in page speed and back end SEO. I might be bias but I believe them!!! These are things that are not easily seen by the normal guy or gal like you or me. But I know that everything else that Thesis has promised I have loved. So I take their word on it. This Theme is state of the Art.

One big thing that also stands out even above the page speed and back end SEO of the Thesis WP theme is the use and creation of Markup Schema or structured data. Have you ever heard of Markup Schema? If you have not you want to listen closely. It is a way that Search engines use to classify website content that helps them know what to recommend for their search engine customers. For a few years now at least Google has used Markup Schema in order to classify web pages for its own purposes and for the end user’s convenience.

In short you want your web page to be dressed up real nice so Google will recognize what it is and how it is useful to it ‘s users. Think of it as a Super Bot or a super helpful bot that helps search engines decide to choose your website over others. Or others website over yours. Thesis Markup Schema back end work in it ‘s theme helps to structure your website data so that Search engines say Ahhh haaa you are perfect for our users needs! Go to the front of the line!!!!

Markup Schema is like a window preview of videos, pictures, and content from a website from the search page of Google in this instance. So if Google see ‘s that your website has the right back end components along with the right content it will push that Markup Schema out to the search results. The end user aka the person searching in Google get ‘s to decide which website it will be going too in order to handle there inquiry.

If you have a Markup Schema you have a jump on other sites without it. Your site will stand out in the Search results big time. You will have better site rankings and better click through rates for your site. This is a huge thing that Thesis themes have that I have never seen before in a WP theme.

With search engines it is not always about the best. But it is sometimes about just about following the spirit of the game and the rules of the game. Markup Schema is a great idea that helps in this. So be aware of it!