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The Best Google Rankings are Authentic People?

I think I have found the key of how to Successfully Earn Money Online without losing your soul. Don’t try to rank, just express what you think. Don’t try to rank, instead express what you think. Create content that is authentically you. Pulled straight from your life. You are so interesting and people relate to you. The search engines will love you for you. So will the people who visit your site who will become your customers. So STOP WRITING FOR SEARCH ENGINES. That is the disconnect. Start writing for YOU! Start writing for other people! Connect!!! Now we are connected to the world.

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Let ‘s face it if you go to the NFL. You have to play by their rules. So we have to learn how to properly use search engine optimization to be found on Search engines. So this advice is not perfect world advisement. But who lives in a perfect world? But more so let ‘s make the most out of your skills and not waste it in a world of theory. In order to learn the A, B, C ‘s of internet marketing aka earning money online you can do what I did and millions of others. Learn step by step from the experts here. Earn Money Online

But whatever you do don ‘t allow yourself to be hindered by lack of experience or knowledge of SEO. You can still earn while you learn!

Don ‘t Try to Rank in Search Engines

I just made up a saying. Don ‘t try to rank, just express what you think. If, you are like me sometimes you suffer from analysis paralysis.  It is easy to become stuck on your great ideas and passion that you want it done perfect. Waiting for the right time to write that awesome article. That never gets wrote. Couple in your busy life. You are so busy and have so many great ideas that you never get to one. FRUSTRATING….

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Sorry Your Not Perfect

Especially if you are in a timely business. Where the current events or an upcoming event is on the horizon and that article needs to be written right now. But your not ready to write it. You’re missing something. You keyword research is not perfect. The images are not perfect. Maybe the word count to properly rank in Google is off. Sound familiar?

So you never start the project. Which may have been your best. That project left undone may have been the Genesis of the next step or evolution in your website progression.

Trust in Your Brillance

Even more whatever you had in your mind was Authentic. It was from your heart. It was fresh. It was current. It was unedited for the Algorithms. Real people would have loved it. Maybe even the search engine bots. We will never know. Because you never started it. You never published it. It ‘s either sitting in your email as a rough draft. Or sitting in your mind and heart.

Right next to the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. lol. Earn Money Online

But wait. There is hope. I believe that if we stop this we will be the rave of the internet. If we just express what we are thinking and feeling without trying to dress up for the whims of the Search Engines. We would feel a lot better about ourselves. Forget what anyone else thinks.

What do you think? You are the Super Hero!

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Just write it! Just post it! Have fun. Be you. People will love you for it. And you will convert more on your website because you are authentic. You are fresh. You are on time. You are frequent. Wait a minute. The Search Engines love that kind of stuff too. There will be times when you write for rankings. That has to be a part of the calculation unfortunately. But don ‘t allow it to rule you.

Give yourself time to grow as a content writer. Give yourself time to become an internet marketing pro. You will eventually become a Search Engine Optimization pro. But don ‘t lose your soul trying to please Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Lol.

Be yourself. Don ‘t try to Rank, Just express what you think. I have many articles that I just wrote. No keyword research etc that have ranked very high. Even first page. I have some articles that were a couple of paragraphs and a video from my website for Beauty and Cosmetic Products . They ranked on the third page. Where others that I thought were masterpieces full of words and keyword research did not do as well.

Men are from Mars and the Google Algo is from Venus?

Yes this Google ranking thing is a complicated pickle. I have heard people say that they have alllll of these articles that are over 1000 words but no conversions. Maybe just maybe we should stop thinking about word count as much. Sit back and just be you. A great idea will come to you. Something unique. Something profound. Something different. It is all yours. Google is pretty smart. Maybe it will recognize your masterpiece. Because it is authentic.

Maybe the readers will appreciate it because it is normal. Not a robotic collection of words. Last night after work I sat on my bed tired. Wondering what project will I start on tonight before I go to sleep. I never got to anything. I fell asleep. I said to myself it will come to me. I had so many ideas I did not know what to do.

Well I was right it came to me. I realize I am a great writer. Well pretty good anyway. But I am best when I have inspiration. This morning I picked up my son from his mom ‘s house. We went shopping at Sam ‘s club. We had a great time. I did not come to Sam ‘ s club to get ideas for my website projects. But I got like 3 or 4. My son and I are claiming these trucks we saw! For later when he gets old enough to drive. He is 6 lol. And later this year when Daddy is making more money as an internet marketer!!!!

Earn Money Online

In the past those ideas would sit dormant because I did not feel I had the time to perfect them. But they were authentic. They were awesome! I came home from Sam ‘s Club pumped up. Put up my food and served my son. Made my Coffee!!!! I had to do that first lol. Then started writing this post. I hope you like it because I love it! It feels great just to write without any pressure or without any expectations. Except I am a success already. My website is an expression of me to the world. Just keep writing… Just keep sharing. I have something great to give.

I remember seeing a post from a fellow internet marketer that shared he made like $4000 in one month on his website.

His advice was: Ideas that you never put on your website are of no value. You have to post it!!! He nailed my problem and my thought. So I knew I what I had to do. He also said that you need some base writings of a thousand or so words to establish yourself. So again we need balance with this thought process.

Thank God there is no one who knows all about how to please Search Engines. What fun would that be? The Search Engines have hills, peaks, valleys, curves and detours. You have to find your niche in this ecosystem. A nice tranquil place by a stream. Where you can have a picnic, fish, and make a camp fire. Put away the Electronics!!!! Lol. Lets just be ourselves. That is the Highest Rank!!!


This post took me about 50 minutes to write. It is over 1000 words. I had to stop myself because this is only my opening post on this subject. I am going to do a more in depth study on this subject with more analysis etc. So please stay tuned.

It is such a drag writing a long article that takes hours to make when you are not being totally authentic. When your just trying to rank for Search Engines. It is even more of a drag if it does not help you to rank after spending hours on a post that no one likes or ever sees. Google does not like it. People do not like it.

This post was so easy to write. Really it took about 50 minutes. Seemed like 8 minutes. I am having so much fun. I added these last paragraphs in at the end. I felt that it was time to stop writing. But I feel great! I did it! I expressed myself. The valuable knowledge, wisdom, experience and passion that I have for this subject will not be in my theory vault of great ideas. it is alive and some Search Engine will find it and love it for it ‘s value to mankind.. Cough… humankind. 🙂 .

I know it will help someone. That makes me feel great. Live long and Prosper!!!