If you are wondering should I try Affiliate Marketing or just Work My Job than I am starting a series on my website to address this subject. I am personally affected by this at times perplexing problem of I need money but I want to find a better way of getting it.

Starting an Affiliate marketing Business might be the answer for you. Let ‘s Examine Terry ‘s Story.

So I work part to full time each week as for a popular Ride share company while I build my Affiliate Business. I pick up this nice young man I would say maybe about 24 or 25. i greet him and ask him how his day is going.

He says I am so tired man. It was about 10:30 pm at night and I had picked him up from a Big Box store where you can buy products in bulk. You know the one I am talking about wink. Yeah that one.

We can call this young man Terry. Terry told me that he had been working since about 1 pm today and he was going home to get some rest so he could get back up at 2 am in order to go his second job.

I felt so bad for him. I am thinking to myself well let ‘s get you home. He was such a nice guy that I had more of an interest to really help him in any way that I could. Usually on the job I do not want to get too personal with my riders. I try to stay on the surface.

But as he talked more I begin to see more of the picture.

Terry is a New Father

When Terry tells me that he is working two jobs I say well go and get that money man. I try to be as positive as possible. He then turns and says well I have too because I have a little girl 19 months old.

Immediately as a Father myself I feel like me and this stranger has a special bond. I am out here working hard for my son to give him a better life. He is working two jobs so that he can give his baby girl a good life.

He said yes my wife stays home and I go out to work. She takes care of the home and we work well together. I help her out in the home when I can. I am so admiring what he is saying. Being that I never had much support from my wife at home.

I tell him what that is super that you all are working together and have an understanding. He says well thanks. But being a Father can be stressful. I understood, yes I understood. It sounded like he had such a great life although he had such a hectic schedule.

But he shared with me that the roses are not always so red and not always so sweet.

Making Money Online: The X Factor

So with about 3 minutes left in his ride home I thought to tell him about a way that he could work less and support his family. I shared with him that I have a website and that I just started making money online with affiliate marketing.

It can take a little time to build but it is a great way to have an X Factor. I got started in Home Business years ago and then evolved into Affiliate Marketing where I am beginning to have success I shared with him. Before my wife and I had a child I begin in a MLM business.

Even though we both had income I wanted to have an X factor. While I still do MLM business my main focus is building my Online platform where I can sell anything that I want with it. I gave him my business card and told him that I would help him if he liked.

Thank you he said, As his eyes glossed over in tiredness. I felt a little bad because I held him maybe 30 seconds to a minute longer than I wanted. But I really felt that I could help him , his wife and his little girl.

Ask Cedric: What Would Terry’s Game Plan Be?

If I were to give Terry advice on how he and his wife could create more time and income for their family through creating a website to leverage Affiliate products.

I would say it is actually really easy. This is what you would do

  • Get Started With Wealthy Affiliate to Learn Everything You Need To Know about Making Money Online
  • Create A Website with Wealthy Affiliate
  • Don ‘t Be in a Rush This is a Long Term Play
  • Build Your Website Aggressively If you Like
  • Work on the Website together with your wife if you Like
  • Be Confident in Your ability to Create Great Content For your Website

I would tell Terry that actually working a website is really easy. There is a learning curve like it is with just about anything right. But it is a very simple thing that you will get better and better at.

The great thing about having your website is that you can create any kind of website that you would like. Maybe only you would like to work on the website. Or maybe only your wife will work on the website. Or even better what if you both worked on the website?

It is your website and you can do it however you would like to do it. It can become addictive and hey this is just a thought. I am just throwing this out there. Have you ever thought about building a website and making money online?

It can really help you to make a few extra hundreds dollars a month once you get things revving. Then down the line you can even replace one or both of your jobs.

That is the gist of how I would present things to Terry on the surface. Of course if he would like I could give him so many more tips and advice on how to fit Blogging and Affiliate Marketing into his schedule and life.


We have to work to make a living. Our families and children are depending on us to do so. But I am so glad that there is a way that we can make money from home with Affiliate Marketing. Super companies like Wealthy Affiliate give expert Training courses on how to make money online.

They even give a 7 day Free Trial where you do not have to give you Credit Card. Try it out for 7 days and see how great of a program they serve up. I think you will find that the Online Education Training is Comprehensive and Rewarding.

Here is to Terry his wife and his baby girl. Many blessings to you and all of you out there looking for a better way to make money.

God speed to you, Cedric