Affiliate Marketing 101: The Art of making Cheddar without the Cheese

What is Affiliate Marketing

So what does Affiliate Marketing have to do with Pizza? It’s good and it ‘s non committal ! Yeah you and your Pizza order know this is a short term proposition for as many years as we can get away with it.

That’s what our friend Jake got to find out in this story. I want Pizza without the commitments. I want Cheddar without the Cheese.

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Affiliate Marketing 101: The Art of making Cheddar without the Cheese

How can I describe to you what Affiliate Marketing is and how it can be a great way to stack up chips with your home business and online marketing efforts? So your cousin Roddy is a successful businessman. You know the cousin who dropped out of school has two kids at 23, some run ends with the cops and his baby mama told him she is out of here if you don ‘t bring home some money.

This is Roddy. Trustworthy looking guy right? He deserves all the success he has gotten I promise you that.

What is Affiliate Marketing

No one knows how Roddy got the start up money for his now successful Pizza business called Ginas’ Lovvve Crust named after his baby mama of course. To be honest no one wants to know. But in 5 years Roddy has 6 Ginas’ Love Crust locations and is looking to expand his business into your hometown of Dreamville.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Pro Tip: How Can I help you?

Watch how Roddy and Jake figure out the most powerful words in the world.

How Can I help you?

The Affiliate Marketing relationship between a Merchant like Amazon and an Affiliate Marketer like you is created and flourishes by Amazon asking you Affiliate Marketer

How Can I help you?

The Affilaiate Marketer responds by saying, How Can I help you?

When both sides of the equation answers the question correctly. The only answer is with a Cash Register ringing. They make money!!!

Let ‘s find out what Roddy is up too

Affiliate Marketing 101: I don ‘t want to Own No Stinking Business right now

So Roddy calls you up and ask you to forgive him for stealing your girlfriend back in the day and tells you she and the kids says hi.

Roddy: Hey Jake, I know we have not talked since that little mix up with Gina but I have an offer for you. I am looking for a business owner to run my Ginas’ Lovvvee Crust in your hometown of Dreamville. I would love for you to be the one who runs it. Your smart your capable and I trust you.

Are you still working at that call center Roddy asked?

Jake: Why yes I am.

Roddy: Will you do it?

Jake says I have too much going on. I would have to put too much energy, time, and effort into running a Ginas’ Lovvve Crust shop. No, thank you.

Affiliate Marketing: The Offer that You Can Not Refuse

WAIT!!! Before you hang up Roddy Exclaimed

Maybe there is a way that we can still work together. And man do I owe you a big one for what I did.

Do you still have your surfing blog?

Jake: Yes

Roddy: Well guess what my Ginas’ Lovvve Crust is going to be right by the beach in DreamVille. I tell you what I have an offer you cannot refuse my best cuz.

What if I give you what is called an Affiliate Link to my website Gina’s Lovvve Crust.

Jake: Could you please not say that name of your business anymore?

Roddy: Oh yeah yeah yeah my fault man.

But as I was saying you get an Affiliate Link to put on your blog. One of my best dudes does website stuff and he made me these cool affiliate banners.

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

Roddy: Ooops maybe I can get some other banners made for you my guy

Jake: Is that Gina???

Roddy: Ugghh yes

Jake: Nice crust.

Ok, go ahead Roddy you jerk.

Roddy stutters ,

Ok, let me explain the whole process to you.

You get the Cheddar while I make the Cheese!!!

All you do is continue to do what you do.

  • Blogging about what you Love
  • Blogging about what you know
  • Blogging about what you do
  • Making Great Content

I love your website you are doing great with it!

My side: This is what I will do as your Merchant

  • I continue to make great products and give great service
  • I will be your Merchant
  • I give you permission to use my Name on a limited basis
  • Give you Affiliate Links and Banners to place online
  • You can place them on your Social Media Channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!
  • Pay you anytime a customer clicks on your Affiliate Link and buys from our website
  • Give you bonuses for selling a certain amount
  • You are able to negotiate how much you make
Affiliate Marketing Income

So this is the skinny my guy. For every pizza the Customer Leads you send to my website buy I will pay you $2 or 6% which ever is greater.

Jake: Wow Roddy I cannot believe I am saying this but I am so glad you called.

I would love to help you out and make some money on the side.

Roddy: Thank you so much Jake! We are going to be a great team.

If you get good at this you are going to make more than little money. You can change your life. You can quit your

job at the call center.

There are many Affiliate Marketers who make a lot of money.

Jake: That sounds great. Because I do not have any start up money for a business. Not having to keep any product inventory or to talk to anyone sounds super!

Hey Roddy I have one more thing to tell you

Roddy: Yeah what is it Jake 🙂

Jake: I am still going to whip you something good when I see you

Affiliate Marketing: One Big Happy Family

So Roddy and Jake nervously laughed it off. Jake started focusing on his blog. He joined the Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to be a better blogger and how to be a great Affiliate Marketer. He continued blogging and became really good at it. Making enough money to cut back his hours at work.

He spent more time on his blog with the extra time he had. Then the money really started rolling in.

He maxed out his income from Ginas’ Lovvve Crust. Must be some good crust. So he started adding more Affiliate Marketing Networks and Companies onto his roster

  • Amazon Associates
  • Sharesale
  • CJ
  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Pepperjam
  • Apple

To name a few

Jake ended up whipping Roddy’s behind. But Roddy was not mad. He deserved it. Plus Jake was his best Affiliate Marketer.

This family love relationship is the very thing that successful Affiliates enjoy with their Merchants.

The merchant is saying hey I can use you while also saying. I will gladly hook you up for your help.

This is what you call a Mutually beneficial relationship.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Now that you know about how Affiliate Marketing works in the real world. Let me introduce you to some Affiliate Marketing Success Stories. While I teach you how to get the Cheddar without the Cheese.

Yes Cheddar and Cheese are like the same thing but they are far different. Well what do I mean by that? Whether you get paid from running your own Business like Roddy or you get paid from being Affiliated with Roddy ‘s Business it really doesn’t matter in the end.

The end justifies the means. If Roddy makes $10000 a month with his Pizza franchise and Jake makes $10000 a month as an Affiliate Marketer it all spends the same way. Of course there are business and tax classifications depending on your state and nation might make these numbers different in the end.

But otherwise the only thing that is drastically different is ownership of the business which should not be understated. It is great that Roddy owns his own Pizza business. That is valuable in the long run perhaps….

But also Jake has a pretty cool thing going on. Jake has something that Roddy does not have. That is flexibility. Jake can easily move into another business model for his online business if he get ‘s tired of being an Affiliate of Roddy ‘s Pizza business.

His income might go down during the transition. But Long term it might be better. Although he does not have ownership of a business he has income coming in every month due to his web presence.

Jake Chose to get Affiliate Commissions instead of Ownership, What are Affiliate Commissions?

So Jake passed up Roddy ‘s offer to become a Store Owner of Ginas’ Lovvve Crust in Dreamville so that he could instead become an Affiliate of the business. He is getting the Cheddar without the Cheese? So which would you rather have? The Cheddar or the Cheese?

To get the Cheese in a traditional business as the business owner you have to put in the hard and precise work. Great for some!

But being an Affiliate Marketing Pro you will get the Cheddar without the Cheese. The Cheddar means that you will be making money without the hassle of worrying about the deep detailed business things that the business owner does. But you will represent their brand and get paid for the business that you bring to that business.

This payment is commonly called a referral or a commission. It is a piece of the Pie. In this case it is a Pizza pie. For every pizza sold Roddy the Business owner is going to give Jake a percentage of if for getting the word out and bringing him new customers.

Affiliate Marketing Success

So Jake can get paid for his Affiliation with his Cousin Roddy. Not by blood but by Business Affiliation. Gina’s’ happy too because she never meant to hurt Jake. She just wanted a bad boy. Everyone’s happy!!!

Here are some other great Success Stories that I love.

Real Stories!!! 🙂